F.U. Money, F.U. Skills, and F.U. Attitude

Posted On: Saturday - July 25th 2020 7:49PM MST
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(Peak Stupidity couldn't justify 3 of the same cuss words in the title of a post for fear of cancellation - not enough Fuck You money. Yeah, it's OK in the body. Wait, but we've got the attitude, at least.)

You've likely heard the term "fuck you money" before, meaning one has accumulated enough assets to have no fear of losing employment or even ability to make more money in what is now called a "cancellation". With F.U. money one can then speak his mind more freely, do the job the way he would like to with low regard for the HR weenies or even customers, and just feel more his own man in his workaday world. It would be a really nice thing for any conservative writer whose purpose in life involves pissing off the kind of people who like to cancel him.

Ron Unz, proprietor of the site with his easy-to-type-in-the-browser-bar own name, is an example. He features some writers who are just whacked-out, but some of them, along with the many non-whacked-out writers are those that trouble the Establishment greatly. Steve Sailer is a great and prolific example, being just too truthful and too far off the narrative. Mr. Unz is just not worried about not being able to pay his rent, mortgage, insurance, eat well, etc.* (He made a lot of money in the finance and finance-software business way back. I listened to a good over hour-long interview. He came across well, BTW.)

Most Americans just don't have quite that much money. Hell, most Americans don't save enough to be able to go 2 months without a paycheck without being in arrears on stuff. Peak Stupidity has discussed this problem multiple times. It's not the obvious problems of financial stress, insecurity, etc, that are the results of this financial stupidity but also the effect of causing American wage workers to be forced to act like obedient cucks and suck-ups to the SJW policies and environment on the job - see Credit? Forget it! You got it? You get it!, More on living paycheck-to-paycheck, and Poor Feral workers living paycheck-to-paycheck. They don't have "Fuck You" money - they have "Fuck Me" debt.

The ability to be free to speak one's mind and ignore the SJW narrative in this country is not just a function of money, however. Even if you don't make a killing and haven't saved a bunch, you can have this ability or status if you have some mean skills. This could be at the top end or at the lower end, so I'll explain each in a couple of paragraphs.

Let's say you're some kind of business consultant or engineering/technical type who has been around a long time and is considered an expert this one area. Sure, the customer can get another consulting firm, but they really don't have anyone else that they can really trust to do it right. If they've got a plant that loses a million dollars an hour when the production lines are down, they don't want to screw around with anyone else. You tell them when you're coming, and they get everything ready for you. Some of these guys like this could quit anytime, and get other customers that they haven't had time for, in a day.

Yeah, sure, you don't want to purposefully rip down the BLM sign in front of the plant (though even then, the HR ladies will make sure there is a fuss, but then they'll have to just "hug it out" with you, because, dammit, the lines cannot go down!) You can say what you want. If they don't like it, they don't have to call you again. In fact, some of these guys do have F.U. money in addition to F.U. skills, but they either enjoy it, have nothing else to do with their time, or even just feel obligated to make sure this production keeps on, just out of integrity.

At the lower end (but no insult intended here), there are the skills that are called "the trades" by many. I just never used that term much, but hands-on craftsmanship, wood-work, mechanical, electrical, plumbing work, etc. is what I mean. There's another post coming in agreement with many conservatives who, for reasons of both the stupidity of the modern university educations, and the financial aspect of it, encourage young men to go into this kind of work instead of going to college. I will agree for this other reason in the upcoming post: one can obtain mad F.U. skills.

Illegal (and some legal) Mexicans and Central Americans have been hired for cheap - because the true costs are socialized - for residential roofing, framing, and such by the millions over the last 20 years. That's not a good thing, of course, but there are the precision skills that these people don't in general have that are still in demand. A guy who does a good job with millwork, or kitchen jobs, or wiring, is someone who will remain in high demand, especially in high-end neighborhoods, just by word of mouth after a while. People do want jobs done right.

A good and trustworthy car mechanic is pretty rare, and customers know that. The shops of the car dealers, with the huge overhead, the bureaucracy, and the high rates and parts prices, are to be avoided if possible. The big worry with anyone you don't know, including the guy at the dealer, is that he will make some more work for himself or the shop, sometimes good for you in the long run and some times just fraudulent. You can't know easily though. You'd better not piss off a good mechanic.

Imagine, if you will, a good shade-tree car mechanic who has said the wrong thing in the wrong place, and has local SJWs up in arms. Facebook and Twitter are crawling with comments. The hard-core twitterers and FBers with nothing better to do than to try to enforce Political Correctness, have called for him to be fired .. from like ... what ... by whom? OK, they will tweet for a boycott then, yeah, that's it, shaming all the current and potential customers with the threats of being called names like racist, xenophobe, oh and that he is "creepy".

