Ann Coulter with T, err, Q & A on the Panic-Fest

Posted On: Wednesday - April 29th 2020 6:25PM MST
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This image of these 2 pundits is from our 6-month-ago post "Our favorite pundits have grown up." This post is referring to writing by the one on the left, of course, Miss Coulter

(Just trying to save on server space to keep the planet cool and avoid another letta from Greta).

This and the next post will be just "hey, you gotta read this" posts. Peak Stupidity is allowed a few of these now and then like any other lazy-ass pundit shop*. Both articles are on VDare, THE go-to site for all things immigration.

Ann Coulter bats a .900, I'd say, on this one, a little under-par, to mix a coupla metaphors. She's had a .980 average over the last 15 years, with just a couple of sacks on AA and "the pot". [WTF? - Ed]. With her high-level of snark, it's hard to tell exactly. I may be underestimating her on this one. Miss Coulter has definitely been on the anti-panic side of the Kung Flu Gap. Take a look at her latest column, Q & A On The Wuhan Virus: We're Done Now—Except For An Immigration Moratorium!.
What do you think of the media’s coverage of the Wuhan virus?

It’s like a nonstop “War of the Worlds” broadcast, which in 1938 panicked more than a million Americans into believing Martians had landed in New Jersey, sending people fleeing to the mountains, loading their shotguns and barricading their homes. And that was a single radio broadcast!

Today we have nearly all of media—which I notice are doing fantastically well during the crisis—terrifying the public about an apparently indestructible, omnipresent virus.
You don’t think the China virus is as dangerous as they say?

Well, it is a virus capable of eliminating all human life, which would be bad, but not all bad because then you’d never have to see another TV commercial with some company saying they consider you “family.”
I don't think we'd have to eliminate all human life, Ann. Some more of us could quit watching the TV and we'd never see another TV commercial with some company saying they consider you "family". I have never seen such a commercial.

On the Lyin' Press, Ann says:Blow it up with extreme prejudice.
Apart from the election, why would the media want to impoverish the nation?

1) Reporting on disasters is fun!

2) Their ratings are terrific—and, of course, they’re still being paid.

3) Liberals enjoy controlling people, especially with enragingly nonsensical rules.
On Trump and the response to this Kung Flu being like that of 9/11 (Peak Stupidity asks "Is COVID-19 the Socialists' 9/11?"
I thought Trump was the authoritarian! [Hey, that's not a question!]

No, he’s the lazy, narcissistic blowhard. Liberals are the authoritarians.

The shutdown is airport security for the whole country. Nineteen Muslim immigrants flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and suddenly little old ladies from Oklahoma had to be goosed at airports. We have to be safe!

A horrible Chinese virus sweeps the planet, which is devastating to older people but virtually harmless to the young—and the entire country has to be shut down. We have to be safe!
Yep, and a majority of Americans is falling for that again, 2nd time this month century!

Ann Coulter's Libertarian summary:
Whether it’s rational or not, people aren’t going to go out like they used to. [Hey, that's also not a question!]

My entire life, liberals have said, “Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one.” “Don’t like pornography? Don’t look at it.” And so on.

I say: “Don’t want to leave your home? Don’t leave your home!”
There are the usual italics that I can't put here, as the excerpt is already italicized, and VDare has loads of links on their presentation of this column, as usual.

There are a few parts Miss Coulter had in this one that I don't agree with, hence that lower than normal score. Next, a nice segment by John Derbyshire in his transcript of his weekly "Radio Derb" podcast.

* "Shop", haha, this comes from my reading of a Pat Buchanan book, using this terminology for groups of advisors - he was a wonk way back in the day ... Yeah, a review or two is coming.

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Thursday - April 30th 2020 2:20PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, re your 1st comment: You and I are both pretty heavy users of the unz site*. There are so many smart commenters, esp. under iSteve that write very well, and we are both seeing this unusual divide on there. Of course, there are pundits around the web (ex, your Hunter Wallace case) that we can see split on this Kung Flu panic/anti-panic line too.

I try to think of the meat-space world, the people in my neighborhood, my family (GREAT example!) and such also, and why there's such a difference of opinion. I work with people who tend to be conservative, but some more on the authoritarian side (and you know which way they tend to lean).

This would make for a very good post, not so much in your vein, discussing the pundit world, but more about the general population, at least in my world.

I agree with you that Libertarian/Authoritarian divide as part of it, yes.

About Ron Unz: That's why I should have shut my mouth, even though I give (and gave in a comment yesterday) big kudos for Mr. Unz for being a true freedom of speech stalwart.

* Though I really tore him a new one in A.E.'s China thread, so ... I gotta watch my "mouth", or I'll be MikeatMekedotMiked for good.
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PS: True that about Miss Coulter (notice the "Miss"), Mr. Blanc. She deals with poltics and economics, but not so much in the realm of social issues that have to do with family formation, etc, as iSteve does. If she'd at least encourage white fertility with her writing, that'd be a good help, as she has many millions of readers.

She'd probably say that Libertarian policies encourage it on their own, and I'd tend to agree, depending very much on your or my definition of "Libertarian policies".
Thursday - April 30th 2020 2:02PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, yes it's very weird, as those 2 comments that had the "YOUR NAME" field as "Hail" were for a post number 0, which is not one, basicallly. That PS thing started in Oct of '17, when I started getting spammed with 1,000s a day. Could you let me know what post you tried to comment under? Also, if you can remember the other commenter's handle or something he said, let me know.

No, I've never seen this ever. Though the formatting and usablility here isn't near the best, I haven's seen many bugs, because it's very simple. Typo's, now that's another story! ;-}
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Thursday - April 30th 2020 10:01AM MST
PS Great polemicist, that Miss C. However, what has she done for the white fertility rate? By the way, pro editorial tip: When you want italics in an already italicized block of text, use roman. SOP.
Thursday - April 30th 2020 5:07AM MST
PS: I'll write more of a reply later on, Hail. I'm just wondering if it was you that had an error commenting a couple of times just before midnight GMT yesterday. Could you give me vague details (haha) if it was?
Wednesday - April 29th 2020 10:05PM MST
PS....."The shutdown is airport security for the whole country."

Security theater; Public Health theater
Wednesday - April 29th 2020 10:02PM MST
PS --

"Miss Coulter has definitely been on the anti-panic side of the Kung Flu Gap."

Someone should be keeping a running tally of who is in the Pro-Panic camp and who is in Anti-Panic camp.

There are surprises every which way for how people have sorted themselves. Not sure how familiar you are with some figures of the dissident-Left like Amy Goodman ("Democracy Now") and Consortium News, but both have been Pro-Panic. As for the big-hitters at Unz, obviously they were all pro-Panic, which created the first ever "commenter revolt" at UR that I have seen.

Lesser men than Ron Unz (who at least appears emotionally committed to the pro-Panic side) would have handed out a wave of bannings against anti-Panic people, like he did with the MikeatMikedotMike suspension, which he seems to have son thereafter lifted.

I think one of the dividing lines may be where you fall on the Pro/Anti Panic continuum is where you are on the libertarian. That is one of my latest ideas anyway.
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