Surgeon Colonel Sting on Social Distancing

Posted On: Monday - April 27th 2020 7:08PM MST
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First thing: I've just learned a minute ago that Dr. Fauci is not the Surgeon General. That's what I get for keeping too great a social distance from him the TV. Dr. Fauci has been director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for 36 freakin' years. He's part of a task force. Should he not be a Czar? Peak Stupidity wondered out loud 2 years back where have all the Czars gone? (I know, I know, "long time passing.") Perhaps there wouldn't be so much panic over the Kung Flu had we our own Virus Czar in place early in the year, keeping an iron fist over those Commie bastard flu germs.

There is still a Surgeon General, one Jerome Adams being the present 5-star SG, leading the current Army of the Potomac. Another factoid that surprises many is that though Jerome Adams can be seen on this wiki page wearing what looks to be an Admiral's uniform, he is neither Surgeon nor General. (He does watch a lot of surgeries, as he's an anesthesiologist, if that counts.) None of the so-called "Surgeon Generals" of the United States has ever lead a battalion into a tank battle, along with cutting people open during R&Rs! What a crock.

Apparently this position is really one of Public Scold. I have been remiss in keeping up with all of these warrior/healers, but I do remember the reign of C. Everett Koop. There was lots of scolding about smoking and VD, as I recall. I remember a chubby black lady, who may have concentrated in particular on the menthol cigarettes and ingrown beard hair. This new General, what's his thing? He has been kind of quiet during this Kung Flu episode, but then, again, I'm very far from the TV.

There is one man that was Policing our behavior (he'd probably call it "behaviour") way back in the early 1980's. He was no surgeon, and he was no General, but he was a fine bass player and songwriter. Mr. Thomas Sumner, known by most of us as Sting, was urging people to Social Distance 40 years ago! "Please don't stand so close to me."

This song is from The Police's third album Zenyatta Mondatta, from which Peak Stupidity featured another great song, De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da. Of course, it's not about the Kung Flu virus, but the song does have an interesting story. I don't think any current-era Surgeon General would be pleased at the student/teacher relationship theme.

The 3-man band:

Thomas Sumner, aka "Sting" - vocals, bass guitar
Andy Summers - guitar, backing vocals, piano
Stewart Copeland - drums, backing vocals

Wednesday - April 29th 2020 6:43PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc. I have a lot to learn from William Safire, known to have ordered two Whoppers Junior at the BK.

It's one of my favorite "The Onion" posts, at least of ones that I remember. Here:
Wednesday - April 29th 2020 11:21AM MST
PS The plural is probably “surgeons general”. There’s been one for as long as I can remember. Why do we have such a position? So someone’s useless MD brother-in-law can have a job?
Adam Smith
Tuesday - April 28th 2020 10:08PM MST
PS: Thank you for another wonderful post, Mr. Moderator.

Tuesday - April 28th 2020 6:22PM MST
PS: Re: comment #4, Robert, is that you? I can put a name on this one, if anyone writes back. Editing here is not a thing. I'm not even sure if that'll be easy to add in our updates coming ... whenever.

Mr. Sincerity, I did browse your site today. It's pretty interesting, and I'll try to keep it in mind. I spend so much time on the unz site and this one, though.

"Human-Stupidity" has the same flavor of this writing, from my first glance. As long as Peak Stupidity gets top billing on the search engines, I'm OK with that.
Tuesday - April 28th 2020 6:18PM MST
PS: Adam, I don't know what to think of that (your video, that is). The guy's got a unique way of getting sound out of a guitar, I'll give him that. I like the Police's version better.

On your 2nd comment, I do know about the Bonus Army story. I wonder if that got buried (mostly for good) as WWII ramped-up, for "patriotic" reasons.

I think I read a book about all the weirdness that came from those canyons in California in the 1960's, MK-Ultra, what-have-you. I read it only a couple of years ago, but danged if I can remember the title or that much besides the general theme of it.

And that's what I guess for just skimming Wikipedia. I saw the uniform but didn't catch that Mr. Adams was a vice-Admiral. That's pretty Admiralable.

Thanks for another colorful comment, Mr. Smith.
Tuesday - April 28th 2020 6:12PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, it's not like his parents didn't give him a choice of names. I'd have picked Gordo too, but I guess Sting worked out pretty well for him. Maybe it was a nickname at some point.

How'd your golf game go?
Tuesday - April 28th 2020 1:53PM MST
PS You are an Engineer?
Maybe you understand the extreme relevance of our parsimonious theory that all evil stems from a 1 sentence gag order that is universally accepted.
And a consequence of such dishonesty is the disregard for scientific method in social sciences and politics.
Hope to read your comments on sincerity dot net .....
Tuesday - April 28th 2020 1:48PM MST
PS Nice humor. has some topics like
25 sex offenders that are the wet dream of any boy during puberty, or man in adulthood, or old age. Rare a boy that does not desire to be a victim of one of these heinous predators.

And yes, consensual sex with minors is called (statutory) rape. So these kids are actually being raped by these monstrous women.

Thank God, we have equal rights. So a few women go to jail too, for just being people and having normal consensual relationships. Happens to men all the time

Still, many people think that maybe boys are not victims, but of course girls are victims of predators. Jail to the child rapist below! And may they be forever in the sex offender list so other innocent boys will be protected.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - April 28th 2020 7:25AM MST
PS:Top of the morning kind Moderator...

Jim Morrison's dad was an admiral. George Stephen Morrison was commander of the U.S. naval forces in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

In a sensible world the surgeon general would be a general surgeon. Or something...

Jerome Adams is an anesthesiologist and a vice admiral.
Perhaps he should be the anesthesiologist admiral?

In Germany they have an Admiralarzt "surgeon admiral", an Admiralapotheker "pharmacist admiral" and a Generalapotheker "pharmacist general". Germany, like South Korea, is still a U.S. colony.

The attorney general is not a general or an admiral.
William Barr is a member of the bar association.

General Patton wasn't a surgeon either, but he did send six M1917 tanks to cut up Americans on July 28, 1932. How dare the bonus army demand their paycheques. The glorious u.s. military also used machine guns, bayonets and tear gas on the protesters and their families.

Uncle Sugar Loves us all...

The real problem with coronachan, a truly evil invisible enemy, is that teargas, bayonets and tanks have no effect. What would Patton do? We're helpless. We can't even mininuke her.

Jerome Adams, Livin' the American dream...
Tuesday - April 28th 2020 7:22AM MST
I was thinking about this the other day. The surgeon general hadn't crossed my mind since C. Everett Coop was telling me not to smoke. (I don't so maybe it worked.) Then I saw the surgeon general on TV with other people saying "wash your hands and hide in your house" or something like that. I thought, "Where has this guy been?" It should have been his moment to shine but he was just one of several people and he was on screen for a few seconds. It must be disappointing to be surgeon general when the plague strikes and then they let some other guy steal the show.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - April 28th 2020 7:03AM MST
PS:Not the police but written by Thomas Sumner...

Tuesday - April 28th 2020 5:05AM MST
PS Gordon Thomas Mathew Sumner.
The problem Gordo pointed out is real- imagine if you will, (or rather “consider for your approval”) a 21 year old new boy teacher, and an 18 year old attractive girl pupil... happens more than the general public imagines.

WC Fields “I like children. Girl children, 18-21 years of age.”

Now off to sneak onto the golf course- yesterday was 40 and raining...

And, from Viz magazine a long time ago “pop star Sting (real name Gordon Sting”) ... still makes me smile.
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