The One they call Desanex on The Non-existent Plague

Posted On: Friday - May 15th 2020 6:17PM MST
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Low life, high life, oh, let's go, down to Junior's farm where I wanna' lay low

This comment by brilliant commenter the one they call Desanex on is just another of his very humorous poems. The guy is known (to me, at least) for great limericks, then branched out to other meters.

"The One they call Desanex" has now regaled us with his take on the Kung Flu Panic Fest, using a real golden oldie for the foundation, Junior's Farm by Paul McCartney and Wings. Peak Stupidity does not like to repeat music selections, but we will make another exception, so the reader can listen to this great song with the lyrics of Mr. Desanex in his head.

Do they make this kind of great music at all anymore?

Non-Existent Plague
sung to the tune of “Junior’s Farm” (Paul McCartney and Wings)

Charmin shortage at the grocery store.
The prices higher than the time before.
Wipin’ with the phone book’s malkin’ me sore.

They told me that I had to wear a mask,
carry disinfectant in a flask.
I said “How about you kissin’ my ass?”

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.
Non-existent plague gonna take all my dough.
No job, no prob, go let’s go.
That’s the non-existent plague.
GDP is suddenly neg.
That’s the non-existent plague.


You may find it amazing, but these Millennials and such have no idea at all that this famous Paul McCartney guy used to be in a world-famous band over in England back in the day. Yes, they called it Wings!

PS: Here's another one from this guy:
We went to China for vagina and caught coronavirus. The market crashed, our jobs were trashed, and now no one will hire us.

Tuesday - May 19th 2020 7:13AM MST
Inspired by Reg Caesar's efforts, I have tried to do some anagramming. It's hard work. It will force you to get creative and take you places you would never have thought of. This is the anagram program I've used:
Saturday - May 16th 2020 6:52PM MST
PS: Robert, the commenter named Reg Caesar, and now that Desanex guy make these? If that's in their heads, it's amazing to me too. I figured they used a (very simple, obviously) computer program. Still you've got to read through thousand of combinations. I dunno.

I can do limericks pretty good, though. I like to always write them about islands off of Massachusetts, though...
Saturday - May 16th 2020 6:13PM MST

I was never any good with people's names.

Note to self:
Desanex is not Desenex.
Tenex* is not Desenex.

* A coons age ago, when the fashion in last names was somewhat different among a certain class of people, I knew someone everyone called Tenex, thinking that that was the name of the powder for Jock Itch.

P.S. I always preferred the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

P.P.S. Some of that anagram and poetry stuff is pretty impressive. Way out of my league.
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