Sick Commie Fuck Michael Brune v John Muir - Part 2

Posted On: Friday - July 31st 2020 9:50PM MST
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(Continued from this post.)

Stupidity comes and stupidity goes, but for some reason nothing has pissed me off about stupid/evil fuckers lately more than this Sierra Club cancellation of naturalist John Muir.

In this corner, NATURALIST John Muir!:

Oh, come on! "Nature" is just a dog-whistle for stuff White people like. #WildernessTooRaciss!

John Muir was an instigator for, an activist, one might call him now, for the saving of millions of acres of beautiful wildlands for millions of Americans to enjoy. That was with the help of this guy, not my favorite President politically-speaking by any means, but a real tough guy and a man who also loved the land:

Bully for you, chilly for me ...

John Muir was a co-founder of the Sierra Club, with its 128 year history, most of that time working to save the wilderness, with its generous almost-all-white members who also enjoy the wilderness and money from White people all over America. But the problem is, he didn't have herd immunity ... to racism... or something...
And Muir was not immune to the racism peddled by many in the early conservation movement. He made derogatory comments about Black people and Indigenous peoples that drew on deeply harmful racist stereotypes, though his views evolved later in his life. As the most iconic figure in Sierra Club history, Muir’s words and actions carry an especially heavy weight. They continue to hurt and alienate Indigenous people and people of color who come into contact with the Sierra Club.
Well, yeah, there was that one darker-looking guy that came to the meeting back in November. He pretended to have never even heard of John Muir, so he was probably hurt about this. Then, the San Pedro chapter had that other foreign guy with the weird Science Officer Spock-like ears, and that guy seemed pretty alienated by our membership flyer... About these Indigenous members, Peak Stupidity may very well agree with a comment or two by John Muir, as we have wondered before Are American Indians slobs?

The whiteness and privilege of our early membership fed into a very dangerous idea -- one that’s still circulating today. It’s the idea that exploring, enjoying, and protecting the outdoors can be separated from human affairs. Such willful ignorance is what allows some people to shut their eyes to the reality that the wild places we love are also the ancestral homelands of Native peoples, forced off their lands in the decades or centuries before they became national parks. It allows them to overlook, too, the fact that only people insulated from systemic racism and brutality can afford to focus solely on preserving wilderness. Black communities, Indigenous communities, and communities of color continue to endure the traumatic burden of fighting for their right to a healthy environment while simultaneously fighting for freedom from discrimination and police violence.
I hope Mr. Brune will show his enthusiasm for this effort by resigning by end of the business week (conveniently, that's today, even in California!) and hand picking some indigenous mofo to run the place, when he's not busy with the traumatic burden of fighting for freedom from discrimination and police violence (cops are too hard on drunk Indians, I guess). Perhaps the new hire could work from home or from the rain forest to save on the long commutes in overcrowded California, to have extra time for all that fighting.
The persistence of this misguided idea is part of the reason why we still get comments from our own members telling us to “stay in our lane,” and stop talking about issues of race, equity, and privilege.
I couldn't have said it better myself. Stay in your lane, Brune! And I'm not even a member, and,

But as writer Julian Brave NoiseCat says, “The environment is no longer a white sanctuary. The messy business of society, power, and race is everywhere and intertwined.”
Julian Brave NoiseCat? Hey, man, I'm hip to your music, man, but can you cats turn that noise down? OK, seriously, this will indeed get messy. Yosemite will get messy. The Sequoia National Park already got messy from a 5-times deported Mexican illegal alien burning 44 square miles of old growth forest. Can't get no respect from these people for the wilderness, I tell ya, no respect.

The Sierra Club has got no choice though. They must get into the fast lane on the immigration issue, as they got told in no uncertain terms, 100 million of them, what is now the first rule of Sierra Club: YOU! DO! NOT! TALK! ABOUT! HOW! IMMIGRATION! AFFECTS! THE! ENVIRONMENT!

That above is what we hear from the Executive Director, no less, of the organization founded by the great naturalist John Muir. It doesn't sound too promising.

... and in this corner, environmental ACTIVIST, vist, vist, ... Michael Brune:

Per his Sierra Club bio, this guy is a family man, with 3 kids with names that sound whiter than "John Muir" by a long shot - Olivia, Sebastian, and Genevieve. They live in Alameda, California*, at 11% Hispanic (and 8% black), not the most diversified place in California by any means. Need more Calgon! Immigration! It's great for the planet and keeps your socks and underwear white.

Mr. Brune's biggest claim to fame, and it got him into Time magazine for it, was his Rainforest Action Network** convincing (in some way) the Home Depot chain to quit selling wood from old growth forest. Now, I don't know how this coercion actually went down, but at least that sort of thing is something one could definitely see as part of the Sierra Club's mission, in their lane, if I may. (Sure I may, it's my own blog.). BTW, I'm not at all sure that John Muir would have approved, as this was wood from private lands, not National Park land. Men had principles back in the day. That Home Depot deal was all back in 1999, though. It's a different planet now.

Then, Mr. Brune became aware of Global Climate DisruptionTM due to his parents' basement being flooded during a big storm:
In October 2012, the need to solve the climate crisis was brought into sharp relief when "superstorm" Sandy ravaged the East Coast, including Brune’s hometown. The storm flooded his parents' home, which had been built by his father and uncle nearly fifty years before.
It was a SUPERSTORM, man, and it should be pretty obvious to anyone but a complete 'tard that when your basement gets flooded, the climate is changing. They never do that!
We will create a dialogue with, and resources for, our members about the intersection between racism and environmental justice issues, and invest in our HR and training capacities to ensure that staff, volunteers, and members are held accountable for any harm they inflict upon members of our Sierra Club community who identify as Black, Indigenous, or people of color. We will also spend the next year studying our history and determining which of our monuments need to be renamed or pulled down entirely.

