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Posted On: Thursday - May 28th 2020 3:03PM MST
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There used to be a joke that this title would invalidate, but it would be giving too much away for me to tell it with enough explanation. That's tough on me, not being able to tell a joke.

Lots of folks out in old Snow Town. Some just want to get on a TV.:

There are riots going on in Minneapolis, Minnesota - no, that is NOT the joke. It could have been the start of a joke right up through, what 2000, even? The reader can look up numbers and should feel free to chime in, but Peak Stupidity doesn't feel a need to give numbers unless it's about something for which numbers could prove the point either way. We are also not a news site so didn't feel the need to post about this.

We normally wouldn't have noted this riot, as you all can get the news, but I did want to point out, as I did in a footnote on the previous post, that this conflict between the staid upper midwestern Snowflakes* is one foreseen long ago by Peak Stupidity. Those web pages again are, got a pencil and paper, 888- ..., no, A taste of Somalia - 2: Minnegadishu and Minnegadishu and Mary Tyler Moore , and another couple of oldies, Nice and Stupid DO NOT MIX, people! and Minnesota Nice, terrorists, and the Security State

I'll link to the current Steve Sailer post on this riot, called Minneapolis Before Diversity and Undocumented Shoppers . Nice title! He's got that same Mary Tyler Moore intro/theme embedded as my year-and-a-half-ago "Minnegadishu and MTM" one linked to above. Yes, Steve may be officially over his Kung Flu episode and back to his usual self. That makes me happy. The comments are top notch, as usual.

Commenter Trinity has a great comment that displays very much the same attitude of a tight balance between schadenfreude and understanding for the (former, now) snowflakes of Minneapolis that I've got. Come to think of it, Peak Stupidity discussed this same thing, regarding Europeans (likely, former) disdain for Americans' purported racism in "At least he made the trains run on time!". Here's Peak Stupidity's take first, excerpted from that post:
What would bug me is the arrogant attitude that many had about things that they could not understand. American white people had put up with a lot and tried a lot of things to help, and to get along with, black people over the last 50, but arguably 165, years. Not much has worked. Yet, you'd hear from English, French, or German visitors (or talk to them on that trip overseas) that "your country is great, but what's the deal with all that racism stuff?" "Why do you have all those deplorable racists treating black people so mean?" It came often in with the English condescension (because, just with that accent, they SOUND smarter!), the French snootyness (nose in the air - "you ave to treat zeeez people nicer, like we would in Fronce") or the German air of authority ("We haff no Nazis now. You are zee racists.)

I kind of wonder what some of these, now middle-aged, volks haff to ... [Stop that! - Ed] say about the situation, now that they have a large unassimilable crowd of un-like people in their midst. Would they think back to their words of yesteryear and understand they were wrong? Maybe they would tell me that their situation is different, that these Moslems and blacks in Europe are just not assimilated yet, but in America we are still just racists, sticking to the narrative. I don't know, but it's another case of schadenfreude for me, as some of them must be wondering if their situation matches large portions of American cities, and I'd like to head over there just for a quick "I told you so".
Here's Trinity's comment:
As much as I can’t help but feel angry at the “race experts” who lived in cities like Minneapolis, or in states like Maine, Vermont, Wisconsin, and even the more diverse city of Boston, I have to FORCE myself not to hope they don’t have to go through the same thing as I and other kids in the Deep South had to go through. Of course, HYPOCRITICAL Boston “liberals” who were one of the most VOCAL CRITICS of Southerners back in the day for segregated schools received their payback when good ole Boston experienced FORCED BUSING in 1975. The good white people of Boston weren’t so enthusiastic about integrated schools when it came to their children, I guess they felt that their kids were better than white Southerners and the same rules they helped push on white Southerners shouldn’t apply to them. The white people in Boston rioted when it was time to send their white children to school with the negro. No matter what though, Georgia is one of the BLACKEST STATES out there at about 32% Black, so even though Boston had to go through with integrated schools, they NEVER had the same experience of those living in the Black Belt of America. I have to laugh when some “race expert” like author Stephen King, a life long resident of Maine, talks about race issues and White “racism” in his books of fiction. Hey Stephen, come on down to Atlanta,Georgia and I will show you Black racism at its finest.
Thanks, Trinity! Yep, you hate to see it, because this influx is ruining these States. However, I guess they** won't be ragging on the South anymore, huh?

