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Posted On: Tuesday - June 16th 2020 5:11PM MST
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London, England, protesting about Mr. Floyd:

I never knew the world cared so much, sniff ... sniff... We've been having Constitutional rights taken away step by step for a century now. Yet, here's this one guy, not even the most upstanding American citizen, whose possible unwarranted treatment by a possibly overwrought cop has ignited the Western World's anger. The rest of the world is either shaking their heads or gloating. Only the West has these high quantities of stupidity.

It's a great excuse for riots all over I guess. Were this 1950's England, with a black population that was a minuscule portion of the total, have had anything like this, I mean, over anything besides a soccer game? (OK, excuse me, football.) It's not the same story now. Countries all over Europe with the exception of the old East Bloc and maybe Switzerland, have significant percentages of blacks or highly-foreign people who are up for a good riot. (Sometimes, these countries even import civil wars lock, stock, and barrel.)

Another factor is the Communists or proto-Communists that exist now in the white population, the antifa being the biggest organized example. With the young people that have no recollection of a country, besides Venezuela, under Communism, these types are crawling out of the woodwork again*. After mentioning the East Bloc, one wonders if there are many with the antifa type personality there too, BTW. The Western nations are the ones with the big protests though, and it's a combination of the same.

I don't know if the Infotainment-Industrial Complex across the pond has egged on the population in the same way that ours had here. This is a big part of what's going on. Do the Europeans still have that holier-than-thou indignation about American racism that Peak Stupidity discussed in "At least he made the trains run on time!" ? They should have learned a lesson from their own current demographics by now. Could there be more behind it, though? There'll be another post on this. It's just amazing that something that looks like a world-wide movement, such as the righteous movements that caused the downfall of Communism in Europe 3 decades back, is over some reprobate, worthless felon.

One cannot be sure without having known him, but it seems like the world is better off without this George Floyd. That doesn't justify a manslaughter by cop, though, as we (supposedly) have this justice system in which judge, jury, and executioner are not one and the same, and the rule of law, not men. However, with the speculation on the whole sequence of events in detaining the guy, and the drugs in his system that may have resulted in a different cause of death, how about we let the justice system deal with this cop too?

One wonders if this isn't all a big mistake, and these Englishmen are protesting the wrong Floyd. It was over 4 decades ago that Mr. Pink Floyd was wronged by Mrs. Floyd, as was recorded of this phone call to across the pond. "This is the United States calling. Are we reaching?"

From what I've read George Floyd had heard less from his wife than Pink Floyd did.

* No, of course they know nothing of Marx's Das Kapital, and probably not much of Mao's little red book, but they have the same mentality, "destroy traditional society".

Adam Smith
Tuesday - June 23rd 2020 6:59AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

I think you'll enjoy the videos...

I believe you are correct in your assessment. I read through my list of grievances about America, and I see your point. The people rioting couldn't give a damn about the US Constitution or rights, and unfortunately, the people "unresting" don't really understand those causes and they probably haven't even heard of them. If I tired to have a conversation with an average group of “protesters” about any of this I'm sure I would see some truly confused faces looking back at me. I seriously doubt that any of them have ever wondered if the U.S. constitution is a corporate charter, if the U.S. is a part of the Vatican empire like the other nations of the realm, if the people of the state believe in the divine right of kings and the right to conquest, if a twenty six thousand billion dollar debt is mathematically unpayable, if we are all slaves on the plantation or about the feudal nature of the land title system. Sometimes it feels like I am speaking a different language. This is why I rarely leave town without my translator.

I too have noticed that the only people who make any effort to fight for rights, even at a pretty big risk to ourselves, are white men. I wish more people would join us in the fight. It's not that hard to do, but it does take just a tiny bit of courage, something which seems to be in extremely short supply.

Most people seem like abject cowards to me.
Maybe that's why they have so much contempt for Libertarians.(?)

But hey... On a brighter note, Rayshard Brooks did indeed get his golden casket...

Thank you Mr. Moderator...
I hope you have a wonderful day...

Monday - June 22nd 2020 6:07PM MST
PS: Hello, Mr. Smith. On your 1st of the series of 4 comments (I haven't watched the youtube vids yet), I agree with most of it. However, I don't think either party (the blacks or the antifa) doing this protest REALLY cares about the Constitutional rights wrt the police. Sure, the black people, if not just out for rioting and destruction, from all the Infotainment are under the impressing that this problem is the biggest killer of the black people there is.

