The new cruelest month and day

Posted On: Wednesday - July 15th 2020 9:18PM MST
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Peak Stupidity noted the cruelest day of the cruelest month last April 15, the date by which income tax returns are normally due.

We really need a few new topic keys here, one being "Taxes", but the reader can find a number of posts on the income tax under the US Feral Government topic key for now. That post linked-to above was written last April 15th, as I inserted my tax return into the middle of the big pile of procrastinators. (I'm not a procrastinator on this, but I have my other reasons, as explained in Tax withholding and Leverage and Another reason to owe the IRS money.)

This evening has not become a lot of fun, as the 3-month extended time limit for filing the tax forms has run out today, and I had much better things to do the rest of the day. There's also the fact that some quick and surprising calculations done in late January resulted in the knowledge that I would be writing out a decent sized check this time. It's not that I don't have the money, but his is by far not my favorite way to spend money.

I don't let the IRS run my life, though either, so I'm just not that awfully concerned about getting this stuff in the mail exactly on even the new date. With all the other cancellations and postponements due to the overreaching Kung Flu response, this seems like another thing that people are probably not "getting around to" so much in 2020.

Trying to get a certain book or movie at the library? Sorry, COVID-19. Want to send the kids off to school? (WHY?!!) Sorry, COVID-19. Planning on taking a girl to dinner and movie? Sorry, COVID-19. All this business has rubbed off on me just a bit after 4 months. Income tax return due on July 15th? Sorry, COVID-19. I owe the IRS 2,100 dollas? Fuck me, pay you? No, fuck you, COVID-19!

Now, if I could only say this with the accent of one of the Goodfellas, or like Joe Pesci, at least:

Friday - July 17th 2020 7:23AM MST
PS I always vote “No”, and to Mme B’s credit, even she voted for Rauner. But it’s too late for Illinois.
Vegan Electrolytes
Thursday - July 16th 2020 10:41AM MST
PS Covid-1984 is about the global societal reset or hell on earth.
It also creates the tension of drooling dullards who were born to be slaves and those who were born to be free with the Karen mask shaming Gestapo.
Mommygov has a plan to collect taxes even if Yellowstone erupts or Russia launches the Satan ICBM which is the biggest ever made.
Adam Smith
Thursday - July 16th 2020 8:55AM MST
PS: Mr. MBlanc,

Good morning to you kind sir.

According to Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad Co., 240 U.S. 1 (1916), the Sixteenth Amendment conferred no new power of taxation to the feral beast or to the congress.

Some people say that the 16th removed the rule of apportionment, but this point is moot as the income tax is an indirect excise tax on your corporate privilege to have profit and therefore does not require apportionment.

It seems to me that the 16th had nothing to do with amending the constitution and everything to do with providing the illusion of the lawfulness/legality of forcing the people to pay tribute to their master.

I liken it to Emperor Constantine and his three hundred religious scholars including the Epistle to the Romans in Constantine's new bible at the First Council of Nicaea.

I hope you and Mme B have a great day.

Thursday - July 16th 2020 8:35AM MST
PS: Also, it's very true that Americans and their politicians took the Constitution seriously back 100 years ago. At least they made the effort to propose and ratify Amendments, rather than not even pretending to care, which has been the case for the last 10 years, by my estimation.
Thursday - July 16th 2020 8:33AM MST
PS: This post was more just additional information on the extension of the deadline due to the COVID nonsense, along with the increase in my not-giving-a-shit.

Yeah, see where I live they ratchet the collections up by reducing residential property tax to encourage people to vote in for a higher sales tax (it has doubled in rate in ~ 25 years). Then property tax creeps back up to where it was within 5 years. Then, they repeat the process.

I guess when you say "we" never learn, Mr. Blanc, you are subtracting out yourself and HOPEFULLY your spouse, which was what the last few posts were about!
Thursday - July 16th 2020 7:43AM MST
PS This was covered in your Amendment series, but as it comes round every year, it’s a never-ending irritant. I keep banging on that we (or at least our “elected representatives”) did this to ourselves. Back before the Great War, even the Dems recognized that the Constitution had to be taken seriously. They knew that they needed a constitutional amendment to put it over on us. And we bought it!! Back in the 1960s our Repub (!) governor sold Illinoisans on a state income tax. Around 1970, our pols gave us a new state constitution which mandated a flat income tax. Now our Dems have come to the realization that they can’t extort enough from us with a flat tax. So our billionaire Dem governor has proposed an amendment to the state constitution that will allow a non-flat tax. We will have to ratify the amendment in the NOV election. And watch us do it! We never learn. To that extent we deserve it.
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