As a customer, what do you do? I mean, you don't want to be known by any of those names all over Social Media. What if your boss sees that? But, well, you really like your Beemer, and the guy said you'd better get the timing belt done within 10,000 miles or so. You don't want to get stuck by the side of the highway with an economically totaled Beemer**. It's a real dilemma, and perhaps the solution will be to get the work done surreptitiously by getting your lawn guy to bring the car into the shop, maybe at night, through the back. You can be cancelled if you're not careful.

A good mechanic will not lack for work, and can't be cancelled. It's the same for a good handyman. Political Correctness is one thing, but ... So, there are F.U. skills too, and in times like these, it's got to be a good feeling to have them.

If you want to have that F.U. attitude, having F.U. money and/or skills will help you attain this. Or, you may have the attitude because you're fed up and just don't give a rat's ass anymore - this works for the fairly young and the fairly old. Otherwise, watch your mouth constantly or be ready to live off the grid till this Cultural Revolution is over, one way or another.

No doubt it was easier in the 1970s, during Johnny Paycheck's time:

* Now, it's another story about whether he can maintain his ability to "broadcast" the views of all these alternative writers with these "interesting, important, and controversial perspectives" (per the banner up top). I would like to comment in another post about his interesting "Lord Voltemorte Effect", which you can read from him here.

** I was told by my mechanic that most of the modern cars have interference engines. That means during the time when the cam shaft is not turning, but the engine is, starting in a fraction of a second after the failure, your pistons will hit the valves. A timing belt failure on a non-interference engine will just result in tow charges, but otherwise the engine is toast. (I've seen both happen.)

Monday - July 27th 2020 7:08PM MST
PS: I looked up these 2 channels but didn't have time to watch any yet, Dtbb. That's just it - how do people find the time for all that. I like these guys that get so into their hobby/work.
Monday - July 27th 2020 2:54PM MST
PS: check out the " Bruce Wilson" YouTube channel. Also " thatboatguy"
Harden Long
Sunday - July 26th 2020 6:53PM MST
PS “Since mankind’s dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We’ve seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.” Alan Moore, V for Vendetta
Sunday - July 26th 2020 5:43PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I'm sure you're pretty well aware of how things would go down in your business, in a field with white-collar customers. I do get what you are saying could or would happen, but the particular mechanic I refer to truly works on his own. He's not in the city, and I really don't see how anyone could get to him.

I think we are in for trouble no matter who wins this '20 election. Revenge or even greater anger, and the anger is not even about what Mr. Trump is doing - he's not doing squat, really! They are just angry that someone not down with the narrative was ALLOWED to get in.

That was a digression, but anyway, the'll come a time soon when we may not care about getting outed. We can stick together better if we all do.
Adam Smith
Sunday - July 26th 2020 10:29AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator, Mr. MBlanc...

I believe you are correct Mr. Moderator. It is my understanding that interference engines generally do have higher compression.

I did a timing chain on a nissan z24i a couple months back. The chain started slapping around because one of the chain guides wore through and fell off. Evidently it is a design problem with these otherwise durable engines.

Sunday - July 26th 2020 9:59AM MST
PS If that shade tree mechanic doesn’t have a proper, zoned, place to do the work, the authorities will shut him down, authorized opinions or no. I think that I can say without undue boasting that I’m one of the best in the country at my craft, which, as you probably know by now, is something in scholarly publishing. But if my clients knew of my political views, I’d never work again (which wouldn’t be the end of the world, as I’m an old guy with some savings). That said, what I do isn’t considered as important as, say, maintaining a corporate computer system. But I doubt that anyone is beyond the reach of the Stalinists now, no matter how rich or knowledgeable or skilled. At least, no one will be after the November election. The Left are very angry. They are taking names. They will be looking for revenge. I doubt that Ron Unz is beyond their reach, even if he has his own servers. The people coming into power are not nice people who play by the rules. They destroy their enemies. We are their enemies.
Sunday - July 26th 2020 9:02AM MST
PS: Yep, that's what I'd known, some of it the hard way, Adam. Yes, you got lucky with that Honda. I could be wrong, but I think it's the higher compression engines that have the minimal space at TDC (of course), so are the ones which can be killed by broken timing belts. One incident was one of the timing belt pulleys, BTW. Same deal, but this engine was able to run again.
Adam Smith
Sunday - July 26th 2020 8:00AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

Interference engines, also known as “destructive head” engines are the ones that have little clearance between the valves and pistons and if the cam stops turning as a result of broken timing belt or chain, the valve(s) will bend or break.

Many modern engines are indeed destructive head engines.

I did find a list of engines that tells which are interference and which are non-interference...


It's not a complete list, but maybe your engine is included.

Once upon a time I was a passenger in a honda with a 1.8l interference motor going down the interstate at about 75mph when the timing belt snapped. Somehow, the valves did not smack into the pistons. All we did to fix it was replace the timing belt. Still not sure how that happened. Luck is all I can guess.

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