That's not to say it's right. It is a problem, and as you say, it affects people of all races/ethnicities, only this narrative had to be started from a black guy, as blacks won't riot about a white guy, and white people don't often riot period (OK, so far).

The other party, the Commie antifa crowd, though they may agree with just a couple of your many (correct in my opinion) grievances about America, have other aims. They couldn't give a damn about the US Constitution or rights enshrined therein.

Of your many points, indeed they are causes for unrest, but unfortunately, the people "unresting" don't really understand those causes. I've noticed that the only people who really make an effort to fight for rights, even at a pretty big risk to themselves, are white men, the ones who have been vilified by everyone for 50 years, and even more as of late. It's a precious few of us, too.

Thank you for this and the rest of your comments.
Adam Smith
Monday - June 22nd 2020 12:44AM MST

Adam Smith
Monday - June 22nd 2020 12:33AM MST

Adam Smith
Monday - June 22nd 2020 12:26AM MST
PS: Which kind of brings us around to the question of nationhood vs. corporate personhood...

The U.S. Constitution, or any constitution for that matter, is best understood not as a “social contract,” but as a corporate charter. The earliest American colonies were corporations of the Crown. For example...

There are some interesting things about our world hiding in plain sight. Things most of us do not notice or question. Things like the feudal nature of the land title system.

We all know that the City of New York or the City of Los Angeles are municipal corporations. As are all the other cities, towns and counties we've traveled through.

What if the “United States” never gained independence from the Crown? You know, kinda like Canada. Or Australia. Or the other nations of the realm.

What if Washington D.C. is a Crown Corporation?

Have you noticed that the City of London, Vatican City and Washington D.C. are sovereign city states that are not part of the nations which surround them?

Rome on the Potomac.

What if colonialism never ended? Why were the people who conquered Iraq so eager to write a new constitution for Iraq and get Iraqis to vote? Remember the purple fingers?

Is a "constitution" a corporate charter?

Is a "constitution" a contract?

What if all the countries of the western world are franchises of the Holy See?

What if the Act of 1871 is really a corporate charter for the corporation known as the Unites States?

What does it really mean to be a “nation”?

What does it really mean to be a “country”?

How does a "nation" or a "state" differ from any other municipal corporation? From where does the state gain it's power to exist?

The divine right of kings?

The consent of the governed?

The right to conquest?

I think therefore I am?

Somewhere else?

I hope you have a nice evening Mr. Moderator...

Adam Smith
Sunday - June 21st 2020 11:07PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator... I hope this message finds you and the Newman family well...

Will Rayshard Brooks be laid to rest in a golden casket like George Floyd?
Should everyone killed by a cop get a golden casket?
Can we get a twenty eighth amendment guaranteeing golden caskets to all victims of the state?

Who, whom indeed...

Thank you for the link to the Leonard article. I think that whether or not Floyd (George not Pink) died of a drug overdose is completely irrelevant to the narrative and to the warriors of the cultural revolution. Popular rage has been building up for some time now, and the current wave of violent destruction really has nothing to do with George Floyd per se. I think there is real anger about police brutality as armed agents of the state have been abusing their badges and the state has been abusing it's subjects for too long. I think the current unrest has several underlying causes, some of which include (in no particular order):

• Coronafest, the lockdown nonsense and the masks. (Interesting social experiment.)
• The ponzi scheme economy transferring trillions upward to the usual beneficiaries yet again.
• The war on drugs, war on terror, wars for Greater Israel.
• The events of September 11, 2001 …
• The “Little Eichmann's” chickens coming home to roost... Imperial overreach... So to speak...
• 26 Thousand Billion and counting. How can this even be a thing?
• 40 million recently unemployed Americans, many of whom will soon face eviction and foreclosure.
• Lack of faith in the foundational mythologies and institutions that society was built upon.
• The state losing it's veneer of legitimacy. The U.S. dollar losing it's reserve status...
• Children being taught in “government” school that white people have ancestors who owned slaves.
• Fifty five years of immigration stupidity...
• One hundred and seven years of monetary/central banking stupidity...
• Wetiko?
• Too many other seemingly countless factors to enumerate...

Interesting times indeed...

How much of this riotfest party is organic protest/rioting and how much is staged for our viewing enjoyment?

Why no golden casket for Justine Damond or Daniel Shaver?
Why no riotfest for Bounkham Phonesavanh or Cheye Calvo's dogs?
Do they not fit the narrative? Are they news that isn't fit to print?

