Peak Stupidity blogging will resume in the mañana

Posted On: Thursday - May 21st 2020 11:24PM MST
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The project that was going to take lots of work indeed took lots of work. Other than the reading of PS comments, Mr. Hail's newest essay (#12 of his series - here), and occasional hit-and-run commenting at unz, I've not had time for anything else on-line politically-speaking.

I'll say here that's its been heartening to see the steady stream of comments on this site. Going back to about 2 months ago, there'd be half and even full weeks with nary a comment. Site "visits" and "page views" went up 25% (along with a normal steady rise) as this Kung Flu Infotainment Panic hit us, likely due to more people having lots of time on their hands. It's gone part of the way back down in May. Commenting is still heavy (well, RELATIVELY-speaking!)

Thank you all very much for the comments! It gives people a chance to read something while posting is light or non-existent.

Friday - May 22nd 2020 11:07AM MST
PS: I appreciate all that praise, Mr. Blanc. Yeah, the variety has been suffering from the Covid-19 as of recent, but it'll recover. Maybe the President could send me some of his best drugs.
Friday - May 22nd 2020 9:20AM MST
PS Site name: Perfection. Your username (at least elsewhere): Delightful. Site content: Good variety, something for everyone (and an never-ending supply of topics). Writing style: It’s got personality.
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