Hail to You, with Part XIV

Posted On: Wednesday - June 17th 2020 7:36PM MST
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(Yes, we have a thing for Roman Numerals at Peak Stupidity, but, then again, see Roman Numeracy.)

It's been 2 weeks since Mr. E.H. Hail's Part XIII, his last post on the Corona Panic-Fest. He gives lots of numbers and graphs to back his points, something that we don't do enough of here. This post is simply to point out this latest, with data from many countries, and the city of Berlin, in Europe, called Against the Corona Panic, Part XIV: Total mortality data in Europe confirms Wuhan-Coronavirus comparable in magnitude to flu waves of the 2010s; the Panic and lockdowns are now fully discredited.

Mr. Hail must have spent much of this 2 weeks gathering, arranging, inspecting, and presenting his large amount of data for the post. As I wrote, it's specifically about Europe. In it, he gets to the bottom line of the Panic vs. anti-Panic debate: How many people have died versus "normal" times? There are comparisons to other flu seasons of the past decade for each of 22 countries and 2 cities (Berlin and Hesse, Germany) with analysis for each one of them. They are grouped into 4 categories, based on the size of the death spike (or pimple, as the case may be) compared to normal times for the entities in question.

You may want to peruse just a sampling of the graphs, and read through some conclusions, or you can take an hour or two and go through the whole thing. I figure the man spent a lot of time on this, so it's worth spending some time reading. I'm not sure I can convince anyone close to me, anyway, till I get American data and after some more time to cool down has expired. With this latest BLM/Commie rioting business, maybe things will never cool down.

I’ve been trying to avoid this Kung Flu topic lately on unz.com with my comments, as I haven’t seen any posts lately that are specifically on this topic. (Gee, I wonder why.) If I were to, I wonder if Mr. Unz would back off his panic-filled rhetoric finally. I know Mr. Sailer has been solidly back to his forte since at least the last couple of weeks. That’d be really refreshing, if the country being destroyed culturally weren’t the topic that we NEED to talk about now. Interesting times indeed …

Lastly, let me write this same point I’ve made multiple times before. I don’t care if it had been the case that this Kung Flu virus HAD been 10 times deadlier than anything we’ve seen before. It is always the wrong thing to do to let the State exercise more power, because they will feel very comfortable using it plenty more times in the future, if not put these rules on permanent status. If this Kung Flu had been on the scale of the Black Plague, well, my State’s Governor wouldn’t have had to do anything, as my family would have bugged out to the country with a stash of food and water, or whatever else we could have thought of. People would have locked themselves down on their own.

Either way, the people have resisted lately to some degree but not enough at the outset. More and more of the time, I see people, acting as individuals, not at all worrying about the masks and all that. I've had quite a few guys start with a fist bump or that elbow thing, and I just say "c'mon, this is bullshit", and we shake hands. That would not happen were this the Black Plague.

Friday - June 19th 2020 11:55AM MST
PS or a golf course in the mountains!

Golf rules are very persnickety. The rule used to be that if one hit the flagstick Or pin from off the green, no problem. However once your ball came to rest on the green one could not hit the flagstick; there was a penalty involved, one or two strokes as I recall. Recently the rules were changed so that hitting the pin with your ball while on the green was no longer a penalty. And the foam thing did indeed cost me a stroke!
Friday - June 19th 2020 8:04AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, thank you for elaborating on the golf course stupidity. Now see, I know almost nothing about golf other than how to drive the buggy - my friends who were playing weren't militants like yourself, haha, but the first of only 2 times was long ago, when driving was the coolest thing in itself. (These carts weren't powerful enough to spin out - poor batteries back in the day, but just as well, I'm sure!)

This flag thing: Does that mean you couldn't remove the flag it it might impede a shot? Would the donut possibly make your ball rebound and screw you over?

Besides the stupid parts about touching stuff, as I thought "we'd" (OK, Dr. Fauci) had got it figured out that surface contagion isn't a problem after all, why the idiocy about being out in the fresh air? Well, even Steve Sailer questioned this stuff in the middle of his 2-month-long serious worrying streak about this. Did he see the stupidity or is it just that he loves golf so much? (I think both.)

The golf course is about the safest place to be, other than way out in the woods up in the Rocky Mountains... OK, the Berkshires, for "you people".
Friday - June 19th 2020 6:57AM MST
PS The courses are open, but there are all kinds of idiotic rules- can’t get out of your car until 15 minutes before your tee time, putting green is closed except by appointment, (why? Beats me?) Only one person per cart, which is not an issue for me, as I’m a militant walker- not just proud of it, I’m smug about it. Can’t touch the flagstick, and there’s a foam donut in the cup because... no bleepin’ idea. And, no rakes in the traps, so your ball could wind up in a footprint. It’s all just so stupid.
Thursday - June 18th 2020 6:15PM MST
PS: Robert, I've seen the same thing as what you mention in your last paragraph. The grocery store seems to be the worst.

I'm sorry to hear how bad things are in Massachusetts, Mr. Ganderson. Thank you for the humor too, even the Eva Braun golf joke, groan ;-} I've given Steve Sailer crap about his occasional golf fixation, but I really have nothing against the sport - just never played. I take it you are saying that even the golf courses are closed?
Thursday - June 18th 2020 11:11AM MST
PS As I posted over at Hail’s site- as terrific as his posts are they’re not doing a damn bit of good here in MA. King Charles Aka “Tall Deval”has got the state locked down- in a similar way to Fatty McButterpants Walz in MN. And, the man that “Slow Joe” refers to as Charlie Parker has his Tonto in Karen “Party at My Brother’s House” Polito; just as Walz has Peggy “Faux Chippewa” Flanagan, who was practically out helping the folks pulling down the Columbus statue.

The talk here in MA is we’ll be in semi lockdown until Christmas. Bleepin’ schools may not open in the fall, and there’s no support for any loosening among any public officials here. Is it too much to ask that I be allowed to pull the pin and rake the sand traps? Particularly since in a typical round I’m in more bunkers than Eva Braun.
Wednesday - June 17th 2020 11:46PM MST
PS: OK, I've been doing a lot better since the beginning of this late unpleasantness, but Mr. Weiser and Mr. Daniels are still taking up too much of my time.

So, first: Thank you Mr Hail. It will take a couple of days for me to properly read your latest post; but you and Mr. Stupidity (Mr. Moderator, Mr Blog Man?) have truly helped me maintain some semblance of reason. Without you I may have been lost.

Second, Although I am a Monarchist, and not a democrat; I believe that much of these troubles is due to two factors:
a) a modern professional police, and thus
b) our rulers being beyond pitchfork and flaming torch distance of their peons (pee-ons).

Around here, other than the churches, people are ignoring most of the restrictions imposed by our betters. For some reason however, many of the churches are over-run with Karens. Buying dog food at Tractor Supply, no problem; worshiping God, wear a mask of submission.

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