In subsequent posts in this series, we'll talk in much more depth about the steps we’re taking to rebuild the Sierra Club on a basis of racial and social justice and to try to repair the harm we’ve caused. I know that the steps I’ve outlined above are only the beginnings of what will be a years-long process to reckon with our history, regain trust from the communities we have harmed, and create a diverse and equitable Sierra Club for the 21st century.
OK, so,


The result are not all in yet, at least for our assessment of the Commie Fuck Michael Brune***. I can see into the near future, though. With donations going down, the Sierra Club's best bet is to beg from the US Feral Government for money stolen rather than donated from Americans. (OK, you can call it donated if you want, if it makes you feel better next April 15th.) However, without white people running the chapters of this club, things will go downhill fast, no matter how much money they steal from us. Then, how is the Sierra Club going to get people of various colors out into the wilderness, via gunpoint? That's just not good optics, I don't care who you are.

We're heading out into the wilderness for daytime hiking pretty soon. It will be nice to get away from hearing anything from or about any of these anti-white Commie sons of bitches of the Sierra Club or any other organization for a while.

Just another photo of John Muir with Teddy Roosevelt, and others:

That's the "Grizzly Giant" tree, a Giant Sequoia still standing in the Mariposa Grove area of Yosemite Park. The volume of wood is 34,000 ft3.

Oh, the winner, I forgot because it was too easy, is John Muir. Mr. Muir beautified the lives of millions of Americans, while the hatred espoused by Michael Brune will make us more miserable in the future.

Winner: John Muir by a Giant Sequoia!

* On the island off of Oakland that used to have the big Navy base. I guess they closed it because the Global Climate DisruptionTM is fixin' to cause the waters to rise and ships can't ... wait ...

** Its non-PC title being the Jungle Agitators.

*** I just realized that I've seen this guy before in a debate on youtube (very likely Tucker Carlson). It was about the immigration issue, I believe, and this guy was a real ass on that clip too.

Sunday - August 2nd 2020 8:55AM MST
PS Indeed, there’s a lot of animosity toward the Stuff White People Like in this. “National Parks So White”, etc.
Saturday - August 1st 2020 3:00PM MST
PS: Adam, I could see that being a big factor, the Stuff White People Like part. If People of Various Colors are not participating, then they don't want it going on, period. So, make 'em participate or cease and desist.

However, I think it's both things. Anyone who is even smeared the tiniest bit with "racist", "xenophobe", what-have-you, will have anyone in charge go all ZT (Zero Tolerance) on their asses. It's the safest thing to do for the boss. That doesn't exonerate this Michael Brune in any way, in my mind, as if he's not a sick fucker, he's a major liar and sell-out of our legacy.

Thank you for the cat video. You can't go wrong linking to cat videos. We have one who will eat pretty much the four original basic food groups, rather than just the normal meat, dairy, and more meat. (By original, I mean not PS's Salt, Sugar, Fat, and Caffeine.) On that video, it has 1300-odd views, but due to the title alone, I wonder if comments will be disabled if it gets popular. Does Google/youtube have a special cat-video censorship, oops, I mean hate-monitoring, team? Sounds like a great job!
The Alarmist
Saturday - August 1st 2020 2:31PM MST
Let's just cut to the chase and call it The Sierra Leone Club.
Adam Smith
Saturday - August 1st 2020 1:07PM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

I tried to find some of Muir's racist comments or a photo of him in blackface. Something, anything that I would consider racist. This is the only thing I found...

“Birds make nests and nearly all beasts make some kind of bed for their young,” wrote Muir, “but these negroes allow their younglings to lie nestless and naked in the dirt.”

Then the same article mentions...

"In other writings about his trip through the South, he sympathizes with African-Americans he meets, and bemoans the bigoted mindset he encounters amongst whites."

Strange that such a hardcore racist would do that.

His derogatory comments about the natives really were not any more intense. Evidently he alluded to blacks and natives as lazy, dirty and superstitious a time or three.

Deeply harmful racist stereotypes...

I think they're canceling Muir not due to his racism but because conservation of pristine wilderness is perceived by the mob as yet another glaring example of white supremacy.

In essence...

Pristine Wilderness = Problematic Whiteness

Hiking and camping = Stuff white people like

And we all know that it is completely unacceptable to let white people have anything they like anymore.

Perhaps the real goal is to do away with the wilderness areas and national parks altogether as they are an intolerable hindrance to our god commerce. Weyerhaeuser can turn all the trees into pulp and Alpha Natural Resources can blast away the mountain tops to get to those minerals. Chevron and Halliburton can frack the shit out of everything and Kinder Morgan can build the pipelines to Port Arthur where Saudi Aramco can refine it so it can be shipped to Japan, Korea and Brazil. Obviously JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs can finance it all...

You know, just like god intended...

Saturday - August 1st 2020 7:59AM MST
PS: Yes, sooner or later I will get tired of sugar-coating everything I write, R.U.
Reactionary Utopian
Saturday - August 1st 2020 7:54AM MST
"It will be nice to get away from hearing anything from or about any of these anti-white Commie sons of bitches of the Sierra Club or any other organization for a while."

Strong comment coming later, I assume. :-)
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