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Posted On: Wednesday - May 6th 2020 6:57PM MST
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Firstly, we note that Mr. E.H. Hail has put up Part IX of his series of very informative essays on everything related to the Kung Flu, data, policy and politics-wise. In this one, he discusses the hysterical Congressloon Haley Stevens of the State of Michigan, whom we laughed at in the post Paranoia Will Destroy Ya' a month back. Mr. Hail goes into much more detail on her biographical info. in this entertaining post of his.

We asked what is in all that fresh water in Michigan, with the Governor and Haley Stevens being examples. It's not just the women however, as after all, only 9 Governors are women at the present time. One can't help but think that the women's vote, another fuck-up of these damn Amenders (come to think of it, it's time for another Morning Constitutional) has gotten us in this situation.

You will hear "but the women voted for Trump" and all kinds of stats, but Trump is no Conservative, and there is a big gender gap, or, per Steve Sailer, really a "marriage gap". Married white women vote pretty Conservatively. That worked out OK until we ended up having so many single women, in the present day. Also,as we discussed in a post about our #2 literary pundit Michelle Malkin in Michelle Malkin - in the right / no sense of the big picture, it's the big picture that most women don't pay any attention to. How many women, other than that weirdo Ayn Rand are true Libertarians and Constitutionalists? I don't meet too many. (I do like that Claire Wolfe, out in Washington State - hope she's doing well.) Without that big picture, there is no perspective, an important quality to allow one to avoid panic and hysteria, such as is the case over this Kung Flu.

The men, at least those in power, seem to have been following along with the feminism too, likely just to avoid trouble. What we have today in America is a Matriarchy, rule of the nannies. Would this Infotainment-based PanicFest have been going on in 1950's America, even with Polio, and many other serious diseases that have been eradicated since? Stable and rational men were in charge back then, so no, not hardly.

This is your nation:

This is your nation on menopause:

The only reason I wrote this kind of vague, directionless post tonight is that I forgot, for now, a good anecdote on this Kung Flu PanicFest and that I have some of this hysteria in the family here. It's getting old, and I really need this nationwide hysteria to wrap up prontomundo!

It'd be very easy for Peak Stupidity to include the song Hysteria by Def Leppard to accompany this post, but I just don't think it's a good song. I had to look it up, knowing it was by one of those "hair bands" of the 1980s. How about we just include a different hair band song? (It's not just about long hair, but you've gotta all have BIG HAIR to be officially a Hair Band.)

These guys have to what it takes, and they made a lot of good music, lots of it in the 1970s rather than '80s. We got in a 2-day Journey kick at the end of '17, with the great Steve Perry/Greg Rollie duets Feelin' that Way/Anytime and Just the Same Way and then more recently we featured Lights.

Here's Stone in Love from Journey's 1981 album Escape.

Friday - May 8th 2020 9:42AM MST
PS Ganderson: “Trump Disappointment Syndrome”. Thanks, I’ll be using that. I’m not so disappointed that I don’t want to see him re-elected (I suspect that he won’t be), but, although he was up against all the rich and powerful, he could have at least taken initial steps in a lot of areas. Much talk, little action.
Friday - May 8th 2020 9:35AM MST
PS I suspect that a big part of the panic is the proliferation of media. Fifty years ago, there were your local newspapers, maybe a weekly magazine or two, a few radio stations, three television networks, maybe a local independent station (such as WGN in Chicago), and “educational television”. If some professor in London made dire predictions about an infectious disease, it would make the paper and maybe get 60 seconds on Huntley and Brinkley. It might make it into Time or Newsweek. That would be it. Now, it’s everywhere on the internet and social media. You can’t get away from it. Then, there’s the politicization. Everything is now a party-poltiical issue. Everything has to be a club to beat the Orange Man with. Nonstop. So, you’ve got not only people who might have something useful to say about an infectious disease banging on about it, but every Leftist “journalist” in the world (which is all of them) going on about it nonstop. It’s no wonder that the pols got spooked and went over the top,
Thursday - May 7th 2020 6:49PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, we LUV rants here! Thank you.
Thursday - May 7th 2020 6:49PM MST
PS: Dtbb, I've seen this Jerome Green before. Blogging from the car on your commute - I thought Californian's made good use of their long commute times, doing their hair, shaving (hopefully electric), etc, but this takes the cake.

