Praying for guidance regarding this Cultural Revolution

Posted On: Saturday - June 20th 2020 6:59AM MST
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George Washington falls:

Instead of finishing this post last night, I have been praying for guidance here. I'm talking about this ACTUAL Cultural Revolution that is ongoing right here, right now. Peak Stupidity has written a number of posts on the George Floyd racial stupidity angle, but this trashing of statues and monuments has been happening so much and so quickly, one after another, that I have been dumbfounded. I haven't had the heart to write about it, and I'd thought it would stop and be just one more incremental step on the road to the Commie ruination of this country, with plenty of time to write and think about it all still.

Forgive me for not putting links to all the stories of statues, yes, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, being torn down. There are so many, and the Peak Stupidity reader has probably already read of much of this on unz, VDare, Breitbart, or a thousand other places. The news has not been hidden, most likely because this news is about the enemy rubbing it all in our faces?

The American people could stop this stuff in its tracks. As I learned quite a lot about from 10 books or so I read more than that many years ago, the Chinese people went through a sick Cultural Revolution from 54 to 45 years back. Are we not in better shape financially (still), with better information flow and better self-defense than the poor Chinese people of 1966? In addition, in my opinion, but not the Chinese of course, Americans have a whole lot more to be proud of in our history than they did.

The usual optimistic and calmly logical Allan Wall of VDare reported on the George Washington statue toppling in Portland, Oregon, asking Do Americans Care Anymore? Maybe Not. By the end of the post he writes "America, you had a good run while it lasted. Today's Americans just don't care anymore." Is that the case?

What has been stopping people from resisting is the inertia of daily life, and the feeling that this business is just another part of the protesting/rioting cycle that America must put up with because of "the legacy of slavery". However, any American with any patriotism and traditionalism in him has got to be at the blood-boiling temperature by this point. What's stopping action after this, is that almost the entire Establishment, maybe with the exception of most local Sheriff's departments and some smaller city local police, is completely in cahoots with the Commies that have started their revolution. We all know how it went in Charlottesville, Virginia 3 summers ago. The Anarcho-Tyranny that went down should be quite obvious, and is a lesson to us.

It's difficult to form groups to resist, even with all the communications methods we have, as they have been coopted by their Big Biz/Feral Gov't sack-hanging proprietors. Even before consideration of the deeper evils of the possible iEspionage, the communications that we ourselves put out can be easily used against us. If you have a real community of like-minded people in "meatspace" then you are very blessed. It's not something I have, or not to any serious degree. (From the Preppers, we could have read that more important for the times coming than even "beans, bullets, and band-aids" is "community, community, community".)

One has to wonder IF a courageous leader or group will emerge and get the ball rolling in stopping this cultural revolution before it's too late. We all want to be that guy or part of that group, but how can it start? That's what I've been praying about. We all need guidance in our choices, which get more complicated the more one has to lose. When should be go all out, rather than waiting for "this to get serious"? At some point, it will be too late, and we will be in no shape to go all out. (By "shape", I don't mean fitness-wise, but it's the usual question of the type "when would it have been the optimum time to kill Hitler, or Lenin, or Mao?)

There's no point in waiting for a Red Dawn scenario, American patriots, as these modern Commies are local. They don't need to parachute in at dawn. They are here amongst us and in plain sight.

Finally, I need guidance to know whether this American nation, meaning the people, is even WORTH DEFENDING or caring about at this point. Go into Wal-Mart, attend the college football game, go into a fast-food joint. Do any of these people really care what's going on, much less take it seriously enough to help patriots actually do something? Or will everyone stay home, for fear of losing that last little strand of middle-class life, or that pension (that's gonna eventually amount to squat), and let you hang out to dry when you make an effort? Are they worth putting your fortune or life on the line for anymore?

We really need some help from God here, as our side has the material strength but not the moral strength. Americans have abandoned formal religion in droves (a subject for another post). Has He left us behind in return?

