Peak Constitutional Amendment - XIX, Part 3

Posted On: Wednesday - July 15th 2020 8:39AM MST
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Continued from Amendment XI, Amendment XII, Amendment XIII, Amendment XIV, Amendment XV, Part 1 on Amendment XVI, Part 2 on Amendment XVI , Part 3 on Amendment XVI, Amendment XVII, Amendment XVIII, Part 1 on Amendment XIX, and Part 2 on Amendment XIX.)

OK, I'm not even thrilled about writing this anymore, but a morning Constitutional is always a good thing. (We've just got some recreational stuff to do today that I'm looking forward to more. It'll leave the madness behind for 1/2 a day, at least.)

Where we left off on the previous post was some discussion of big elections and the women's vote. No, we can't expect women to have the logic and principles that men are expected to exercise in attempting to steer society in the right direction via government. Sure, we fail at this too, often because others before us have failed to limit that government, and it comes to a choice between different evils.

The problem I see is that men do know that women are going to show mercy over justice and show compassion in the short term. These are two ideas that I promised to get back to in Part 1.

Regarding the latter, do you remember the deal with the washed up dead kid on the northern shore of the Mediterranean Sea that, not quite started, but greatly exacerbated, the push for letting millions of "refugees" into southern Europe (and subsequently all over Europe) a few years back? There are loads of other examples I could give. The German Chancellor Merkel, maybe not due to any compassion of her own (not inherent in evil Commies), used this dead kid to invoke compassion in the German population to get these society-destroying young African men into Germany.

"Oh, that poor little dead kid!" How can one not feel sad upon seeing the pictures? However, as Peak Stupidity has written before, compassion + stupidity = evil. It's not that compassion is bad. This is just short-term compassion, though. Is it that the Conservative Germans (the men more likely) are not compassionate people? No, it's that they can think ahead. They have compassion for plenty of people. They care about the German people, including their own and others' children and grandchildren who will live in much worse of a society in the future due to the millions of foreigners being allowed in. They probably have some compassion even for those invaders, especially the little ones. They just may have the smarts to understand that if you discourage those dangerous sea voyages, they will quit being attempted. This is simple stuff, but only if one thinks rather than feels. We don't need that "my feelings" crap in the voting both.

Regarding the former point, women's preference for mercy over justice, this is the reason there is but one woman, Deborah (thanks, commenter Federalist!) to be found among the Kings and Judges in the Bible. The Old Testament has a lot about justice, but not much mercy at all! That comes in the New Testament, but Jesus does not tell us that justice is to be overruled by God's mercy. Even his "turn the other cheek" teaching has its limit. How much do you take from your enemies, before we've had enough? The number is 7 x 70. I think most of us have hit that magic 490 with the people who hate us. 491 is the point at which it's time to kick some ass!

Justice tempered with mercy is one thing, but there is no justice at all when mercy overrules it. Some women may only learn that when they or their children become victims.

It'd take numbers that I don't have on me right now to prove that the women's vote is what pushed the Socialism on this country over the century during which States have been forced to let women vote. However, once Socialism WAS implemented, starting in earnest in the 1930s with Roosevelt's Raw Deal and being ramped up greatly by the scumbag Lyndon Johnson, women have been the one to get the most out of it. Socialism, due to its incentives toward irresponsibility, have made it easy for women to depend on this alt-husband, the State, if things aren't going swimmingly with the first. They also allow women to let the State be 1st husbands to them and fathers to their children.

You can't run a Constitutional Republic like this, with large groups of people dependent enough on the governments to vote for free shit over principles. The women's role in this behavior is huge.

With a thank you to blogger Steve Sailer, and his many posts and mentions of the "marriage gap", I will note the following: Many polls have shown that married women vote pretty Conservatively. The influence of an actual husband can be big. I don't know the break-down between those married women with or without kids, but that could be a 2nd factor, that women with kids may realize that Big Government is not going to be a friend to their children.

Hell, it was just a really bad idea, and it's too bad that the men of 100 years ago let their wives and the activist harpies push and push them, until they figured "what the heck? I'm tired of suffaraging from this nagging. OK, here's your suffrage, bitches. Happy now?" If nothing else, why wasn't this issue just left to the various States? Peak Stupidity agrees with our #1 literary pundit Ann Coulter, who is against voting rights for women. Two thumbs down for Amendment XIX.

Thursday - July 16th 2020 8:37AM MST
PS: Ha, it's funny you wrote that, Mr. Blanc, as I was going to delve into that territory, the divorce courts and that. I figured the post would get too long as usual that way. It's a good subject for number of other posts though.

The abortion on demand ant the encouragement of women's work outside the home was a part of the cultural destruction too, yes.
Thursday - July 16th 2020 7:32AM MST
PS Letting them vote was bad enough*, and probably enough to wreck civilization, given enough time. But the real death blows were the destigmatization of bastardy and divorce on demand. Add in abortion on demand and destigmatization of wage labor by women, and the fat lady begins to sing.

* It is incumbent upon those of us who rail against women’s suffrage to consider what would have happened had our great-grandfathers not capitulated.
Wednesday - July 15th 2020 6:27PM MST
PS: Oops, you are quite right, Federalist. She's the only woman judge. Big mistake... I think... I'd better read up though. Thanks.
Wednesday - July 15th 2020 4:29PM MST
Wasn't Deborah one of the Judges of the Old Testament?
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