Lyin' Press on display - Portland, Oregon edition

Posted On: Friday - July 31st 2020 8:10PM MST
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As Peak Stupidity stated a week ago in our short mention of Feral Government intervention in the on-going rioting, in Tales from two pundits, we are not in favor of Federal intervention ... in pretty much ANYTHING. We'll have a post tomorrow with more discussion on the idea of the Country Sheriff as ultimate authority (well, after the US Constitution). For now, let me just say that I take for granted that Federal agents can be involved with criminal activity on Federal facilities and Federal land.

That intro. was just written to make sure the reader knows that my point in showing the video below is not about Feds vs. the City of Portland, OR, or whomever. No, the short excerpt of this > 11 minute-long video is to show the sheer unmitigated bias of the Lyin' Press these days. It is not lying by commission or lying by omission in this case. It's "lying by definition", if that's a term.

The Fed building seen has been graffitied-up like a 10-car freight train that spent a month in the rail yards of Detroit. The guy being interviewed, US Attorney Billy Williams, noted that the front door to the building has not been there since July 3rd*, so there's no doubt that there has been destruction.

Yet, the lady reporter from KGW TV, refuses to call this for what it is. Mr. Williams comes across very sensible. He just got tired of the reporter's continual use of "nighttime demonstrations", or worse yet, "nighttime activities" to describe what's clearly vandalism. It's about a minute in of what I include here (10:15 and then 10:35) in which the lady is just insistent on things like "I'm not a police officer so I can't...." meaning calling out vandalism as criminal activity. No, maybe that's modern art and is SUPPOSED to be there. (You know, those Federal programs for starving artists and all, on our tax money... I could believe it, actually, so ...)

These Lyin' Press people just won't give up any ground. The narrative comes first, terminology like the word "criminal activity", and God forbid, "rioting" be damned.

Oh, for just a little Kung Flu angle here, if you replay this from the start, you can see Mr. Williams take off his hospital-style face mask in the first few seconds. That's what I've been saying - nobody can understand all you say with one of these on. At the end, I believe that is the KGM reporter, and she has a mask on. Did she put it on at the end for walking in front of the cameras? Her stupidity comes out just too clearly to have come through a mask. Those masks not only block the COVID meanies, but they've been known to filter out some of the stupid molecules too, just the higher octane stuff.

* I'm not really sure whether that's due to normal Federal Bureaucracy or that the door keeps getting smashed up.

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