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Posted On: Thursday - May 28th 2020 1:03PM MST
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As commenter Ganderson pointed out in the comments under the last post, whaddya gonna do, vote against Donald Trump? Nope, there are 6 months left for some amazing Libertarian/Constitutional/Conservative dude to come out of nowhere, be featured all over the media (pshaawww!) and give us another selection. Not ... agonna .. happen.

In Trump's defense, even in the last post that was fairly critical of the guy, I noted that, in the current political and social climate, there'd probably be lots of the same stupidity out of the other guy. Of course, with all the support and breaks he'd get in the Lyin' Press, there wouldn't be that animosity that continuously weights on Trump, and we wouldn't hear about 1/2 of what went on (the stupid part, that is). In our case, 3 1/3 years back, with the alternative of the Hildabeast, we'd have lots more to worry about than her statewomenship. (Many say she is the AntiChrist, while the rest of us say that's not a sure thing.)

VDare has a number of writers, "Federale" and "Washington Watcher II", for example, who report on US Gov't policy details and inner happenings within the agencies that are responsible for immigration. These guys know what's really going on, hence their use of pseudonyms.

Federale, whose articles we have discussed before (see Federale on the Illegals and Federale of VDare - more on putting the scare on the illegal aliens. ) has a post about some more making use of this Kung Flu Panic-Fest by the Trump crew to block yet another way foreigners, mostly Chinese "students" from staying and taking Americans' technical jobs. The word "student" is in quotes, because this is officially some kind of training deal, called "Optional Practical Training". I'll let the Federale* explain:
The Trump Administration, at least the few remaining patriots, is attempting to end the most egregious scheme to subsidize the tyrants at Big Tech, the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, where foreign students in the United States on an F-1 Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV) are authorized employment and whose employers do not pay various payroll taxes, like Social Security and Medicare deductions.

Under the George Bush Administration, the once minor OPT program, limited to foreign students, usually upperclassmen, while enrolled in classes, was expanded to renewable two and three year periods after graduation. It is now a gateway for Big Tech to transition these low wage workers into H-1B NIVs and maintain them in a helot-like class of employers who are ever dependent on their employers for eventual sponsorship for legal permanent residence.

Just another way to take advantage of little short-bus-riding Uncle Sam:

Here's another section of this article. (I'm writing more about Trump's worth/worthlessness here, but read the rest of the article for more info.)
As usual, the fake news reporters don’t understand the issue, presenting this as “women and immigrants hardest hit” theme of the press’ war on immigration enforcement. The issue of CPT is not even mentioned. Are journalists completely ignorant of the subjects they cover? They say it is about protecting Americans from the China Flu, but that is not correct. It is about the 30 million unemployed in the United States. But the pointy head intellectuals just whine about muh racisms.

There have been VDare articles on both the good guys and the bad guys that are entrenched within the US immigration bureaucracy. Some of the details on the good guys show that word has come down to work under the radar to block some of the egregious things that have been keeping this immigration invasion going for 50 years. There's no doubt that the beneficial little government policy details that VDare insiders report on would not be happening were Trump (or someone we have not heard from yet) President.

Are all these little things adding up to anything? I think it's way too little and too late. Sure, if Trump gets re-elected rather than Joe Biden, we'll have 4 more years to ... well, what? Just work on these tiny details under behind scenes? Trump will be lucky to get re-elected for the very reason that, having not turned this invasion around quickly, with extreme prejudice, multiple millions of new D-squad voters are HERE. You've likely read about the State of Virginia, formerly a part of the Conservative South, that is now getting more gun-control. Sure, as we've written stand-up Sheriffs from around the State will not enforce it. That's good to hear, but the assault by the left that won't quit would not be happening at all but for the massive immigration into that State. What happens once you're politically outnumbered 3 to 1? You're gonna have to leave at some point.

Immigration is THE existential issue, and with it not being taken care of as a top level strategy, with numbers to prove it, I can't give Trump too much credit.

The hope of many VDare writers and readers has been that perhaps it's the behind-the-scenes, out-of-the-limelight work that is Trump's way of getting things done. They are glass-half-full, or "country-still-half-empty" kind of people. Here's another opinion by an on-the-ball anonymous iSteve commenter** regarding an only slightly different scam:

My money says he’s never going to go through with this. Trump has rarely followed through on his immigration threats:
– Canceling of DACA and DAPA: they’re still all in the country
– Cancelling of temporary protection status for people from Haiti: they’re still all in the country
– Banning Muslim immigration and refugees: they’re still coming in, now through the Southern border
– Ending illegal immigration: until coronavirus, they were still coming in by the thousands each day
– EO on Birthright Citizenship: where is it? Still not seen.
– EO to ban H4b visa (work permit for H1b spouses): Where is it? Still not seen.
– EO to end OPT and H1B due to coronavirus unemployment: Where is it? They’re still being hired, even in government jobs.
– The Wall: Where is it? Still waiting.

This latest threat of yanking Chinese grad student visas will be just that, yet another empty threat. If he really wants to do it, he would’ve done it by now. By talking about it, he’s just giving the left (in this case the universities) a chance to cry foul and talk him out of something he wasn’t going to do in the first place.

He’s just a lying POS when it comes to immigration. Whatever he says about immigration these days, just roll your eyes and say “whatever”, it’ll never get done.
See, now this is the glass is half near empty, or "the country is near full" view. I'd like to keep some hope, as the good VDare folks do, but can you argue with the guy above?

[Hey, wait, this post was supposed to give Trump a break - Ed] I don't wanna talk about it. This is the post, and we've stickin' to it!

* I know, I know, don't tell me. You've got Willie and Merle in your head, singing "All the Federales say, we could have had him any day..." We got that!

