A trifecta of good news

Posted On: Monday - December 5th 2016 9:32AM MST
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I would have really rather that I were mentioning the death of the Commie scumbag Castro about 40-50 years ago, rather than now (course, my blog wasn't up yet then, nor any other blogs, come to think of it, nor the internet. Oh, plus I didn't know how to read and write back then)

Anyhow, between Trump's electoral victory and Castro kicking it, November was a good news month, powerful-people wise. However, most all the pundits have forgotten to give many words about the death of another tyrant, the Commie Janet Reno. We, at PeakStupidity are very glad about this too.

Yes, we lost* Miss Reno on November 7th, just before the presidential election, so she has been rotting in hell for almost a month already. I got to that link just by binging, so I don't know about the rest of that forum site. They do have some parting words about the butcher of Waco though, if you didn't make the physical memorial service.

I'm sure the 70-odd men, women, and children that she had gassed, shot-up, and burned in Texas may have also wanted to get in a few words before she met up with, I dunno, Satan!

* By "lost", I mean in the same way that one would "lose" a bad Thai meal or expectorate a 5-day old chunk of phlegm. It's not all bad.

A TRIFECTA indeed.

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