New Column by Ann Coulter proves she is a Libertarian

Posted On: Wednesday - January 25th 2017 6:21PM MST
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This column by Miss Coulter is about Obamacare, as plans for getting rid of this monstrosity are in the works right now.

Read the whole thing, or at least this excerpt and tell me that she is not a hard-core Libertarian at heart. This is not to confuse her with the idiots at Reason magazine or Gary Johnson of New Mexico who claim to be libertarians - the Reason people are what's called "libertines" and don't want to ever run into the real responsibilities of liberty and Gary Johnson is just a flat-out bloomin-idiot.

Republicans all say they want to save the so-called “good parts” of Obamacare. Because who knows better what the American consumer wants than a member of Congress!

I keep imagining Congress designing a “comprehensive hotel reform bill,” promising to save the popular parts: “BUT PEOPLE LIKE HAVING TV’S IN THEIR HOTEL ROOMS!” How could we ever get TVs in hotel rooms without Congress writing a law?

It turns out, people running a business have an uncanny ability to figure out what’s popular with their customers.

Any “popular” features of Obamacare obviously, manifestly, inevitably will be preserved by the free market. If parents like keeping their useless millennial kids on their plans, guess what? Any insurance company forced to compete with other insurance companies WILL OFFER THAT.

As for covering people with “pre-existing conditions”–there are pre-existing conditions and pre-existing conditions. Does this mean the unfortunate few with some exorbitantly expensive medical problem? Or does it mean people who have a “pre-existing condition” because they waited to be diagnosed with cancer before buying insurance?

The first category of people was dealt a bad hand. Eventually, they will be taken care of by the market when excess coverage policies are common and reinsurance companies pop up to cover the primary insurance companies.

Until then, a separate program can pay for the unlucky. That’s not a reason to wreck the health insurance market for everyone else. There aren’t 22 million people with horrifyingly expensive medical conditions. They’re being used as the baby seals to sell subsidized health care for the irresponsible.

Miss Coulter has done her best to educate the public our immigration problems, and her book, Adios America may be what gave Donald Trump an education and the kick-start to his nomination.

Ann Coulter is such a smart woman - she has the PeakStupidity nomination for Pundit of the Century!

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