** Yeah, I broke down and started reading some posts there again - it's been most of a week. I had to refrain myself from commenting, as the last two posts were in Peak Stupidity's wheelhouse - we did the Mary Tyler Moore in old white Minneapolis (before it was renamed Minnegadishu) thing long ago - see A taste of Somalia - 2: Minnegadishu and Minnegadishu and Mary Tyler Moore . The post before that, on Tom Cotten's call for curtailment of Chinese science/engineering students is something we just got done posting about! Synchronicity, and yeah, I still like the guy, especially since he's off the Kung Flu hysteria for the time being.

Thursday - May 28th 2020 7:29PM MST
PS: Dtbb, nice comeback! (or good line, whatever you want to call it). Some people are too afraid to say even the most minor sleight.

I noted your worries about the SUBMIT button bailing on you in your comments under the next post. I'm really very sorry your phone is not as smart as it's cracked up to be. ;-} Your syntax is fine.

I will tell you that even on unz, with it's great commenting system (sorry MBlanc46!), I don't even try to do anything but AGREEs, etc. Typing anything serious on those things is frustrating.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 7:25PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc., I'm in agreement that we're not voting our way out of this. Voting for Trump may be biding us some time, though not as much as one would have thought 3 years back.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 7:24PM MST
PS: Jim, I have known many of the Chinese (and a few .Indians) that are in these fields at the graduate level. They are mostly good people, but they are surely taking good advantage of our system and the U's thirst for more and more cash for more buildings, fancy gyms, diversity admins, etc.

What in hell do we get out of it? They are NOT bringing any special knowledge that helps America out - none whatsoever. In fact, many of them are not that awful bright anymore (but plenty hardworking, I'll grant you). It's not like the dozen guys that came from China long ago that I mentioned in that previous post. Those guys could have been the smartest guys from their whole city.

I agree about primary education with the US Feral gov't involvement and the marxism on the other side of campus at the U's. They need to be starved out by cutting off the guaranteeing of student loans.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 5:05PM MST
PS:Sorry about the syntax, but I have to be brief in order to fit things in the comment box because I only have a smart phone.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 4:57PM MST
PS:Mr. Mod concerning your comment about Indians staying in India. I had to buy my first mask today. I told the guy behind the counter it was BS. He said in my country it's mandatory. Isn't this your country I said. He said no, home is in India. I said everyone should stay in their home country then. And I guess I'm the asshole.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 4:42PM MST
PS In my view, anyone who says lets just put the Dems in and get right to the civil war has a death wish. President Trump is all we’ve got. What will we do with another four years? I hope a bit more than we’ve done with this four years. Far too many people think that we can vote our way out of this. And a second Trump term, if there is one (and I’m not very confident), will be it. There sure doesn’t appear to be another billionaire who’s willing to stand up to Conservatism, Inc., and run on America First platform (it’s far too much to hope for a White Folks First platform). It’s really on you younger guys. Four more years would take my to 77, at which time I probably won’t give a bleep.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 4:25PM MST
PS My bad. It was Townes.. I should know better. I'm 67 and I was a Townes fan when I was in my teens. Met him in a small venue in Kingston, MA in the late 80's or early 90's. I had to go to all music and do a discography search to be convinced Ray didn't do a cover of it. Hey, the mind is the second thing to go.... I must have been thinking of Seven Spanish Angels.
What the government schools have done to primary education is the real crime here. And then the capture of Liberal Arts by the Marxists.
I get it that knowledge is power, but if we insulate ourselves from the outside world we, as a people and as a republic, put ourselves in jeopardy of falling behind. Don't you want to be exposed to the best the world has to offer? Yes, I understand our government is having a fire sale on secondary education, but I don't think an 'iron curtain' is the appropriate response. We used to go to Europe to get a first class education, but the 20th century took care of that place.
And finally, voting for the lesser of two evils is still.....
Thursday - May 28th 2020 3:29PM MST
PS: Are we talking about the same song, Jim? "Pancho and Lefty" was written by Townes Van Zandt, and I can't find any Ray Charles version. It doesn't seem like his style.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 3:24PM MST
PS: Jim, you are right that the free stuff is part of the problem (it's part of a lot of problems). However, no you don't just hand out visas like candy. No other country does stupid shit like that, at least a place that people want to live in (for now).

I really, really would have liked to have commented under Steve Sailer's post on this, as a couple of commenters said that same thing: who's gonna do that work?" They were specially talking about research work in graduate schools. Well, I answered this a couple of posts back, if you want to look, Jim. - -

Americans WENT to grad school when grad school was worth going to. I was there, Jim. When you hold the assistantship pay down, fill up dorms with foreigners, instead of Americans who might need a little more cash to get through, for the cheap labor, sure, many Americans will not try. It doesn't help at all that the job market is flooded with these same foreigners.

All those Chinese grads can work in China, and all those .Indian grads can work in Indian. They can get their degrees at school there too, which, at least for the Chinese, so they say, are the BEST, the best, Jerry!

Lastly, yes Jim, it doesn't please me to vote for this guy (the 2nd time). My upcoming post - it'll have to be tomorrow - about Pat Buchanan's column - is about the subject of military interventionism. It's # 2 of the 2 most important things he's not accomplished.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 2:29PM MST
PS Ray Charles, who wrote the song, does the best job on it.
If you don't want immigrants, don't bait them. Get rid of all the free stuff.
And if the Chinese and Indians don't take our jobs, who will. According to Forbes, in 2016. China had 4.7 million STEM grads, India 2.6 million, USA 568 thousand. I don't know how many US grads got degrees in 16th century French poetry, but my guess is probably a lot.
As far as voting for the next war criminal-in-chief, I think I'll pass. You can decide who gets to shoot the baby.
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