Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic - Part 3

Posted On: Wednesday - July 8th 2020 7:15PM MST
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This and the next post on this re-Panic are just about the masks. I guess one could call it a trivial issue, but when one looks around, it all seems so sick. Our society is sick OF the COVID-19.

Sawdust proof, but who knows about those COVID buggers?

This post is about a handyman, a guy who can do all kind of residential jobs. We'll call him George. Well, George has done a lot of work for a friend of mine. He can be sometimes hard to get along with, from what I've heard from another friend, but he does good solid work with albeit irregular hours. When he's working, you leave him alone then.

My friend was out of town while this guy was continuing a bathroom project. "Hey, I need you to do me a favor, and bring George a face mask." "Sure, we've got plenty." Some of us are kind of worried at our house, so we have quite a number of them. I just occasionally use the one or two that are normally balled up in the pocket of my blue jeans, if there's no way out, "Put your mask over your face." "No, you didn't say 'Fauci says!'" "Alright, dammit, Fauci says 'put your mask over your face."

I pulled out a fresh 3 of them just for George. See, he'd tried to go to the tile store, and they wouldn't let him in. Haha, my friend should have known. Knowing the guy he is, I would have figured he'd been ignoring all the BS. Still, that store is more hard-core than you'd think a building supply store ought to be, but maybe it was the tiles, and the women in there...

Anyway, it was a good excuse for a bike ride, and I brought the 3 and we both bitched about the whole thing. I thought about this much later - why couldn't he have worn one of the dusk masks shown above? Oh, because he doesn't wear any of that stuff either. I gotta say that I'll go without the eye, mouth, and ear protection when using the chainsaw even, as I think you want all your senses keen when near a dangerous tool like that. What surprises me is that I can still hear fine after using a Skil saw for years with no hearing protection. Those things scream!

There was a negligible amount of money and time involved in supplying George and keeping the job going, plus I could see how he was doing on this job. On the way home I thought about this too. Could he not have gone by the drugstore on the way? No, because, that's right, they wouldn't have let him in! What a scene that would be:
"Sir, you can't come in here like that!"

"What, I've got my shoes on."

"No, we require wearing of face masks by all customers."

"Oh, yeah, well that's what I'm coming in here to get, so I'll have one."

"OK, but, Sir, you can't come in here like that."

"How can I buy a face mask if you won't let me in."

"We'll be glad to let you in to buy a face mask. You just have to wear a face mask to enter the store."

"But, if you don't let me in ... aaah, shit ... that's some catch, that Catch-19."

"It's the best there is."

Maybe the dingo ate your ... visiting scholar bought your face mask..

Saturday - August 1st 2020 1:11PM MST
PS: Oh, I did get that, NC. "not really" haha.
Saturday - August 1st 2020 1:09PM MST
PS: NonCompliant, sorry about your hearing loss. I have probably just been lucky genetically in this regard. At both concerts and around jet aircraft, it's the high frequencies that should hurt, but, again, I never had any problem later on. I never was right near any old-timey turbojets though.

To me, the best part of both a (good) concert and being around the airport is that bass sound. The old 727's and 737-100/200s were great in giving out that sound that one could feel in one's chest. Great stuff!

Oh, yeah, the detergent aisle. If you were seen sneezing there, I guess that would set off everyone's COVID panic alarm and get you kicked over to produce. Nobody shops in produce anymore.
Saturday - August 1st 2020 9:13AM MST
PS I hear ya
(nope, not really.)
Worked oil field last 10 yrs, until -everybody- save the top 30 supers -who are now regular field hands- got fired er, laid off. Thanks Gub'ner.

In that time I learned to always wear eye wear, and if it's loud (even mildly) I wear ear plugs. Actually even always at concerts in college (Ted Nugent for time reference) I wore earplugs.

Didn't really help; I have J57's screaming in my ears always. Sometimes the airport is a "mile away", often its like I'm standing under the wing.