OK, that's enough gloom for now. Perhaps I am making too much of this, but then, for each statue toppled, even if the Cult Revolutionists have no idea who the man is, if there is no resistance and no punishment, they will be emboldened for bigger actions next time.

PS: Steve Sailer, after quitting his fixation with the Kung Flu Infotainment damn near cold-turkey, has been doing a bang-up job documenting this Cultural Revolution 2.0. It's great to read and write there (on his blog on unz), but sometime we've really got to do something.

Adam Smith
Thursday - June 25th 2020 11:28AM MST
PS: Slightly off topic... Kinda...

"Over the last two weeks we achieved what no one thought possible... It is time we shift to the next phase of our organizing and move from direct action to virtual activism... Please remember to continue supporting the kind of revolutionary change CHAZ/CHOP just created by voting for Joe Biden..."

Thursday - June 25th 2020 9:34AM MST
PS There's an interesting documentary on Prime about the last days of the USSR and how they got Gorbachev out.
Monday - June 22nd 2020 6:24PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, thank you for that on-the-scene reporting, some of which I'd read from you before. Also, I'll check out the Curt Doolittle (or his org's) youtube video.
Saturday - June 20th 2020 11:15PM MST
PS -

I've been posting some of the pictures I take of these "protests" and aftermath to Twitter just as a place of convenience to host them. Here is another:

Well, you don't really need to visit directly. The image is of the International Finance Corporation's headquarters building. They have two giant banners that exclaim: "#ENDRACISM!"

(Reminder: When a "protest movement" is endorsed by EVERY part of the regime, it's not a protest movement.)
Saturday - June 20th 2020 11:05PM MST
PS --

"I need guidance to know whether this American nation, meaning the people, is even WORTH DEFENDING or caring about at this point."

US culture is sick but rebirth awaits. Pessimism of the Intellect. Optimism of the Will.

I have recently been thinking the Coronavirus-Panic will be remembered as a sign of US decadence/decay/decline. A healthy state/culture/civilization would not have done it. The current, regime-supported, domestic maoist insurrection, which follows as in an arc from Corona, is also a very obvious sign of the same.

If you've ever read Camp of the Saints, you'll recognize the characters of the whites who aid the invading flotilla people; he wrote that 50 years ago, and it amounts to being as good as prophecy; his predictions apply to people born twenty and thirty years after the book was published. The book is very dark and pessimistic at times, but in allegory it is more or less exactly what we have.


I was in downtown Washington DC for most of the evening hours of June 19. The boarding-up of most buildings remains, and there is very little activity partly because of the ongoing useless corona restrictions and partly because people are afraid of more civil unrest.

The plywood fortresses in front of any exposed windows and doors represent people's true feelings more than any stupid PC sloganeering the same people might to. And sloganeering they do; the revolution now has *plenty* of corporate sponsors now, posters and banners expressing support for "Black Lives Matter" (and "Black Trans Lives Matters") are thick on the groud, ranging from Starbucks to the AFL-CIO to the International Finance Corporation (I found that one especially funny...).

As the 'state' has stood down and has allowed an illegal defacto occupation of several city blocks for three weeks now, the mob thinks they've won. The mood is, as such, now that of the street party and even the pretense of protest is largely missing now (the motivation for the protests was always paper thin anyway, of course).

But the Red Guards are still out, and if such people know they won't be punished, they'll continue Red Guard'ing and statue-smashing (if anything, they might expect to be rewarded for it, Fighting Racism), and this happened not long after I left:

I didn't see the mob attacking that (very obscure) statue, but the reports that dozens of police were watching, yards away, with a strict "stand down" orders from the pro-BLM mayor (who as far as I can tell has ordered every charge for rioting and looting dropped) surprises me not at all. The mayor unilaterally renamed the main street being occupied as "Black Lives Matter Plaza."

After seeing the statue being attacked and torn down and then set on fire (participants were interviewed on the scene all said, "I didn't even know who this was until today, but he's GOT TO GO!"), I jotted down a note to myself, as I had jotted down quick observations at all these protests I attended, even during the outright rioting and looting I saw May 30-31 weekend. It reads (I was angry):

"DC should lose self rule. Or slim it down, cede the rest to Maryland, administer the slimmed down federal govt directly. End the marxist cancer."

