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Posted On: Wednesday - May 27th 2020 11:59AM MST
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.... but still, do we really want a trolley stop here?

This is a follow-up to the post on Monday regarding neighborhood worries about a possible sizable number of new residents coming.

The meeting was held that evening, virtually, from our in-place shelters. There were a lot of people there on zoom, well more than would normally come to this city council meeting. The developer had his say and then the head of the group opposed, NIMFY-central, had his, being head because this project is to be really damn close to his Front yard.

The comments and questions started off on the topic of traffic. That will be a problem for those nearby, but for many of the meeting participants, it would not be. They still spoke up about this, but was it just another additional objection to fill-in for the real objection in their hearts? That is, who will these people be? I'm not sure.

To get at the answer, attendees asked questions about the cost of these units to the developer, who started out with a higher number than he ended up (with his "oops, correction") later on. Regarding the businesses to be built, the questions were about what kind of businesses. "Now if you were going to have an ABC (I truly can't remember what ABC was), then that might be OK, but a Taco Bell may attract the wrong demographics." "Demographics", now that's a pretty un-PC way of putting it, for this day and age. The same word had been used during the questions about the units' pricing. The term "Section 8" was used twice, by two brave souls.

I wish I could remember right now the other term that was used, but that and "demographics" were the best people could do in relating their worries that there may be just too many black dudes at some point roaming through the neighborhood, traffic or no traffic. Some may not have even been thinking this, being naive or having had their minds set right already. Still, I imagine that this talk, including one specific guy mentioning the possibility of a low occupancy rate, therefore lower pricing and that specter of Section 8 residents, was enough to get the worries out in the open. All this beat hell out of the silliness that I'd heard on the phone from the nice lady who was also in on the on-line meeting.

This ain't 1955. It's not just that you can't live the way you want, you can't even say the way you want to live anymore. This ain't Mr. Rogers' neighborhood, and there isn't one in America anymore. We don't want the trolley coming through here, and we're not begging anyone to please be our neighbors anymore*. Mr. Rogers is dead. America has grown up, lost many fights with some bad dudes, and lost its youthful innocence of fundamental property rights and peaceful unified existence.

* Other than the kids, such as my boy who figured his friend's Dad could up and buy the house next door, so they could hang out more.

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