Good thing about the N95? (wearing mask at wally-world is great, gives illusion you're hiding your identity). The n95 allows me to walk the detergent aisle without sneezing.
Monday - July 13th 2020 1:47PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I see a lot of these. It's usually guys who don't care how they look (not any worse than the hospital type IMO), and have them around from the shop. The one time I'm pretty stringent about using them is when I going to be in the attic for a while.
Sunday - July 12th 2020 8:23AM MST
PS That 3M thingy is what I wear when in shops. I did notice that at Trader Joe’s yesterday, the sign at the front said that they were asking customers to wear masks at the “suggestion” of the Illinois public health department, rather than the governor’s “order”, which has been overturned by a state judge. Mme B thinks that the masks came from her brother, who used to work in a collision shop, where there are all sorts of nasty particles in the air. The damned thing makes my glasses fog up.
Friday - July 10th 2020 7:44PM MST
PS: I don't know about these KN95 masks, Alarmist, but I'd like to ask if you remember my commenting unz (90% chance it was Sailer's blog) that I have personal experience with some purposeful lack of quality in Chinese face masks, seen at the manufacturing end.

I just found the PS post on this:
"Coronavirus in China - and Beyond

which I wrote on Jan 25th of this year:

"This is another China story gleaned from personal experience. A salesman of non-woven face masks, gowns, shoe coverings and that kind of thing filled me in on this: The factory there, a lean/mean non-government-run operation with about 10 office staff and 200 people who actually manufactured the items would sell within China and outside of China. Due to the boss’ unscrupulousness, when they made the masks for domestic sales, they would skip the material (and production step) of putting the layer of filter material in place among the material of the face masks. What that means is that the masks were pretty much worthless, except for compliance purposes."

If I saw the PinYin on your face, maybe I'd back off myself about 3 ft. I can't do 6ft, as then I can't understand WTH people are saying through the things!
The Alarmist
Friday - July 10th 2020 3:18PM MST
I have a box of Chinese KN95 masks. I hope they aren't defective, but I love the looks I get from people when they see the Chinese Pinyin characters printed on them.
Friday - July 10th 2020 2:46AM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, I meant ot put this in the post: One place in which I will wear one of the masks shown above is in the attic, if I am working/staying there for long. Whatever the hell the squirrels have left there in the air, it seems there's something that one time got into my throat and made me sick. There's the fiberglass insulation too - nasty stuff.

So Team Apocalypse changed their story, huh? Kind of far-fetched, but it makes you wonder who has money invested in companies that make masks, floor stickers, and especially Zoom.
Mr. Anon
Thursday - July 9th 2020 11:18PM MST
PS Alex Berenson, who has been a rare voice of sanity during the Great Corona Freakout, dug up a paper from 2006 by Inglesby and some of the other Johns Hopkins people, whom Berenson refers to as Team Apocalypse because of their enthusiastic doom-saying on the topic of COV. (That whole JH Institute for Bio-Security seems rather sinister, as they had a lot to do with bio-warfare war-gaming before and around 9/11, but that's another matter.) Anyway, in this paper (from 2006), they pooh-pooh the idea of lockdowns, masks, even social-distancing, stating that none of it has been proved to work or that there is any reason to think it would work. Berenson poses the question: Why? What's changed?
Mr. Anon
Thursday - July 9th 2020 11:10PM MST
PS I have no problem with PPE. I wear headphones when I do the mowing or weed-trimming. My hearing is not bad for my age, and I'd like to keep it that way. I often wear a dust mask when I mow the back yard (without a bagger) to keep from breathing in dirt, pollen, and fungus (especially fungus - it's rife where I live - mold and fungus are probably the leading undiagnosed causes of respiratory problems). I use 3M dust masks that you can buy at Home Depot, the sort that dry-wallers use; I think they are actually rated as N95. I've noticed that when it's really hot, and you're sweating like a pig, they stop working very well. They become water-logged and then you're really sucking hard to draw in breath, enough so that the mask begins to collapse. At that point I usually drop the mask altogether as more trouble than it's worth.

How many people are going to get oxygen deprived wearing masks in the hot weather?
Thursday - July 9th 2020 9:38AM MST
PS: I just read it. Thank you, Mr. Smith.
Adam Smith
Thursday - July 9th 2020 7:40AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

EVERYWHERE U.S.A.—Claiming that they just couldn’t stand this bullshit anymore, Americans across the country confirmed Thursday that someone, anyone needs to please, please, just make it stop.

...But deep down Americans everywhere knew the bullshit was never ever going to stop.

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