Have the Mr. Floyd riots and cultural destruction been instigated?

Posted On: Tuesday - June 23rd 2020 4:12PM MST
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Since a week ago, at the time of the post All in all, it's just another brick on the pallet, I've been meaning to speculate about the deeper causes of this rioting and cultural destruction of the last month.

One could, as we have, just chalk it up to the reasons visibly seen. Yes, the black people involved are mostly out for looting and destruction. It's pretty fun to destroy things when you don't know what goes into building them. Free stuff, especially expensive sneakers and purses that those rich white people have been cheating you out of, is nice too. There is also the rage factor, as without any perspective, neither from their own minds, nor out of the Infotainment that is egging this on, one may really think that cop brutality against the black man has killed more of them than heart disease, hell even the COVID! (Let's not mention the inter-black violence that is right on up there below heart disease.) If you are completely innumerate, you may really think this and that your rage is justified.

The 2nd half of this bifecta of stupidity (or evil, thank you commenter Robert) is the Commie-style antifa crowd. Are they really raging against the serious problems of America that commenter Adam Smith listed out in his post under our post linked-to above? They seem to be raging against, if not fake news, at least news with no perspective, as the unconstitutional, often, Police-State-like behavior of the police has affected whites just as much as black people, and likely other races/ethnicities too. I don't hear the antifa talking about the Constitution AT ALL, in fact, just about kneeling down and kissing black ass due to the one reprobate.

Well, all this could be happening for the visible reasons, as egged-on by the Lyin' Press infotainment. Could these protests and riots spread all over the country, and even to Europe just do to copycatting and the Infotainment? Perhaps it can, but many are looking for agitation by deeper and more organized elements of society.

Really? These fucking guys?:

VDare (and other venue-) writer Nicholas Stix asks What Lunatic Is Running This Floyd Hoax Madhouse? My Bet: The DNC , with comments under that same article on unz. Mr. Styx discusses how his leftist idiot relative "MR" really believes the Lyin' Press narrative that white supremacists are behind these riots and that the antifa is "nothing to see here". He debunks the ridiculous first part and warns us about the antifa, thusly:
But, despite MR’s credulity and what the Ruling-Class elitists at Just Security would have us believe, Antifa is real. It is not a group of earnest, if misguided and sometimes overzealous youngsters, who simply want peace and justice and occasionally go a little too far. It’s a communist goon squad modeled on Antifaschistische Aktion, itself a communist front that supposedly opposed the Nazi takeover of Germany in the early 1930s. Antifa’s flag is nearly identical to that of its predecessor, a look that signals the group’s intent and guiding ideology.

When I lived in West Germany (1980-1985), Communist terrorists sought to rationalize their campaign of slaughter by asserting that if only more people had been like them, the Nazis would never have taken over. Thus, instead of a totalitarian, genocidal, Nazi dictatorship, Germany would have been under the thumb of a totalitarian, genocidal, Communist dictatorship!
Haha, good point there. That the antifa are very similar to the Commies of a century ago is something that Peak Stupidity has expounded on a bit.

Per, Mr. Stix, the Democrat Party is the brains behind the media narrative, per:
It is clear to me that there is now a much broader conspiracy involved than in the notorious case of Journolist, the secret listserv group of elite journalists that in 2008 electronically bodyguarded Barack Obama all the way to the White House. For while Journolist was just an MSM operatives’ conspiracy, the source of the current hoax joins media operatives, non-media activists, academics, even corporate executives.
You may have heard of the "Journolist" bit from a decade back or so, in which reporters would use words and narratives even from points distributed on this Journolist. I just don't give these people credit for the smarts and organizational skills to do this sort of thing. The D-party is led now by the race/ethnicity/gender-bender hustler crowd, and this (Sailer-termed) "coalition of the fringes" has a hard time getting together for anything other than talking their hate of the white man.

Secondly, if the idea of all of this rioting was to promote the D-party in any way, that's not a very bright idea to begin with. President Trump has not been getting much love from his base due to his not accomplishing a whole lot, but is probably gathering votes from his base as the rioting and cultural destruction continues. He is, mistakenly, the only hope left to many on the right, and support of Law & Order worked for Nixon during similarly turbulent times.

Maybe these guys? (Put on your tinfoil hat.):

Next there is information from my Chinese source, not named MR, as I won't even bother with an alias. I was shown some videos that are not on youtube, but on WeChat, the Chinese version of Facebook. My source says that people are claiming that it is the Chinese Central Party that has been an instigator. The video I saw Chinese people with masks on (yes, you can still tell) hurling rocks at windows and that sort of thing, and egging on others. The idea is that is their revenge for Hong Kong, supposedly instigated by the US Deep State.

Peak Stupidity has not anything much about the on-going mayhem in Hong Kong, other than the post Big Protest in Little China. In that post, I berated the HKers for leaving behind much of the British culture, thinking that they could run a society based on a 1000-year-old respect for law & order and due process, but with Chinese people. In other words, screw them, was my point, so there were no more posts because I really don't care what happens to them there. Most Americans don't care about the place either, but does our Deep State? I don't know, but what's the gain. Can that place with 0.6% of the population of the Mainland really hurt China itself?

Anyway, if that wasn't a legitimate reason for the CCP of China to instigate riots in America, it's as good an excuse as any. I can't vouch for the authenticity of these videos (with I could show them). I haven't read a peep from Americans about this, but maybe Ron Unz (haha) will have something. (Yes, I laugh, because he seems to only bring out his conspiracy theories when they are anti-American and Americans.) The CCP could rightly see America's race problems as its Achille's heel.

