COVID-one-niner Death Count Hemoraging

Posted On: Wednesday - June 10th 2020 7:52PM MST
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I swear we were up to 118,000 American COVID-19 deaths a couple of days back. Then, my wife showed me 115,000 odd deaths today on her phone. The usual thematic map and data below give 114 1/2 thousand as of 1/2 hour ago, as can be seen above.

How can the count be going down? That's what I mentioned at the dinner table, and we speculated about resurrections, ghosts with unfinished business, and zombies. Peak Stupidity has opined already on our view of viruses themselves as zombies (see Kung Flu vs. Zombie) However, this is different. Are there zombies back from the Corona-dead, and would they be taken off the stats? Should they be easier to kill with a shotgun or stake to the heart in their weakened states? In that case, should they be re-marked up as Corona deaths the 2nd time around?

I suppose there could be more mundane explanations. Has the funding been cut off that incentivizes marking COVID-19 as the cause of death? Perhaps there has been some nudging from up above, no not hospital administrators but EVEN HIGHER, to not implicate the riots in causing anyone to get sick. Are doctors or next-of-kin rethinking some of these calls?

Can we call the pandemic over now, take our masks off, pull millions of stickers off the floor and ground, unload our pockets full of wipes into the trash, and quit installing hand sanitizer dispensers in really odd places?

I don't know. It doesn't look good ... for those who want to remain at home ... at full pay.

Still, I wouldn't have expected the numbers to go down. I'm gonna assume zombies, but not the zombies by your standard definition. No, I'm thinking more of the evil ones behind both the Kung Flu hysteria and the newest racial hysteria, upheavals, groveling, and erasure and defacement of American history. They are who The Hooters seem to be singing about here, in All you Zombies:

That is some more early 1980s music. It's from 1982 by this band, with it's kind of unusual sound, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

All you zombies, show your faces. (I know you're out there.)
All you people in the street. (Let's see you.)
All you sittin' in high places.
It's all gonna fall on you!

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