Yeah, "riots in Minneapolis", and they don't mean that little brewhaha a while back where Olaff and Helmur raised their voices when Olga's Market ran out of Lutefish that time. When DID the black population of Minneapolis get big enough to support a riot? It couldn't have been more than 20 years ago that they would have needed volunteers to help those few nice black boys lift those TVs out of the broken store windows. "Careful, fellers, dooon't hurt cherselves. It looks like you have a boo-boo, young man - I'll get over to Amundsen's drug store and fetch you a band-aid for that." "Such NICE young men!"

* I'm not at all trying to say that all the people of the northern Plains are snowflakes. I'm just pointing to the huge numbers of them that are the way they are (ha! shades of Mary Tyler Moore to Lou Grant: "You know how you are." How'd I remember that?!). These are the ones who are getting a rude awakening up there in Snow Bro Town today.

** Same thing, not all the good folks of the northern Plains, just the kind that would have called Southerners names, nicely though, of course... you betcha'.

Friday - May 29th 2020 8:36PM MST
PS you’re welcome Mr. Blanc.
At the risk of sounding all homo like, like Mayor Frey, I’m really sad about this. Despite it’s DFL-ness and all, I love the place, its lakes its landscape, even its goofy accent. I was once willed by the graduating seniors “ an entire class period without mentioning the state of Minnesota”. Haven’t cashed 5hat in yet!
I’ve seen this all coming on my trips back, but it’s kinda like when you know your girlfriend is gonna dump you, but you ignore it, thinking your wrong.
I hope I’m wrong that the TCs are going to become Detroit, but I fear I’m not. I don’t see how it could go otherwise.
Friday - May 29th 2020 11:03AM MST
PS Ganderson: Thanks for the history and background.
Friday - May 29th 2020 8:35AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, nope you were not seeing things - that part about Steven King (the writer) is at the bottom of unz commenter "Trinity"'s comment as displayed on this post (the 2nd excerpt). Of course, that means it's on unz too.

I am putting this link here to a .pdf file of all kind of demographic info, but it's for the State of Minnesota, not just Minneapolis, from 2015:

Friday - May 29th 2020 5:05AM MST
PS. Anyone found any info on the guy who was killed, other than that he was a “gentle giant” who was “turning his life around”? They haven’t hauled out his eighth grade graduation picture yet. I did read he moved to Minnesota to “get a fresh start”, which suggests that, while perhaps not a Dillinger, not a model citizen either. Best guess: low level Eric Garner type.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 8:03PM MST
PS:I have seen a few different Gunshine State t-shirts. It's just supply and demand issues according to the gun stores I checked out today.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 7:49PM MST
PS The ‘67 riots were bad- The Guard was called out and were in place for a week. I have no first hand knowledge- i was a rising 8th grader.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 7:43PM MST
PS oops- I guess the Stephen King comment was over at iSteve
Thursday - May 28th 2020 7:43PM MST
PS: Again, sorry about the trouble on the not-smart-enough phone, Dtbb. Your purchase should be easy enough in the gunshine state (apparently an insult on your state, but I have no problem with that being on the license plate next time around).

I guess the whole country will know how things really are. Will they remember that they used to think Southerners mean and stupid? Nah.

Mr. Blanc, American Indians are kind of different in their societal problems. They don't seem to hate any other ethnic groups, but it's their MAJOR problem with alcohol, and the depression from being treated as wards of the State that just have many of them fighting themselves. (Maybe all the fighting is just in their genes, from Comanche times ...)
Thursday - May 28th 2020 7:36PM MST
PS: Thank you, first to Mr. Ganderson for all that background. On the actual incident itself, I haven't read much on it. The same thing for a white guy would not cause a riot now or anytime, and the same for a black guy couldn't have caused this kind of riot when there were not many blacks. (I did read your background on the North Side, etc. How big were the riots back in the 1960s in Minneapolis?)