It seems to me, there are questions before us that no one is asking...

Do armed agents of the state have to right to kill any and all who dare question the state's authority?
Is it lawful for the state to shoot someone in the back for simply running away?
Do people have a right to “fear for their lives” when fleeing from agents of the state?
Does the “state” even “exist”? Is it a legal fiction?
From where does the “state” get it's rights and privileges? Divine right of kings?

Should “we” continue to live in a world where “states” or “nations” practice conquest and feudalism?

If not, what are “we” going to do about it?

What choices do “we” have?
Friday - June 19th 2020 6:28AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, just as of this morning, there is an article on unz -

- by a guy named John-Paul Leonard on this very topic (of the drug use by George Floyd and it's possible effects). Again, I'm no doctor and not in the health field at all. I don't think the real conclusion, if there can be a solid conclusion, will affect the protests, rioting, and now cultural revolution in earnest, anyway. It could exonerate the cop to some degree, but the judicial establishment will be under a lot of pressure to put this guy away to avoid additional mayhem. Law and order, my ass. It's "who, whom" now, as Steve Sailer sys.

If you get to reading this article, please write back in with what you think about it. It's not medically technical at all, IMO.
Thursday - June 18th 2020 6:18PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, I've heard the US as a corporation thing before. I may not be up for any long articles, but maybe you can explain. I can't tell if you mean that we are not a nation anymore but nothing but an economy (on its last legs, at that), or something more legal.

I did real through lots of posts on Mr. Floyd and the drugs, George, not Pink, that is. The argument went back and forth, with marijuana not being a part of it. (I enjoyed your comment on that, BTW.) I'm no expert on drugs or police tactics.
Adam Smith
Thursday - June 18th 2020 11:06AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

"Citizens of a Silly Country"

The United States is not a country.

The United States is a corporation.


"and the drugs in his system that may have resulted in a different cause of death"

Hope you have a nice afternoon and such.
Wednesday - June 17th 2020 7:04PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc. justice was served on a large (cosmic) scale with all those guys, and the debate was over whether it was served on the small scale, as befits a country that purportedly has rule of law. For almost all of them, for what I've seen it was. You would think the media could have found the best (worst, in other words, but best for them) possible examples to base their Infotainment narrative on, to rile up the blacks. They seem to jump the gun every time. That is, unless they think they have so much of a grip that they can hide any part of the truth they want. (If it hadn't been for that damn meddling internet!)

On your bad actors from all over, it was hard enough to run Yugoslavia. You needed a Tito. We are a lot bigger, and with even MORE varieties of these bad actors.

One day, I'll get started in that series of posts I want to write about options for people who see what's coming, called "Citizens of a Silly Country" (yes, named after the handle of that one commenter who used to post more on iSteve.
Wednesday - June 17th 2020 3:06PM MST
PS The world is certainly better off without George Floyd. And Rayshard Brooks. And Ahmed Arbury (or whatever it was).And Freddie Gray. And Eric Garner. And Michael Brown. And Trayvon Martin. They were worse than useless eaters. They were criminal eaters. Yes, whatever they were originally doing weren’t capital crimes. But their subsequent actions brought their deaths upon them. Actions have consequences. Alas, you’ll never get a large proportion of whites to see truth of this. They have so internalized “white racism” that they can’t perceive the world except through that filter. How did we come to this pass? Beats me.I figure that two world wars and a monumental depression had something to do with it. You’d have thought that the great postwar prosperity would have erased a lot of those effects, but apparently not. Vietnam was a terrible calamity. It radicalized a lot of young whites. Including me. I’m still a radical, but they could never get me to turn against straight white men. So now I’m a dissident right radical. There’s another key factor: Bad actors. A lot of (((bad actors))) but also a lot of middle-class white bad actors. With black race-mongers thrown into the mix. And now Hispanic rabble-rousers. And East Asian rabble-rousers. And South Asian rabble-rousers. It’s hard to imagine this not ending in a tyranny of one sort or another. I feel bad for you younger guys who’ll have to live through it. And my apology for whatever small part that I’ve played in it.

So far as Europe goes, I’ve spent enough time there over the past 45 years and pay enough attention to the news to know that they’re in pretty much the same state we’re in, and for similar reasons. Maybe Eastern Europe can maintain European civilization, but it won’t be easy.
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