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Posted On: Saturday - June 20th 2020 6:41PM MST
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Something I meant to write at the end of the previous post is about a good friend, who died fairly young 1/2 a year ago. As I pondered this new Cultural Revolution stupidity and what we all could do about it, I thought of Frank, who I could bounce these thoughts off of. We talked politics mostly, and he'd come over from quite a ways once a week or two to do that.

He didn't have all the answers either, but it sure was great to get a 2nd opinion and encouragement. I sure miss him in these times.

We'd have probably discussed the Juneteenth business, a term that I only first heard about one month ago. Now, it is apparently bigger than Christmas. The corporate honchos sent out an email that went into some detail about what this bullshit is about. Yeah, there was some important other stuff in the email too, so, there's, well NOT that, because the thing went straight into that little galvanized-steel trashcan style icon. I hope it wasn't something I absolutely needed to know about... too bad, so sad.

I will admit that the corporate people mention the word Christmas, though usually only with respect to that very day, as far as schedules go. However, they don't go into detail about Jesus, or even mention him, so why do I need any detail on this unfortunate reprobate George Floyd? Equal time, right?

America was a seriously religious country back in the day.

Peak Stupidity featured Alison Krauss long ago with another Gospel number, I'll Fly Away.

Then, thinking of the times ahead, there is this take on it:

This was likely the same episode of the British TV show, The Old Grey Whistle Test that had the Ozark Mountain Daredevils playing Jackie Blue, in which the drummer did the singing. That must have been a great show, as youtube has lots of my favorite musicians playing in that show. Peak Stupidity featured this band one other time, singing There's Beauty in the River.

I really meant to write a post about who's possibly behind all the organized Cult-Rev stuff, but that'll come first thing next week.

Monday - June 22nd 2020 8:24PM MST
PS: Yes, Mr. Moderator, those were some odd holidays. The surprising thing (to me, at least) was that there seemed to be no resentment about anyone getting beat up on those days. Each side got a turn, and what were you doing outside if you didn't have six of your buddies with you. (All attacks were 4 or more to one --- no reason to take any risks when we just want to have a little fun.)

Finally, everyone knew to go down at the first blow and stay there. The only incident I heard of with any serious injuries, people said, 'But he kept on getting back up!' as if it was his own fault. Even his own people said this.
Monday - June 22nd 2020 6:20PM MST
PS: Mr's Bland and Ganderson, I wonder how differently the Cold War would have gone, if the Soviets had not gotten nukes so quickly.
Monday - June 22nd 2020 6:18PM MST
PS: Robert, I'm glad you like the music. I looked for a couple of minutes and couldn't find Miss Krauss' religion (her father was a German immigrant, if that helps).

Oh, I like your description of Mexican-Puerto Rican relations during their high holidays!
Monday - June 22nd 2020 6:16PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I like "Kung Flu" for the humor, but it's also just to use un-PC words to piss off those who are PC. I'm glad the President used this term. His words are almost all we've gotten out of him.

On the Juneteenth thing, Ann Coulter had at least one article telling us how much of a BS holiday Kwanzai is. Black people who do probably only talk about it to feel good about themselves, most having no idea what it's about. Joseph Goebbels would be proud about the Juneteenth narrative.
Monday - June 22nd 2020 11:13AM MST
PS ganderson: Yes, indeed, And after decades of being told by the Left that the Rosenbergs were innocent, we now know, from Soviet documents, that Julius was indeed a spy. He wouldn’t fess up even to save his wife from taking a ride in Old Sparky along with him.
Sunday - June 21st 2020 2:49PM MST
PS The Rosenbergs were excecuted on June 19th 1953. That’s worth celebrating!
Sunday - June 21st 2020 2:17PM MST
PS Our host and I tend to have divergent musical taste, but the “If you want to get to heaven...” is a very good tune.
Saturday - June 20th 2020 11:28PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, when I was living in Texas, I could see why Juneteenth was a big deal.

But why anyone else cares, escapes me. Here, in Kentucky, there were still people legally enslaved on that day.

It is like when I was living and working in a 'vibrant' neighborhood in Chicago --- Cinquo de Mayo was 'beat up Puerto Ricans day' and Puerto Rico Independance day was 'beat up Mexicans day'. History was completely unknown and did not matter.

P.S. Mr. Moderator, That is some seriously fine music. I will have to check out some more Alison Krauss. They may be a bunch of Protee Heretikes, but I will take that any day over such complete trash as "On Eagles Wings". That is almost (No, nowhere near) as bad as when I had to read "jonathan livingston seagull" in supposed Catholic Grade School. (Although the girls seemed to love it.)

P.P.S. Is she a Methodist? Wesley did pretty well, probably better than anyone these last few hundred years, on the music front at least.

Saturday - June 20th 2020 9:36PM MST

Congratulations on "Kung Flu" getting used by Donald J. Blompf on stage at the Tulsa rally Saturday. A term you have used consistently since March. You and others kept the embers burning.

Naturally this phrase got megaphoned into consciousness by the media and social-media lynch-mob-chamber.
Saturday - June 20th 2020 9:30PM MST


You know what real power is?

When they can make up a holiday and force people to claim they knew about it all along. I don't think Orwell envisioned that one.

(Or, make them claim that a white-racist conspiracy had suppressed this glorious holiday under the dark days of White Supremacy that finally ended in June 2020. Both options said by people who'd never heard of it before the regime declared it.)
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