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Posted On: Friday - January 27th 2017 6:34PM MST
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Our President is pretty good at keeping a "meme", you might call it, going. It's pretty tough, as he is one man and the lying press is legion. That phrase, "the lying press" seems to be catching on. I remember the "crooked Hillary" phrase he used for a time.

It would have been great, huh, if he would have just made a contraction out of it, say "Crillery" - sounds like something to do with "krill" that whales eat, but "CRILLARY" is just short for "CRooked hILLARY". The celebrities have been doing this sort of thing for 5-8 years running now, what with Jennifer Lopez being "JLo" and Laura Kardashian being "LarDash", you know, that kinda thing.

Where were we? Ahh, the lying sack-o-shit press, right. This VDare article by Brenda Walker quotes San Francisco ABC channel 7, and they start the lying in paragraph 1:

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday seeking to end sanctuary cities, that, in his words, “harbor illegal immigrants.”

It's not a lie of commission, where they just state something that is flat-out wrong (happens a lot), and it's not a lie of omission, where they leave out important stuff that would have changed the whole story (happens a lot). What would one call this one? These guys want the reader to associate a wrong meaning with a phrase, right off the bat, to muddle the reader's thinking.

Think about it "... sanctuary cities, that in his words, 'harbor illegal immigrants'". WTF does the "in his words" mean here? That'd be like my calculus teacher saying: "Newton performed an integration on this function, that, in his words, used differential elements to obtain the area under the curve". It's the definition, just like "a place where they are harboring illegal aliens" is the definition of "sanctuary city".

This could be fun. Future headlines to look for from the lying press:
North Korean strongman Mr Kim Ill Kimson threatened today to blow the livin crap outta Washington, FS with a thermonuclear weapon that would, in his words "use a nuclear fission reaction to compress and initiate a secondary nuclear fusion reaction of a hydrogen isotope".

A Boeing Company's commercial aircraft division spokesman announced that the new 797 will undergo it's first test flight tomorrow that would, in his words, "use Bernoulli's principle to create a low pressure region on the top of it's wings to cause lift and cause the long-delayed airplane to leave the surly bonds of earth and, like, fly."

JLo tweeted this morning that she didn't like rap music that in her words "doesn't have any melody and is just a bunch of yelling thugs".

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