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Posted On: Tuesday - May 26th 2020 8:33PM MST
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Searching up another Skynyrd video today got me to this live version of Whiskey Rock a Roller from April 27th of 1975 at the Winterland Arena in San Francisco, California. What great band DIDN'T play there?

This song was from these Southern Rock legend's 3rd album, Nuthin' Fancy. The thing about that album is that, of all the great Skynyrd songs, there aren't but 3 songs out of 8 that I know. The first song, Saturday Night Special was a great song, as again, the lyrics don't matter that much. However, they matter a little, and there was a Southern Rock band, in 1975 no less, bad-mouthing guns?! You gotta wonder.

At least in this song about playing in a traveling band, the singer doesn't piss and moan about the whole deal, Bob Seger-like - see the paragraph about his Turn the Page in our post Rock & Roll Never Forgets. That post was about songs about playing rock on the road, and though we mentioned Lynyrd Skynyrd's What's your Name?, we forgot this one here:

The band:

Ronnie Van Zant – lead vocals
Gary Rossington – guitar
Allen Collins – guitar
Ed King – guitar
Leon Wilkeson – bass guitar
Artimus Pyle – drums, percussion
Billy Powell – keyboards

Guitarist Ed King, seen in the video, left Lynyrd Skynyrd in the middle of the tour after this album. He was replaced by Steve Gaines.

Vic Lougheed
Thursday - May 28th 2020 4:06PM MST
PS: I wasn't thinking of any in particular. Anything that fits in with the topic however indirectly would be fine.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 1:52PM MST
PS:Bingo! Male version though!
Thursday - May 28th 2020 1:14PM MST
PS: Down Town bobbie brown?
Thursday - May 28th 2020 7:39AM MST
PS:"and my name is Bobby Brown" literally.
Thursday - May 28th 2020 6:00AM MST
PS. Mr. Lougheed- all I can suggest is that in your dreams you can see yourself as a prophet...saving the world...

Never thought of Frank as being in the same bag as Skynyrd et al, high quality though he could be. I'm so much of a Zappa fan that when I met the Chairman of the Palmdale, CA HS History department all I could think to say was “Do you know where Sun Village is?


All my knowledge of SoCal comes from watching Jack Webb produced TV shows, Rockford Files, and Mothers of Invention records, with a little bit of Zevon thrown in. Is there in fact a Pioneer Chicken stand on Alvorado St.? A Ralph’s on Sunset? Inquiring minds want to know!
Wednesday - May 27th 2020 10:46PM MST
PS: Mr.Lougheed, that is some kind of weird oversight by the Peak Stupidity editorial committee. Which one(s) do you suggest?
Vic Lougheed
Wednesday - May 27th 2020 8:39PM MST
PS Why is there no Frank Zappa?
Wednesday - May 27th 2020 5:03PM MST
PS: I have a cassette tape of Doc Watson guitar songs ... around here somewhere.
Wednesday - May 27th 2020 4:16PM MST
PS In the late 60s and early 70s the Allman Bros and the Dead were referred to as “ Bill Graham’s House Bands“, as they played at the two Fillmores so often. Not really rock, but I am a big Doc Watson fan, too.
Wednesday - May 27th 2020 3:28PM MST
PS:My first concert should have been Lynyrd Skynyrd, but my brother didn't give in to my begging. They crashed less than a week later. I had to settle for ARS and Henry Paul Band for my first.
Wednesday - May 27th 2020 10:15AM MST
PS: God Morgon to you too, Mr. Ganderson. Your comment taught me one thing. I'd always thought that "barefoot Jerrry" in the Charlie Daniels Band song "The South's gonna do it Again" (Are you even allowed to type that nowadays?) was a reference to Jerry Jeff Walker. I didn't know that was the name of a band. (BTW, he IS referenced by Willie and Waylon singing about "Jerry Jeff's train songs")

We have the topic key Southern Rock here, as it sits well with Peak Stupidity's tastes. I do not remember Grinderswitch, but I would add The Outlaws to your list.

Regarding the Allman Brothers, as a combination of Southern Rock and blues and improvisational rock, many say that the Grateful Dead was the "Allman Brothers of the West". OK, I kid ...

Thanks for the heads up to Internet Archive. I could stay on youtube music videos for the rest of my life, with only breaks for blogging and filling out my taxes .. or something.
Wednesday - May 27th 2020 5:55AM MST
PS. God Morgon alla mina ”toppa skitstövlar!” Feeling Swedish today- cuz if I lived there I could go to a restaurant tonight, and maybe play hockey.

My favorite two Skynyrd songs are “Gimme Three Steps” and their cover of JJ Cales’ “They Call Me the Breeze”. The live version KILLS-KILLS, Jerry!

The whole Southern rock thing was kinda fun- Marshall Tucker, Charlie Daniels, Barefoot Jerry (anyone remember them?) ARS, Grinderswitch, Molly Hatchett, Wet Willie, etc, etc... Of course I’ve left out the creme de la creme, at least before the fall of 1971, the Allman Brothers.
Check out on the Internet Archive, 4/26/71- Fillmore East, It Hurts Me Too, and Beat it On Down the Line features Duane Allman! Great stuff.
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