How many divisions does this guy have, again?

Posted On: Tuesday - January 24th 2017 9:04AM MST
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Pope Francis warns "against populism and 'saviours' like Hitler". (That link is to Yahoo, but here is Amren's take and comments.)

"Germany... was looking for a leader, someone who would give her back her identity and there was a little man named Adolf Hitler who said 'I can do it'."

"Hitler did not steal power," the pope said. "He was elected by his people and then he destroyed his people."
Yes, and the Nazis made sure to take the guns away from the people they didn't like first, as I recall. Now, Mr. Trump is not the guy that's for registering the guns is he? (he WAS a NY'er, but as PeakStupidity has stated, the guy is a quick study and has good judgement.) I believe that was the other major candidate, ya member, some cranky, batty ol harpy who was cheated on by one of the presidents, I recall.
The Germans at that time also wanted to protect themselves with "walls and barbed wire so that others cannot take away their identity," he said.

As does a certain pontiff from Latin America, who let one Moslem family in while urging the Western world to take in multiple millions. How's that family doin, Pope, keepin an eye on em?

"The case of Germany is classic," he said, adding that Hitler gave them a "deformed identity and we know what it produced."

There can be good nationalism and bad nationalism - maybe people can be nationalist but just not give their leaders much power. Now that's an idea we can all rally behind, c'mon guys, George, Tommy J., Ben, Patrick, Sam Adams, Mr. Madison, all y'all .... oh wait, you did it, we just let you down so much 200 years later. Our bad.

Pope Francis however underscored that it was too early to pass judgement on Trump.

"Let's see. Let's see what he does and then we will evaluate," he said.

You're gonna evaluate, Pope? What if we disrupters help our lead disrupter Mr. Trump to put America first, control our borders, rebuild American industrial might, and cut our Feral government down to size? What do you think you're gonna do about it? How many divisions have YOU got, Pope Francis?

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