Reason-TV: People will die!

Posted On: Monday - July 20th 2020 1:25PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has done its share of disparagement of Reason magazine. I used to read the print version about 15 years back, but quickly got sick of their ridiculous support for open borders for the US. How many of the writers there were/are stupid enough to not understand that the 50 million or so people who have come here over the last 50 years do not lean in any way Libertarian? (It seemed like most of them, but I don't know now because I quit reading Reason - paper and website - cold turkey long ago.) This is not the way to get greater market penetration, if that was all that this pro-immigration-invasion writing was about.

However, we give credit where credit is due here, and I came across this video in an comment thread. This very humorous rap-style political skit is not just big laugh at the Kung Flu Panic-Fest, but about lots of the stupidity seen in recent American politics and culture. I take it that Reason magazine doesn't think so much of this Kung Flu situation, but maybe it's just this guy Remy that doesn't.

OK, with no further comment, here's one of the funniest videos I've seen in a while - People Will Die!

Tuesday - July 21st 2020 6:10AM MST
PS. Oh, and the “Wave That Flag” I sent you is there, too.
Tuesday - July 21st 2020 6:09AM MST
PS Good Morning Mr. Moderator. Completely off topic. While driving back from MN I ran a YouTube playlist, which played a bunch of cuts from something called “Grateful Dead Complete Rarities Collection”. Lots of studio outtakes- including Catfish John, a version of Good Lovin’ featuring Lowell George. I’ll get it and report further.
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