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Posted On: Thursday - June 4th 2020 6:03AM MST
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When the world hands you lemons, you write a blog post ... or something. OK, the world is just handing me blog posts now - that's a better way to put it. All I have to do is go into a store or business, it seems.

The grocery store had lots of Social Distancing, anti-germ, cover your ass, errr, face, procedures in place yesterday. That's what Big Biz LUVS, LUVS, LUVS, procedures. We will conquer this Kung Flu, one procedure at a time. Right now with our 10 anti-Kung Flu procedures in place, and counting, we are GROCERY STRONG!

The fact that this Infotainment Panic-Fest hysteria flared up at home again did not have me in a good mood. That was what got me out of the house to go to the store to begin with.

Peak Stupidity conjectured just 2 days back that this Panic-Fest Infotainment was being cancelled for the (flu) season in order to run more popular 24/7 Infotainment, Riot-Fest Week. I mean, we aren't even close to breaking 2 million cases yet or 110,000 deaths of people with the virus, so the eyeballs are thin on the ground (whaaa? OK "the eyeballs are dull and hazy"). We were supposed to wait for fall with anticipation of the next season - it's never as good as the pilot episode, though.

Yet, it's not over, the hysteria, that is. This trip to the store, then, was made in a most foul mood. I was not about to put on any mask. Upon seeing the stickers on the ground even OUTSIDE the store, I purposely went in the wrong entrance out of the 2 similar air-powered doors. I asked the cutie (far as I could tell from her hair) who was bringing a basket outside to just hand that one to me - no wipe-down required for me. I really had either not seen or not noticed the one-way aisle stickers before, which I promptly made an effort to violate. I got my stuff quickly with no attempt to avoid touching anything I damn well felt like, in the produce section.

Upon checking out, after being asked about having a nice day (or not), I just went on a rant for about 30 seconds straight. No, no yelling was involved, but I came damn close to "this whole place is full of retarded-looking people".

There was only one thing that was going to calm me down. That was to hawk a nice big COVID-free loogie onto the big circular sticker outside the store exit. BULLS-EYE! (The Chinese got nothin' on me.)

(NOTE: Not the sticker in question. This blogger didn't have the wherewithal to snap one.)

I don't wonder why people are running around smashing up store windows.

Thursday - June 4th 2020 8:12PM MST
PS: Mr Blanc, it's not really that I was trying to take a stand, in this case. It was the foul mood I guess, but I really expected the situation to be more relaxed than a week ago. It seemed worse. In other places/activities around town things are more open now (I'm not counting riots, either!)
Thursday - June 4th 2020 11:20AM MST
PS I too am hoping that life will soon return to what passes for normal here in the former USA. Mme B is heading to Sam’s Club this afternoon, which will provide some intel. I decided early on that dealing with the mask/lines-on-the-floor/queue-up -to-enter nonsense wasn’t the hill that I wanted to die on. However, your mileage might vary. Do what you have to do.
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