Social Distancing Waivers

Posted On: Monday - June 8th 2020 6:41AM MST
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Apparently, not all LOCKDOWNed animals are equal. There is some kind of waiver for this whole important Social Distancing code of regulations, so long as one is an underprivileged black person, an antifa Commie, or the Totalitarian dictator of the State of Michigan. These waiver don't come willy-nilly. It is backed up by the hard science of people such as MD/Phd Jennifer Nuzzo of Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health:

This tweet is directly off the Hail to You blog (Nice reply, Mr. Hail!)

Peak Stupidity has been remiss in pointing out Part XIII (that's 13 for you readers in Del Boca Vista) on the Corona Panic. This part relates the riots of late to the whole Kung Flu shutdown fiasco, something we discussed too, in Idle Hands are the Devil's Workshop, just over a week ago.

About the tweet, now there’s some PhD level analysis for you. This Kung Flu is DANGEROUS, we tell you, so we need to shut down private businesses and have you stay in your homes, but .. this doesn’t apply to very important riots. It should be OK… I mean, what's the worst thing gonna happen, right? See readers, if you had gotten through the level of education that PhD, MD Jennifer Nuzzo has, you would be able to understand the scientific precepts upon which this very carefully planned-out strategy is based.

These waivers that from the economic shutdown and Social Distancing regime we have been undergoing, as our intelligentsia guide us with utmost alacrity, are all part of an, intentional or not, grand experiment on Kung Flu contagion. If we can get some kind of decent data from area/types of populations with the largest amount of rioting, we could find out either:

a) The COVID-19 as a highly contagious Andromeda Strain hysteria was all bunk.


b) These antifa and BLM instigators (that includes the Lyin’ Press) just murdered another few 10’s of thousands of people. OK, MILLIONS, if you’re Ron Unz.

Has the Kung Flu been as bad as The Andromeda Strain?

I suppose we'll find out more very shortly, as the riot Infotainment-fest has been in progress for over a week. I've heard local numbers for "cases" of COVID-19 are up, but here we go again: Does a case mean someone with the virus or someone with the virus who is sick FROM it? Lots of us, maybe most of us, get various and sundry flu germs every winter, and many get sick. What's the ratio? How about new, increased deaths actually FROM COVID-19? Are the incentives still in place to chalk 'em up to that? I believe so.

Looks like a new rise in Minnesota, dontcha' know, of all places?:

Another 10 minutes of fruitless searching, and I still can't get a simple graph like that for the US. Supposed Kung Flu deaths are up to 118,000. Masks on, wipe your loot!

Next, if our experiment leads to conclusion (B), who should be charged with murder?

Adam Smith
Wednesday - June 10th 2020 7:01AM MST
PS: Good Morning to you Mr. Moderator...

"I can't breathe" backwards, as with ambulances.

I like that idea. Sounds like a business opportunity for some enterprising entrepreneur. An influencer with the right social media presence could sell a million of them.

If you wear one to work soon it would be very timely, so maybe you should wait a week or two.

If I ever have to wear a mask I might pirate your design.

Tuesday - June 9th 2020 7:02PM MST
PS: Thank you for those images, Mr. Smith. A friend of mine today just had an idea that beats every one of these. Wear one with "I can't breath" at the workplace. I'm very, very tempted. Maybe I'll make it backwards, as if for reading in the rear-view mirror, as with ambulances.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - June 9th 2020 7:12AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

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