Jeff Sessions, Tommy Tuberville, Trump, The South, and worship of Football

Posted On: Wednesday - July 22nd 2020 8:40PM MST
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Peak Stupidity urges our readers again to not regard this site as a primary new source (haha!), as we can be weeks behind sometimes. In this case, it's just over one week, but we read a few days ago about the loss of prospective returning immigration patriot to the US Senate, Mr. Jeff Sessions. Mr. Jeff Sessions lost in a GOP primary race for Senator from Alabama to former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville on July 14th.

Worship on your knees, Auburn fans and other Alabama cucks!

This loss of the great immigration patriot Jeff Sessions was due in part to support give by President Trump, acting like a bitchy, on-the-rag 15 y/o schoolgirl out for revenge. I looked back just now and am very surprised I haven't mentioned this at all on the blog, not even anywhere in the Trump-bashing posts of late. I feel bad for having written the one post, Good night, Sleepy Jeff, taking Trump's side in Sessions dismissal 1 2/3 years back.

Peak Stupidity is nothing if not self-referential most of the time, so if you don't feel like reading that post, I'll just say that my beef against Mr. Sessions was not about his gentlemanly self-recusal from the Russia-hoax hearings. It was about the Justice Department not coming down on the Anarcho-Tyranny of the Charlottesville, Virginia travesty and other pro-White America stuff the the DOJ could have gotten involved with. Things did not get much better on this score after Mr. Sessions' dismissal anyway.

VDare had numerous posts/articles about the AL primary, coming down squarely on Mr. Sessions side. He is a staunch immigration patriot, as greatly opposed to Coach Tuberville. This is why Trump's little hissy fit, turned a year and a half later into a prissy, revenge-filled effort to work against an immigration patriot like Jeff Sessions was so #SAD. No Ronald Reagan master strategist is he.

Mr. Tuberville won the primary election. An commenter the other day brought up a very good point the other day. (I'll link to it if I can find it again soon.) Tommy Tuberville was the head coach of Auburn University's football team, one of the 2 biggies, Auburn and 'Bama itself (Univ. of Alabama in Tuscaloosa). It is very likely that for most Alabamans, the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn in football is more important than the primary race, or any election held anywhere, for that matter.

The South takes college football very seriously, much too seriously in my opinion. Sure, pro football is just not as big, and there used to be not much of it around. People LUV LUV LUV the tailgate parties and spending the big bucks to SUPPORT THE TEAM! Rah, fucking, rah... I mean, there are people that fly in from around the area, drive in caravans down the interstate with their four flags flying, and even many housing units that one can BUY (not rent) to have a place to hang out during those 6 or 7, tops, home football game weekends. There are people that never even graduated from the institutions that know more about their football team's plays than the best engineering students know about Newtons' laws of motion.

These coaches get paid the big bucks and are more widely known and talked about than anyone's US Congressman.

This aspect of the Bread & Circuses really wouldn't bug me in normal times, say the 1980s (and, granted, I went to a number of games back then myself). These aren't normal times, though. There are things going on and decisions to be made that are much more critical to our future as a country and a people... than who's got the best passing game.

Yet, the Coach won the primary, albeit with help from President Trump, if he is of any help anymore, his mojo seeming to have vanished up Jared Kushner's ass. As this country goes even more to hell, I wonder if the good people of Alabama will think about how important having an immigration-cuck Senator that was the famous Auburn football coach really was. Madness!, errr Stupidity!.

PS: From the Fox News article on the election result, we read:
On Saturday, after Trump tweeted that “Jeff Sessions is a disaster who has let us all down. We don’t want him back in Washington!” – Sessions returned fire – calling Trump’s tweets “juvenile insults” and emphasizing that “Alabama does not take orders from Washington.”
No, Alabama takes orders from cucked-out football fans. I'm so sorry, Jeff Sessions and America.

Monday - July 27th 2020 4:58PM MST
PS: I went to hs with the guy who took TT'S place at Auburn
Thursday - July 23rd 2020 3:59PM MST
"...does he [Trump] really want immigration under control or not?"