Good on him, though I think he's just following the standard Libertarian/Conservative line without anything special. Good on him though, and I hope he reaches a lot of people.
Thursday - May 7th 2020 6:46PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I forgot to include comment on Ilana Mercer. I liked her a bit, but then she got into the Fred Reed style snotty dismissals of here commenters in one column. That was about it for me.

Someone who railed against Apartheid and then bailed out of her home country because Apartheid is maybe a hypocrite or maybe someone who just learned and got smarter over the years. She doesn't seem like she's learned that much, so I've written her off just before this PanicFest.
Thursday - May 7th 2020 3:08PM MST
PS:Hear! Hear! Ganderson!
Thursday - May 7th 2020 2:11PM MST
PS I don't type well when I'm mad!
Thursday - May 7th 2020 2:10PM MST
PS And RE: that rant by the President's press secretary: Am I the only one unimpressed it? IT WASN'T A PANDEMIC!!!! Granted the press was just following their marching orders, but this is the greatest overreaction since.... I dunno!
Thursday - May 7th 2020 1:59PM MST
I'm Officially Worried. TM. For reasons of domestic tranquility I can't say why, but I'm privy to certain information that suggest that many of our institutions of higher education are seriously considering not opening in person in the fall. JESUS CHRIST!!! It's the fucking flu, or maybe a bad cold.
And while I'm pissed off, my case of Trump Disappointment Syndrome is now at a level that could get me committed to an institution, preferably that prison where they stashed the Dallas hairdresser. Why does he listen to that fool Fauci? By the way, Tony, shouldn't we all be dead of AIDS by now? Oh, you were wrong about that?
And the golf courses are still closed in Massachusetts- oops just heard
that Tall Deval just "allowed" them to be open. Nice of you Charles. I'm coming around to the opinion that voting for someone, just because they have an (R) after their name might be worse than useless- we vote for the letter and get the same goddamn thing that we would have anyway. Thank, you, I'm done now!
Thursday - May 7th 2020 1:15PM MST
PS: For Mr. Hail, on the various pundits you brought up: That post from Mr. Sailer sticks in my memory too. I really wondered it I was missing something, as he is a smart guy, maybe not on technical matters, but just in general. He is no man of the Constitution and its principles though, and I already knew that. Every post of his about WE should do this or WE should require this was too much for me.

The pundits like Ron Paul and Michelle Malkin are just syndicated on unz. Even though Michelle has written in already to her commenters, I doubt she'll have time, just like Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan, to read it all. (Mr. Buchanan is still writing his wonky stuff, maybe more memories of the Nixon Administration, haha! I like the guy a lot, but he just seems behind the times in his attitude.) Those latter 2 may not even realize their columns are on unz, as in, maybe just their business manager types do.

Mike Whitney and C.J. Hopkins are 2 writers on unz that I'd never read before this stuff. I do like their material on this PanicFest so far.

Then there's Maude .. err, Ron Unz ... that uncompromisin', enterprisin',anything but traqulizin', Right on Unz!!! I had to look up those Maude show lyrics. Whatever meds they are giving that guy, they need to back off and give him just the opposite.
Thursday - May 7th 2020 1:03PM MST
PS: "Immortality in my lifetime!" Very good, and I'd never heard that one before, Robert.
Thursday - May 7th 2020 1:01PM MST
PS: For Federalist, once the officials went and played that "Emergency powers" card during the initial panic about "flattening the curve", what was stopping them from going all out and banning whatever the hell they thought of next? A riled up population? In today's America, they probably wouldn't have given that a 2nd thought. Hopefully, they can be taught a good lesson, very soon.
Thursday - May 7th 2020 6:45AM MST
PS: Thank you all for the comments. I'll have something to say here (as you would guess!), but today will be very busy, so later on.

