Did the Chinese hack the Trump Tulsa rally?

Posted On: Wednesday - July 1st 2020 2:37PM MST
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There's another thing from my China info-source that seems fairly credible. Remember that low-turnout Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma about a week back? Apparently, the word on WeChat is that Chinese party types*, en masse, whether here in America (there are plenty) or in China, were using whatever electronic methods needed to register for the rally and not show up. This didn't take any actual software hacking or that kind of subterfuge, but just ordinary scamming of the system with electronics. The Chinese are way ahead of us now in adopting the smart phones with gusto.

I can see this happening, as the Chinese government really does not like President Trump. I've bad-mouthed the guy for hardly accomplishing squat a whole lot as of later, but as far as his China policy, I have nothing to criticize. Of course he'll say tough things one day (as directed by his neocon employees, no doubt), but then the usual "they are just the nicest people" and that kind of BS the next day. Though they do not like losing face, I don't think that's what bothers the Chinese muckety-mucks. They don't like that President Trump really understands, and even CARES ABOUT (as a nice change), the fact that the US has been letting itself get taken advantage of in the hundreds of billions of $ trade with the country for 25 years.

They would very much like it if the US would just play ball and lose the rest of our manufacturing capability, buy the Chinese-made-crap like good consumers, and let corrupt Chinese officials launder their money via the West Coast housing market, and send their otherwise un-admittable kids to college to study Sociology in North Dakota. We just can't go screwing with these great cultural exchanges willy-nilly and shit, ya know? Yeah, they don't like the guy, but we Americans appreciate this one realm in which the President has acted on our behalf. At least I do.

I'm guessing that many of the MAGA-hat wearing Trump supporters don't need that stinkin' internet to show up for the rallies anyway. I remember standing outside in '16, waiting to get in, but we just packed in to stand, as you weren't gonna see anything sitting down anyway. I'm not quite that excited, myself, right now.

* No, not in the "let's parté, dude" meaning of Long Duck Dong of Sixteen Candles fame, but those connected with the Chinese Central Government Party.

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