Hand wringing and hand waving over hand washing

Posted On: Friday - May 29th 2020 6:33PM MST
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"C'mon guys, whaddya' need a refresher course or something? It's all hand-washing nowadays!"

Per the latest change of mind out of the experts out of Washington, FS, we are told that the Kung Flu is pretty much spread via airborne transmission. Those virus colonies that live for a week and a half on your kid's baseball? The ones that camp out or have riots on your toilet seat? Nah. Come off of it! Those were all old experts' wives' tales! Wear those masks though, dammit! We know what we're doing here and haven't change our minds on that ... back...

There's been a lot of hand wringing during this entire Infotainment Panic-Fest, so far, about our washing our hands enough. The virus can be picked up from the air, or at least my own sneeze, and they I can transmit it easily, I suppose, till it dies on my hands. Of course we have rubber gloves that can touch all the same stuff instead, so ... wait* ...

Yeah, anyway, I suppose I will continue to wash my hands, at least in public restrooms, after peeing, even when nobody's watching. It's not too bad a habit to pick up. I never thought it was required though. For those who do, I gotta ask (but you don't gotta answer), where has your dick been to where it's infecting your hands that much? Seriously, I have not gotten that.

Then there's the whole bit about "well, once you walk out, you've got to hold the door handle, which may be just crawling with germs from the last guy who may have done worse, not washing his hands after the other deal". It gets more complicated. What do you touch the faucet handle with? One can get kind of paranoid, or one can just be reasonably clean and let the germs only make you stronger (unless they do kill you, of course).

This brings up someone I know who used to flush public toilets with her foot. This started in a place where it probably was a good idea, but if one is going to wash hands anyway, then, ... OK, was there not a foot pedal for flushing to begin with? Now, you just go electronic with it with the sensor and auto-flush system.

Next, this forces me to digress into something that explains the Curmudgeonry key attached to this post. I thought for sure I'd already written about this, but I sure couldn't find it. Any newfangled public bathroom does use some electronics, or at least you call call it electrical systems, to help us avoid touching anything during our hand washing process too. It's all laser sensors and motor/solenoid valves nowadays! [Enough Fletch! - Ed] These are involved in all 3 steps, soaping our hands, rinsing them, and drying them.

All 3 of these steps seem to involve sensors that just plain aren't adjusted correctly. I've got to wave my hands to the exact right spot to get soap. The spot is usually off to where I'm touching the thing - a big no-no, I thought. Then my hands have to be up toward the spout to get water - same damn error! The paper towel dispensers with the sensor for auto-feed take a bunch of extra hand waving half the time too. It's madness, as I move around in special ways to please these 3 machines, some real Artificial Stupidity in action. I often wish for a simple mechanical sink, mechanical soap dispenser, and the old crank-driven paper-towel dispenser.

Either way, wash those hands. You can put all those wipes in your prepper stash now, I guess, but the question of the efficacy of the masks is, uhh, up in the air. Oh, and go long durable sticker manufacturers. That's another tip that I'd forgotten to advise you all back in February.

Finally, we went to the coffee shop with a couch in the back of the pick-up that I was trying to give a good home to. I parked it on the street right by the place, and my son and I just stayed on that comfortable couch, drinking tea (me) and eating chocolate croissants (both of us), as we chatted with my friends outside at the table. This way, there was no call for face masks. Everyone walking by loved the idea. Then two guys who told me they'd been out of work from their service jobs for over 2 months asked if I wanted to get rid of the couch. Absolutely. Win/win!

* I will say that I had to order food recently from a place that was slow as molasses, partly because the one lady working in front (COVID-19 reduction in workforce, of course) had to keep changing gloves. I know she was tired of it, but I suppose this is the most sanitary way. Hopefully, this won't last, as that's NO WAY to do business.

Saturday - May 30th 2020 1:04PM MST
PS: Thanks for the funnies, all of you. It took me a while do dig that one up, Mr. Ganderson. Adam, it's a pretty sad day in America when comments have to be turned off for "Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark | Baby Shark Hand Wash Challenge | "
Adam Smith
Saturday - May 30th 2020 10:41AM MST
PS: https://youtu.be/L89nN03pBzI?t=15
Saturday - May 30th 2020 9:26AM MST
PS Joke framed to reflect my history. Two guys taking leaks in the men’s room in the basement of Mandel Hall. One guy finishes up, shakes off, zips up, and heads over to the sink to wash his hands. Second guy finishes up, shakes off, zips up, and heads for the door. First guy at the sink says, “At Hahvahd they teach us to always wash our hands after using the lavatory”. Second guy, on the way out the door, replies, “At the University of Chicago they teach us to not piss on our hands”.
Friday - May 29th 2020 8:22PM MST
PS Tom Lasorda? I hate Tom Lasorda!
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