Healthcare in NY City in the day of the COVID-one-niner

Posted On: Thursday - April 30th 2020 6:03PM MST
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Last week, in the post, Nurses in New York we has some anecdotal information about the high demand for nurse there, along with more on the situation in other locations. What's happening is that the sick patients who do HAVE the COVID-19, not so say they don't have lots of other problems that are just as important, are being treated very badly.

I understand the idea of all the personnel wearing additional protection for themselves and to slow down the spread of this virus in the hospital. However, there are plenty of other infectious diseases that exist in hospitals, which is a reason one should spend as little time there as humanly possible. This virus is said to be much more infectious, but then I've heard all sorts of stories on that, and how does one actually wipe out a virus that is semi-inanimate to begin with. (see Kung Flu vs. VD).

If one thinks of all the pathways a germ can take from a patient to anywhere else in the hospital, the only true methods to avoid it would bring on complete paranoia. These methods would have to be exactly what one sees in science fiction movies about germs from other planets that will simply kill everyone they come in contact with. This is NOT a disease from outer space! It's not the Black Plague!

The nurses, techs, and even the doctors are purposefully being scared shitless. Due to this, doctors won't visit patients in person, nurses are quitting before going in to visit with infected patients, and family members are not there to help and give support to their loved ones.

Here's what makes it worse in NY City: Due to out-of-control immigration, with destination zero being that city, it has become a real Tower-of-Babel, 3rd-world shitshow. Peak Stupidity has opined on Immigration Stupidity more than any other type for a reason. It's at the root of a lot of America's problems. NY City is Exhibit A. I don't mean the post Upper East/West side of Manhattan or wherever else they have $20,000/year kindergartens to get their kids away from the riff-raff. I mean the majority of what NY City has become - majority 3rd-world people means the place becomes the 3rd world and runs accordingly.

That long intro. over with, please listen to this just-over-10-minute video, made by a nurse practitioner (she's practically a doctor), in which she relates the stories from NY City from her anonymous nurse friend there. It's the media and government induced fear that has caused this madness and misery for everyone - the healthcare workers AND the patients.

Saturday - May 9th 2020 9:41AM MST
PS: Thank you, Mr. Smith for the update and stats. Yes, Elko, Nevada is as far away, culture-wise, as one could get from NY City, and still stay in the free world... or am I thinking of Ely... OK, same thing. I don't blame it all on the modern training environment (CYA computer "paperwork", etc. being more important than bedside manner and caring. NY City has such a mix of foreigners from all over, that the communication has got to suffer greatly even if they are good nurses, which is doubtful for many.

Yes, it's best to avoid the Doc and the hospitals, Adam. However, when it comes to those problems (heart, cancer, etc) that used to mean you will be dead soon, science and some amazing docs have given us new chances. Just try to get in, and GTF OUT pronotmundo.

Adam Smith
Saturday - May 9th 2020 8:45AM MST
PS: Hello Mr. Moderatr,

I think the little lady from Elko Nevada just does not understand how they do things in the big city.

I think she was working in a hospital in the Bronx.(?) Which could explain the racial thing. I think she isn't used to seeing so much substandard care. Big city urbanites are different than the people you find in a small city like Elko. Perhaps she had culture shock.

The population density of the Bronx is 35,000 per square mile. Elko is 1100.

This wikipedia page has numbers that seem a little goofy...

According to a 2013 Census Bureau estimate, 45.8% of the Bronx's population was white, 43.3% was black or African American, 4.2% Asian, 3.0% American Indian, 0.4% Pacific Islander, and 3.3% of two or more races. In addition, 54.6% of the population was of Hispanic or Latino origin, of any race.

Looks like there are plenty of Hispanic or Latino whites.
There is a category under “racial composition” labeled “Non-Hispanic” at 10.5%

So it seems to me that the population of the Bronx is 10.5% white and 43% black.,_Nevada

The above link informs me that...

The racial makeup of the Elko was 83.16% White, 0.37% Black, 2.66% Native American, 1.12% Asian, 0.12% Pacific Islander, 9.63% from other races, and 2.94% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 21.12% of the population.

Looks like Elko is 62% white and 0.37% black.

Somewhere between 250,000 and 400,000 Americans die each year from medical errors.

It is estimated that 128,000 Americans die each year as a result of taking medications as prescribed.

My grandmother was one of those old timey nurses. She was the head nurse at her hospital for a couple of decades before she went into private in home nursing. She went to nursing school straight out of high school in what would have been around 1940.

Ever since I was a small child in the 1980's grandma would tell me...

“Do not walk away from the doctors... Run!”

She often expressed her grief about the state of health care and the direction in which it was headed. She couldn't believe how they no longer cared for patients. Grandma retired sometime around 1987.

“Do not walk away from the doctors... Run!” She must have told me this more than a thousand times. Eat well, don't drink soda, get plenty of sleep so you never have to go to the doctor, she'd say. You can either spend your money on good food or the doctor, she'd often remind me.

I can't imagine things are better today than they were in the mid 80's.

I don't really know as I have not been to a doctor in 25 years.

I hope you have a nice day kind sir.
Thursday - May 7th 2020 6:30PM MST
PS: Adam, I got through 1/2 of that video, getting past all the "like, literally, fucking ..." Hey, she knows what she's doing. I'm not sure why she made this into a racial thing about the patients, when she never got around to stating who all there incompetent nurses and doctors are. Are they white people who think "black lives don't matter", as she said in the beginning? I seriously doubt that.

It was scary material but I still hate the virtual signaling or just lying from it. If she's gonna tell the truth, she needs to tell the whole truth. Where exactly do these incompetent nurses and doctors come from?

For that kind of hospital, you are best off not going in unless you are turning blue somewhere, to paraphrase one of the youtube commenters.
Adam Smith
Thursday - May 7th 2020 9:13AM MST
PS: Here's a different nurse with a similar story...

Friday - May 1st 2020 2:35PM MST
PS: "I need a comment edit function." Manana, amigo, manana ...
Friday - May 1st 2020 1:52PM MST
"Their jobs" not "there jobs." I need a comment edit function.
Friday - May 1st 2020 12:53PM MST
PS: Yep, Federalist, the Big Media sees this as a Sci-Fi movie come to life. They all want to be Kent Brockmans, and the movie is the Andromeda Strain. Those healthcare heroes, saving us all!

I had no idea about the idiotic fly-by's, BTW. They should save the jet fuel for people who a lot closer to heroes, guys that arrange (the most heroic part in these times) for Swift Air and others to fly the criminal illegal aliens back down south.
Friday - May 1st 2020 9:00AM MST

Of course, the nurse practitioner doesn't mention immigration but it's reasonable to suspect that the "3rd-world shitshow" nature of the place is at least partially to blame for why coronavirus appears to be worse in NYC than elsewhere.

Apparently, that was part of the problem in Italy. There are a lot of old people who aren't going to easily shake off the virus. Many of them would recover with decent care. But many of the nurses were "Italian" in name only immigrants who GTFO rather than face the Black Death 2.0.

Then the problem is compounded by fear-mongering. In addition to howling about how we're all going to die, now we have military jets doing flyovers in appreciation of the healthcare "frontline heroes." That sounds nice but it's just feeding in to the narrative that in doing there jobs, these people are doing something at great risk to their own lives and thus heroic.
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