I was thinking of the Somalians the most, I do know about the Hmong, a weird crowd if there ever was one, and the American black people out of Chicago, etc, that have come are something I'd learned about from either Steve Sailer or Paul Kersey (I think the former.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 7:28PM MST
PS i should clarify, in the hockey portion of my comment thay when i was a lad all 8 public high schools in St. Paul, even Central, the blackest school, had hockey teams ; same in Minneapolis. Now each city is down to two public school teams,
Thursday - May 28th 2020 7:18PM MST
PS one more thought. I’m inclined in this case to think the cops screwed up big time, although the soy-boy carpetbagging Mayor needs to shut his yap and let the justice system handle it, but my impression of the Minneapolis PD was that they tended toward dickness, even back when I was a nipper. Now I’m generally pro-cop by temperament, but...
My guess is that the guy who died wasn’t exactly St. Francis of Assisi, either. We’ll see. I’m expecting some level of narrative collapse,
Thursday - May 28th 2020 7:09PM MST
PS. I guess I'm obliged to chime in here. Although I have not lived in the Twin Cities since 1984; I grew up in the urban core, in St. Paul, and lived in many different places in Minneapolis during and after college. We still visit often, 2-3 times a year, and spend time “up north” every summer..

A bit of history- in the 65+ years I’ve been on earth there has been a black presence in the Twin Cities, two neighborhoods in Minneapolis- the North Side, where there were “call out the National Guard” type riots in 1967 and the area surrounding 4th and 38th near where the current fracas began. St. Paul’s Selby-Dale neighborhood was predominantly black as well. As one other commenter noted there is a large Indian neighborhood in Minneapolis, although not particularly dangerous- run down, but the crime was mostly low level public order stuff. The black neighborhoods were more dangerous, but not on a South Bronx level- I’d never think of not driving in any part of the central cities. Since I left, two other groups have been added, Hmong tribesmen from SE Asia, the influx of whom was beginning at the end of my time there, and the Somalis. Neither has made the area better, and added to that the pull factor of generous welfare has drawn many black Chicagoans (the weather is not that much worse). Milwaukee, BTW, has the same problem. While there are still some very nice neighborhoods in both MPLS and St. Paul, many whites have left the city- most of my HS classmates have decamped for the suburbs. I’d also mention at Saint Paul has its first black mayor. He is proving to be a ruler in the African big man style.
The result has not been good- inner city schools are mostly awful, although some of the high schools have added IB programs to attract white kids. In the hockey-mad state of Minnesota, a telling fact is that there are only two high school hockey teams in each of St. Paul and Minneapolis. St. Paul Johnson, Herb Brooks’ alma mater, and a team called St. Paul Public in the Saintly City, and the same kind of deal in the Mill City, with Southwest High, and a Minneapolis public school team. All this Is driven by demographics. Theodore Roosevelt HS in Minneapolis was a hockey powerhouse, now they’re a top tier soccer program.
In short it’s not the place I grew up in, mainly Scandinavian-with- a touch- of -Polish Minneapolis, and largely Irish and German St. Paul. It’s becoming Baltimore.
It all makes me very sad, because it was a great place to grow up, and a place I have a great deal of affection for. BUT, the white leadership, both cities and state not only let it happen, but aided and abetted it. The Democratic Farmer Labor Party, which is what the Democrats are called there are stuffed to the gills with SJWs, and who will blame white racism for all of this.

I’d also add to the comment about Stephen King: Ken Burns, who loves to lecture us in his documentaries about how we are such evil racists lives in Walpole, NH, which may be the whitest town in the whitest county in the whitest state in the US.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 4:29PM MST
PS Many years ago my best friend, who has lived in the Minneapolis suburbs (a number of them) for almost fifty years said that the big racial minority problem in Minneapolis was the Amerinds. At that point, I believe that many of the blacks there were transplants from the Chicago ghetto. A problem, but a small enough population that they couldn’t make large trouble. It now seems that the Minnesotans have imported enough Africans that they’ll learn what we have known for a long time.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 3:54PM MST
PS:Also I tried to take your advice involving buying a shotgun today. They are hard to find locally. I got a few more places to check tomorrow. Otherwise I might have to go to the sticks. Not that far hopefully.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 3:46PM MST
PS:I was just going to add that I think it was because he didn't grow up with them or go to school with them. My girlfriend from Mass. is similar. Blacks are just different. No other way to put it.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 3:35PM MST
PS:My landlord,RIP, thought I was a pure racist. He and his wife are the nicest people I have ever met. They are both from Madison WI. By the way I have never met anyone from WI that I didn't like and there have been plenty here in FL. Anyway we had many talks about blacks. He and his wife just seem to have a blind spot when it comes to race. Submit tab is gonna disappear. Familiarity breeds contempt.
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