Apparently, not. But I get your point. Trump should have supported Sessions as a senator because Sessions, regardless of his performance as AG, would have been much better on immigration (and probably everything else) than Tuberville would.
Thursday - July 23rd 2020 2:40PM MST
PS: One more thing: Even if Trump had every reason to be pissed at Sessions for the rest of his life, does he really want immigration under control or not? Sessions is on his side on that, would have been back in the Senate, not working for Trump, but not working against him either.

For Donald Trump, personal revenge is obviously more important than the future of this country. That is obvious to me from his behavior in this important primary race. (I really should have mentioned more clearly in the post that Tuberville, per knowledgable VDare writers, is BAD BAD BAD on immigration.)
Thursday - July 23rd 2020 2:37PM MST
PS: Federalist, I'll put your handle back up in a coupla' minutes. You are right that this is my fault - the site sucks in lots of ways, except that it's too simple to have bugs! (Actually, Mr. Hail found an interesting one which I'll fix when I ever get to the software.

OK, here's my problem. I thought the Russia collusion crap was just too damn stupid to pay attention to for those 3 years (even on the internet per my own choosing of sites, much less TV). Therefore, I don't know the whole story, other than that Mr. Sessions recused himself out of professional "honor" or what-have-you. Why did Trump not let him go then, on good terms still, and just make it clear that he needed a fighter?

I agree that this Russia thing was a huge distracting time-suck for Trump, but it didn't have to be. Forget Sessions, just hire a trusted lawyer friend as White House council or whatever, and let it be known that he's to handle this stuff, so Trump can make a strategy on immigration and other issues.

As for that very last part of the Z-man commenters' comments, Trump could have "been a man", not worried about what the Lyin' Press said about his being Putin's puppet, as his supporters know all about the Lyin' Press and don't care about the way this looks. They/we wanted certain things done, and some BS out of the media wouldn't have mattered. Trump seems to be so damn concerned about his image, and that caused more time-wasting as he twittered to counter every little thing.

You get things done, and people will forgive any bad press, even if they don't get to hear your side.
Thursday - July 23rd 2020 11:07AM MST
PS Thanks for that, Federalist. I have a bit of a soft spot for Sessions, but it does appear that he didn’t do what was required of him when it counted. Or would have counted, if President Trump weren’t, as I read somewhere recently, a useless blowhard.
Thursday - July 23rd 2020 10:51AM MST

Sorry, I accidentally left out my name on the book-length comment above.

It is kind of your fault since I can't edit my comments. (Just kidding).
Thursday - July 23rd 2020 10:27AM MST

Z Man had a post called "Flight 93 Crashed" in which he essentially took your position with regard to Sessions and Trump (and Tuberville). To me, this is mostly just academic at this point since Trump has failed to do much of anything he campaigned on. But I can see both sides of the argument. Sessions is and has been one of the very few immigration patriots in national politics. On that score, he's obviously far better than Tuberville. But Sessions' handling of Mueller investigation as attorney general was a catastrophe for the Trump administration (or would have been if Trump had actually tried to accomplish anything).

If you don't mind, I will quote a couple of comments that someone identified as JR55 left at the Z Blog regarding Sessions. (If you would rather that I didn't post this, please feel free to delete).

JR 55:
"Zman, you’re getting, correctly, a lot of pushback from other responses. Sessions was a senator for a decade so it’s utterly bizarre that you’re painting him as an innocent little lamb. He knew how DC worked. In addition, w/r/t the people you mention who rolled Trump, (1) Rosenstein was Session’s pick as his #2 (Sessions even threatened to resign at a horrible time in solidarity of Rosenstein when Trump was about to fire Rosenstein after Mueller’s appointment) and (2) Trump didn’t appoint Comey, Paul Ryan or McConnell, those were elements that he tried to appease in his attempt to co-opt the establishment (a bad strategy, but one can understand why he tried)."

"Everyone has a blind spot — this issue seems to be one of yours.