Chinese people riot in China, but not in America. This is due to their being pretty well off, and maybe having a slight bit of humility still, knowing this is not their country and all. It was weird to see the video of them raising hell like this. Yeah, this one is far-fetched, but who knows. I'll try to get something more solid, before I write any more about it.

What guys?

How about the Deep State here? Writer Mike Whitney, who did a kick-ass job on Kung Flu Panic debunkment, asks Do Deep State Elements Operate Within the Protest Movement? From the beginning of the article (read through 200-something comments for (usually) interesting arguments):
It’s all too coordinated, too widespread, and too much in-sync with the media narrative that applauds the “mainly peaceful protests” while ignoring the vast destruction to cities across the country. What’s that all about? Do the instigators of these demonstrations want to see our cities reduced to urban wastelands where street gangs and Antifa thugs impose their own harsh justice? That’s where this is headed, isn’t it?

Of course there are millions of protesters who honestly believe they’re fighting racial injustice and police brutality. And more power to them. [
(My bolding here) Wait a minute - WTF? It doesn't matter what they believe they're fighting, as they are not doing that. Less power to them!] But that certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden agendas driving these outbursts. Quite the contrary. It seems to me that the protest movement is actually the perfect vehicle for affecting dramatic social changes that only serve the interests of elites. For example, who benefits from defunding the police? Not African Americans, that’s for sure. Black neighborhoods need more security not less. And yet, the New York Times lead editorial on Saturday proudly announces, “Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police–Because reform won’t happen.”
Mr. Whitney maintains that this widely spread protesting and rioting could not have just developed on its own:
The media’s role in concealing the damage should only convince skeptics that the protests are just one part of a much larger operation. What we’re seeing play out in over 400 cities across the US, has more to do with toppling Trump and sowing racial division than it does with the killing of George Floyd. The scale and coordination alone suggests that elements in the deep state are probably involved. We know from evidence uncovered during the Russiagate probe, that the media works hand-in-glove with the Intel agencies and FBI while–at the same time– serving as a mouthpiece for elites. That hasn’t changed, in fact, it’s gotten even worse. The uniformity of the coverage suggests that that same perception management strategy is being employed here as well. Even at this late date, the determination to remove Trump from office is as strong as ever even though, in the present case, it has been combined with the broader political strategy of inciting fratricidal violence, obliterating urban areas, and spreading anarchy across the country. This isn’t about racial justice or police brutality, it’s about regime change, internal destabilization, and martial law.
Mr. Whitney gives some more information from others who say the logistical abilities of the antifa people are impressive, something that I would agree would not be the case were these types working independently. He concludes:
None of this has anything to do with racial justice or police brutality. America is being destabilized and sacked for other purposes altogether. This a destabilization campaign similar to the CIA’s color revolutions designed to topple the regime (Trump), install a puppet government (Biden), impose “shock therapy” on the economy pushing tens of millions of Americans into homelessness and destitution, and leave behind a broken, smoldering shell of a country easily controlled by Federal shock troops and wealthy globalist mandarins.
I guess lots of groups people hate the traditional American people. Will we ever get to the bottom of this? It sure won't come from the Lyin' Press, who, in my opinion, are just dupes for whatever is happening. They love to get the viewers and readers, and they lean heavily left. Most of them nowadays are just too stupid to follow any kind of plan. There may still be a plan, just the same. Regular Americans are just caught in the turmoil right now, with no truth to be found and no good way to organize, so far...

Could it be, I don't know, ...

This guy?!!

Wednesday - June 24th 2020 6:25PM MST
PS: There are so many people that either want, or at least don't mind, screwing over traditional America, that Ron Unz ought to be writing a 5 part series of book-length pieces on this. He doesn't seem to care about traditional America.

It's funny that Mr. Unz cares so much about free speech, something I appreciate so much about him. Does he not realize that all of the new Americans and the Commies that write under his banner (not knocking him for letting the write, mind you) don't give a rat's ass about free speech or any concepts like that?

No, I haven't heard of Rennie Davis. The CIA should have been terminated at the end of WWII, when there were still the OSS. Letting them get big and get respect during the 1950s was a big, big mistake.
Wednesday - June 24th 2020 2:48PM MST
PS Who’s behind it? All of the above. There are always plenty of blacks just looking for an excuse to raise hell, especially if there’s some looting involved. Antifa and the other denizens of the Leftist zoo? Of course, they’ve been stirring up trouble since the 1920s and have been stirring up race trouble since at least the 1930s. The Dems? They sure like to keep the race pot boiling and the Negroes who vote voting D. And they have convinced plenty of white people that they (the white people) are responsible for all the trouble. I’m not sure that Dem bigwigs like things to get as out of control as they’ve gotten in recent weeks. but some knucklehead dying at the hands of the popo and sparking some riots is not unwelcome at the Dem HQ. (((Soros))) and other billionaires certainly are piling on, probably for a variety of reasons. The Permanent Bureaucracy? I’d be surprised if the security services didn’t have agents distributed throughout the troublemakers. The only significant rabble-rouser that I even personally came into contact with back in the 1960s—Rennie Davis, not so significant that you’d have heard of him if you weren’t here then—turned out, or so I was told, to have been a CIA informant. The Chinese? I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they have some connections with some of the folks behind some of these things, but they don’t to devote a lot of resources to undermining us, as we have plenty of folks who are more than willing to do the job for free.
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