Lots of us are devotees, I can tell. I try to remember that it's not the whole world in a nutshell there (with the proprietor being the nut), but then is the Infotainment out of the idiot box better? Nope, it's good to have some sane place to bounce thoughts around. (Mr. Sailer's still remains the best on unz, IMO.)
Thursday - May 7th 2020 12:53AM MST

Here is Steve Sailer, writing March 26, one day before the Haley Stevens "incident":

How Long to Shut Down? Let's Procrastinate on Making That Decision

When should we shut down? As soon as possible.
When should we decide when to open up again? As late as possible.
[end quote]

As late as possible?
Thursday - May 7th 2020 12:48AM MST

RE: Federalist, good comment on the ever-moving goalposts of Corona.
Thursday - May 7th 2020 12:44AM MST
PS --
Ilana Mercer is also pro-Panic and has mocked Corona-skeptics.

I've wanted to keep a running list of people who have been pro-Panic and anti-Panic, given how much it cross-cuts the usual division.

Do I have it right, as you wrote last week or so, that the main writers at Unz who are anti-Panic are:

- Mike Whitney
- CJ Hopkins,
- Malkin*, though she is not a usual Unz Review type,
- and Ron Paul if he counts

(Unz must be just a tiny sliver of Ron Paul's readership, whereas I feel it's more for CJ Hopkins, who is really an excellent writer.)

The thing about Whitney and Hopkins is: They are both of the Left, not of the Right. Proof that Corona created new coalitions that still last as of May. If these coalitions have lasted two months, one can presume they'll last through the year, as long as the Fauci junta remains in power (did you catch that he has now called for a ban on sports unless players quarantine between games?).

(* - sidenote on Malkin: I think that so far she has not linked to her own columns at Unz on her 2-million-follower Twitter account).
Wednesday - May 6th 2020 11:31PM MST
PS: Federalist, I first heard the slogan 'Immortality in my lifetime!' from someone who thought it was one of the funniest manifestos he had ever come across. "People" seem to be taking this for real now.

For an earlier time, when men were men:
(Wikipedia on soapbox derbies)

An accident in 1935 captured the public's interest, and boosted the event's profile. A car went off the track and struck NBC's top commentator and sportscaster Graham McNamee while he was broadcasting live on the air. Despite a concussion and other injuries (which resulted in a two-week hospital stay), McNamee described the collision to his listeners and finished his broadcast.

I used to know someone who claimed to have participated in such races in San Francisco in the '20s. He didn't worry, because most of the people who died were spectators.
Wednesday - May 6th 2020 11:11PM MST
PS:Anyone who likes a great rant, I recommend Jericho Green on YouTube. Makes me chuckle for some reason.
Wednesday - May 6th 2020 10:44PM MST
A big issue with the panic/hysteria is the way in which things seem to spiral out of control. The initial measures in response to coronavirus were probably reasonable. They were limited in nature and were taken in response when we didn't really have a lot of information. But quickly it became a race to see which organization could cancel the most public events and which governor/mayor could issue the most draconian orders.

Where it was initially presented that we would need to "flatten the curve" for a fairly short period of time so that the medical system was not overwhelmed, the goal now is apparently to not let anyone die no matter the consequences and no matter how long it takes. Just as the response to the virus started small and was soon out of control, the goal has mutated into some kind of quest to end death.

Slowing the spread of an epidemic virus has now become a quasi-religious movement complete with virtue signalling and mock heroes.
Wednesday - May 6th 2020 9:49PM MST
PS:Steve Perry seems pretty feminine to me. I will never forget that video of him shaving his mustache.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - May 6th 2020 8:28PM MST
PS: I concur Mr Moderator...

Panicfest is getting old.

Wednesday - May 6th 2020 7:36PM MST
PS: I misread that as:
What we have today in America is a Matriarchy, rule of the ninnies.
which I rather like.
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