Which brings me back to the point in the earlier comment on Curt Doolittle. One of his central ideas is: Detach the big-blue-cities from their states and forcibly transitioning them into free-city status. This is such an obvious idea that no one has picked up on to argue for yet for whatever reason. This is the kind of idea that could really get traction, a separation process theoretically amiable to all.
Saturday - June 20th 2020 10:02PM MST

"One has to wonder IF a courageous leader or group will emerge and get the ball rolling in stopping this cultural revolution before it's too late."

Are you familiar with Curt Doolittle?

The man is a genius, at least as I see it. He runs an activist think tank called the Propertarian Institute. They are dedicated to making overhauls to the US Constitution that, if successful, would be a revolution in their own right.

They are planning a Richmond event for July 4. Not some noisy rally but as a constitutional convention.

Event announcement:

Doolittle and co.'s ideas are solid. The man might be worth more than all the elected Republicans in the US House and Senate (Mitch McConnell just came out and slammed white-racism as "America's original sin.") He is a self-made millionaire in the tech industry before quitting and founding the think tank in the early 2010s.
Mr. Anon
Saturday - June 20th 2020 8:32PM MST
PS I have to admit, every tattooed slatern or slovenly slob in baggy shorts and a T-shirt I see is one more nail in the coffin that contains my concern for this country. Of course, I know that not all Americans are like that, and that there are still lots of normal, non-retard people out of whom a real nation could be formed.

That said, this country is too far gone. It's dead. It just doesn't know it yet.
Saturday - June 20th 2020 4:04PM MST
PS: Thank you all again for the comments and for the recommendation. Regarding that z-man blog, I now remember that the "Citizen of a Silly Country" wrote on iSteve that there was more discussion on solutions rather than just enjoyable quips and distain for the modern stupidity on that blog. He said he was going to write more there, rather than on iSteve. I will have to check it out. You can only go so far in discussions of any real action, but hashing it out some helps.
Saturday - June 20th 2020 11:43AM MST
PS: I think that most Americans have a skewed view on what revolution or civil war is like. Ours were quite the anomaly historically. I just hope we get a Franco, or even a Cromwell at the other end, rather than a Stalin or Pol Pot.

But, Mr. Moderator, your title holds the key. We have abandoned God, and he has left to our own devices.

Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus.

P.S. Many years ago, an elderly Jesuit of the old school began his Sermon with, "The Bishop has told me to read this letter." --- said letter being a plea for volunteers and money for various Catholic charities. He then launched into a nearly hour long tirade on a) the dangers of organized do-goodery, and how it is all too often hijacked by those with other agendas; and b) the power of the prayer, c) individual acts of charity, and d) even more prayer. He concluded by telling everyone to stay after Mass for a Rosary against Americanism and the Errors of Russia.
Saturday - June 20th 2020 9:49AM MST
PS Federalist: The Zman blog indeed. Steve Sailer and Audacious Epigone at There’s a small operation called that is also worth a visit. In addition to this outpost of sanity, of course.
Saturday - June 20th 2020 9:42AM MST
PS The question of whether the US is worth defending is moot at this point. It can’t be saved. Even if it could be saved, we don’t have the strength to save it. The only strategy that I can see is to let the Left complete the wrecking job (we can’t stop them in any case), then see what if anything can be salvaged from the wreckage. Rightist Autonomous Zones in the midst of the Soviet Republic of North America, perhaps. I won’t be around for that, but I hope that you younger guys can rescue something from the ashes.
Bill H
Saturday - June 20th 2020 8:20AM MST
PS Remember the Soviet Union in 1991? We are there. Whichever side wins the election in November, the other side will not accept it. All hell will break loose. Lieterally.
Saturday - June 20th 2020 7:59AM MST
My recommendation FWIW is read The Z Blog and listen to his weekly podcasts.
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