Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic - Part 1

Posted On: Wednesday - July 1st 2020 7:33PM MST
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Now this was just a little curious, in a totally un-literary use of that word which I keep seeing and getting annoyed by myself, it so happens. I'd had the page from Monday (I think) with the COVID numbers, such as they are, and in the format that Peak Stupidity screenshot (is that a word?!) in C'mon guys, it's all CASES nowadays!. Yes, I've now been keeping up for a couple of weeks as if this were baseball standings, as I may have mentioned my wife has been, keeping her worries way up for months. I'm just doing this to see the this experiment. (The Socialist Scumbag President Lyndon Blow Job had his Guns AND Butter policy. Yeah, well we have our Contagious Disease AND Rioting policy in effect, so there!)

I brought up the new stats in a different tab. The total US deaths FROM/WITH COVID, I dunno which, was in the mid-400s above the previous number. However the little number beside it, showing the change, had "+500" and something, about 100, or 25% more. What gives with that? I guess I can try this same thing again for another couple of rounds to see if this was just a glitch with the software or something more nefarious. Do they think we can't do arithmetic? No, don't even answer that, I know ...

I wish the excited followers of the numbers would still keep their perspectives. I don't know how the US annual death rate is only 2,800,000 or so, when even the 1% yearly rate ought to give us 3.3 million, but that's what I've read. That makes a number closer to 3/4 of a percent, while even 1% cannot possibly be a long-term steady-state-equilibrium rate. (That's an average of 100-year life spans.). I'll just be conservative and use that 2.8 million, and then get the rounded-off, and even slightly-more conservative, number of 7,500 people dying daily on average. Whether the 400-odd deaths from my subtraction or the 500-odd deaths shown as the change, it's well under 10% of the deaths each day.

Well, one might say, 7% of people dying daily "from" this virus is a BAD THING. Even if you don't get the part that, on the whole, over the year, increased deaths now of people of the age and condition almost all are dying at will be made up by reduced deaths later, this is obviously no kind of Black Plague, dammit. Let's not get stupid about this, Americans.* I should say, let's not let Government and the Lyin' Press keep making us act stupid about this. Should we have not learned the lessons from Season 1? There was a narrative there - not the one such as they have been inserting into the infotainment, such as the single-Moms-as-heroes agenda from the old One Day at a Time sitcom**, for example. No, we have to learn our own lessons from Season 1, like, don't listen to experts on political matters, and "but not a single person I know has gotten sick from the Kung Flu, much less died from it", and LET'S! NOT! GET! HYSTERICAL!

This Season 2 of the Kung Flu Infotainment has really started off strong. Peak Stupidity will have a number more posts about our observations on it, but hopefully only interspersed among plenty of other pieces of stupidity. We know our readers are those channel-flipping type. There are plenty of channels of stupidity, even without a subscription!

* We are referring to non-Peak-Stupidity aware Americans, of course!

** There was only one reason to ever watch that show, and she ended up marrying a rock guitarist, so that's that ...

Addendum: Just after finishing this, I loaded the same page for July 1 (I suppose June 30th data). This time the numbers were closer together, off by only 10 out of a whopping 1400. I do mean "whopping" non-sarcastically this time, but let's just see tomorrow. I hate to say that this is like a game to me too now, but at least I'm rooting for the right side!

Thursday - July 2nd 2020 4:02PM MST
PS. At Tall Deval's presser this afternoon the catch- phrase iwas “covid is not taking the summer off”. Begging the guv’nor’s pardon, but covid has clocked out and left the building.
Thursday - July 2nd 2020 2:20PM MST
PS. Also, and I posted this over at Hail, too, what do your eyes tell you? How many people do you know that have been sick and/ or died? I thought so.
Adam Smith
Thursday - July 2nd 2020 11:50AM MST
PS: Oh... that...

I found it on the internet.

Thursday - July 2nd 2020 11:33AM MST
PS: " You can usually find it on shakedown street, near the grilled cheese."

Haha, I meant the internet graphic ...

... of course.
Adam Smith
Thursday - July 2nd 2020 11:31AM MST
PS: You can usually find it on shakedown street, near the grilled cheese.

If you do happen to find one of those little stickers don't forget to enjoy it with a little cannabis. Cannabis turns on the colors.

Thursday - July 2nd 2020 10:12AM MST
PS: Mr. Adams, how do you people find this stuff!?

You know, it's getting pretty close to my needing one of those little "stickers" right now.
Adam Smith
Thursday - July 2nd 2020 10:05AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

E. Pluribus Newman...

Thursday - July 2nd 2020 9:28AM MST
PS: Thank you for the great comment, Mr. Ganderson. Yeah, I saw your comments on Mr. Hail's site about what's staying closed as far as the small colleges, etc. I think these people are shooting themselves in the foot. Sure a half-semester off was fun, and, yeah, we can do everything in the world on Zoom now, so... but people are going to wonder what they are paying good money for. Actually, at the college level, maybe this will be the final impetus for school loan forgiveness, a thing that I detest intensely.

Your predictions sound quite likely. For some of it, there is no way out of your scenario. It's amazing that the people clamping down don't or won't see what's coming. Then the people on the street (or driving in their cars!) with the masks on believing that we've just to get through those "next 2 critical weeks". "In Fauci We Trust." E. Pluribus Newman.
Thursday - July 2nd 2020 8:17AM MST
PS. As I posted over at Hail's site- Higher Education is heavily invested in Panic Part II- Bowdoin and Williams have cancelled their fall athletic seasons- Bowdoin up until January 1, which will take in a chunk of winter as well. This means the rest of NESCAC (Amherst, Wesleyan, Middlebury, etc) will follow, with it highly unlikely that any D I schools will have athletics. HUGE numbers of liberal arts colleges will close in the next 5 years, probably including the midwestern schools my younger two boys attended.

No college that I'm aware of, and I'm pretty plugged in, has the attitude "It's the flu, bro; or sis in the case of my wife's institution, come back to normal classes and stuff in the fall ". Tall Deval Baker has now required anyone coming into MA from outside New England, NJ and NY must self quarantine for 14 days, while the press is in all out panic mode.

The Globe had a story about how, on Tuesday, there were no reported Corona-chan deaths in MA on Monday- the commenters seemed pissed that their weren't.
My predictions: mandatory masking for the immediate future (for as much as a year) no spectator sports before the fall of 2021. Hundreds of small businesses closing up shop permanently by next summer- and the equivalent of breadlines by summer of 2021. Oh, and whoever gets elected in November, riots, statuary destruction, etc will continue, but worse if Trump wins. BTW, I don't really want to vote for Trump, but what other choice is there, not to mention that my vote in MA doesn't count.

Even though NONE of this makes any sense- I see no chance of stopping any of it.

Also I saw a headline "Fauci says- Next Two Weeks Critical". How nany times has that headline been used in the last three month.
I think Fauci is the most dangerous man in America- he should be put on trial
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