Sessions was a strong anti-immigration fighter but his treason (I don’t use that word lightly) vastly supersedes the benefit’s he brought. Here’s an alternate take to Zman’s above:

“Jeff Sessions has lost to Tommy Tuberville, ridding the political right of this elderly buffoon once and for all. Right-wing Twitter is going into a meltdown, of course, because Sessions says such nice things. How could Trump betray us like this? Honestly, it’s sort of bewildering to see early right-wing Trump supporters not understand that the big man values execution & loyalty over ideology.

Sessions blinked when it could not have mattered more. He’s personally responsible for destroying Trump’s first 2 years. If Sessions had sacked up like a man and told everyone in the FBI pushing the phoney-baloney Russia hoax to eat shit, Trump’s first 2 years would have been *radically* different. Instead, he ran for his cuck shed and let the Democrats, who controlled zero branches of the federal government at the time, staff the Mueller team run the entire show for the next two years.
As despicable as Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy are, and as much blame lies on their shoulders for failing to harness the energy of the populist wave, there is nothing could have done if Sessions told everyone to fuck off. Russia would have been out of the news in 2-4 weeks tops. The endless shrieking we were subjected to about “Putin’s cock holster” would have petered out, and maybe we could have been more focused on immigration and trade. Instead, Trump couldn’t even staff his admission because Jeff Sessions was a weak-willed pussy.
Trump couldn’t hire staff because Mueller would immediately subpoena them and break them with legal fees, just from the investigation itself. Anyone who had been to Russia, spoken to a Russian, or played the red team in C&C was immediately disqualified. There was a lot of whining that Trump wasn’t hiring qualified people. You know what most qualified people at the federal level have in common? They’ve talked to and interacted with other important, qualified people from nuclear powers. You know, like Russia.
Michael Flynn is personally broken because of Jeff Sessions. His finances and life are ruined. Roger Stone got railroaded over bullshit. Trump could never play FP with a full hand because his enemies propagandized hostility with Russia. Other people you basically haven’t heard about were broken by the fees they had to pay to lawyers just to sit through the Mueller team’s interrogation sessions.
The one man on Trump’s team who could have stopped the absolute shitshow of his first two years was Jeff Sessions. He didn’t, and he didn’t even tell Trump about it until the deed was done. It doesn’t matter if it was incompetence or malice. Trump values results. So, you know what would have been even more effective on immigration than a Senator Sessions? A Trump administration not crippled by investigations and fishing expeditions. We basically got 6 months of the actual presidency, and without the House, because of Jeff Cuckshed Sessions.
The degree to which the Trump admin has been a disappointment, at least in the actual executive branch itself, is almost entirely due to Jeff Sessions’ decision to recuse out of a mix of panic, stupidity, false propriety. When Obama’s flunkies told him that due to a suspected meeting that never even occurred, federal law required AG Sessions to recuse, if that doddering old fool had just taken a week hours to cool off and consult some other lawyers, everything would have been different. Choosing Sessions as AG was Trump’s biggest, most momentous mistake.
If anything, Sessions is a sterling example of why choosing ideology over execution & loyalty is a dumb move 100% of the time. You need people who you can trust to sniff out rats and have your back in a fight. Jared “prison reform lol” Kushner fits that description better than Jeff Sessions.
Remember when wignats crapped their panties over Syrian pavement? A big part of that was Sessions. Trump’s early goal of normalizing with Russia was scuttled by the Collusion Hoax. Thanks to Sleepy Jeff, Trump had to walk a fine line, prove he wasn’t “Putin’s puppet,” because his own voters started to have their doubts thanks to how relentlessly Mueller ground onward in that first year or so. Everything in this admin was a thousand times more difficult because Jeff Sessions is a weak, stupid, loser. Doesn’t matter what your ideals are if you’re weak.
So good-bye and good riddance, Jeff Sessions. You lost to a moderate-leaning football coach because you built for yourself a reputation as a weak dork who crumples when things get tough and leaves the people who need you hanging.”
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