Get out of Malibu, Lebowski!

Posted On: Wednesday - April 22nd 2020 8:11PM MST
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I’m gonna get all anecdotal on your asses now to just demonstrate how much trouble this panic has been causing. Some homeless guy with his (pretty-nice, blue) scooter was sitting next to a church in our neighborhood. Me and my 8 y/o boy (me on roller-blades on the road and he on a bike on the sidewalks) passed him one way, then 30 minutes later were on the other side of the street coming toward him. My son would have passed 5 or 6 ft from where he was hanging out.

The guy started yelling loud as he could at me about us being too close, and “you can’t take a kid around, you’re tryin’ to kill me, get away!” or some such stuff. I wasn’t gonna take that and got on the sidewalk rolling toward him and telling him to shut the hell up. (We’d have been glad to go way around, but I’m not gonna take abuse like that.) He threatened to kick my ass, and I’m not at all a big guy, but I kept on coming.

The guy got on his scooter, as I was I telling him to f-off and such. Then he turned around 75 yards away and came at me in a game of chicken, he on the scooter and me on rollerblades, passed within 1 foot of me (apparently forgetful of the R0 data), as I tried to grab a sleeve to dump his crazy ass onto the road.

Then, I started rollerblading down the road after him in this neighborhood, let’s call it “Crestview” or something, just for fun, and, see now here’s the part that I just know blogger Steve Sailer would have liked, had I had been just a little bit quicker. I yelled “get out of Crestview” but without the “…Lebowski!” Opportunities like that don’t come often.

Yes, he was mentally ill, but all this hysteria had not helped that man one bit. Me neither.

This poor homeless guy really seemed to be under the impression that this Kung Flu is just like the Black Plague*. Where has this guy gotten his Coronhysteria ("Corona hysteria"?) from? IThe public libraries have been closed for a while so it's not from the internet there. It must be wherever he sees the idiot plate hanging, I guess - this Infotainment Panic-Fest has been on the air continuously for 6 weeks, on all channels. I just met a big fan today.

* BTW, I can't tell if some families whose houses we stopped by to say hello really got and appreciated the joke when I yelled from outside "bring out your dead". Not EVERYONE is a Monty Python fan.

Thursday - April 30th 2020 5:06AM MST
PS: Gold in an asteroid? RT article:
Thursday - April 23rd 2020 3:15PM MST
PS -- Here is my similar anecdote.

Afternoon, March 23; at this time masks were still very uncommon where I am, but by which time the 'Lockdown' had begun. (Wow, that is a full one month ago as of today.)

A Black homeless guy. He is in full mask. It's a nice mask, fresh and new. And surgical gloves. (Where did he get such a nice mask and surgical gloves?). As there aren't many people around, and none in the immediate vicinity, he mumbles something through the mask as we pass each other.

I don't even understand him through the mask but I recognize the interaction and decline to give him money. He goes at it, raising his voice (now audible through the mask): "You think WE are all infected, with the virus! *Don't* you!" And into other invective. I said in strong terms I didn't think he was infected with the virus (I was in the anti-CoronaPanic camp by this time already; interesting to observe the slow rise in mask use and other signs of the Panic). I said had to go. He continued to invective which descended into more mumbling as he walked the other way. What the purpose of this kind of interaction is to him, I have no idea.

I wrote to a friend at the time: "That was one of the bizarre experiences courtesy of the 'big tower people':" and sent this image along with the message:
Thursday - April 23rd 2020 8:15AM MST
PS: Thank you, BC. Really, it's not that I don't take some things seriously, but this damn media frenzy must have had the guy really thinking it's the Black Plague. He did look like he might have had the Black Plaque though, as he was yelling at me at the top of his voice.

I should have left him alone, but as the kids say "he started it!"
Thursday - April 23rd 2020 5:42AM MST
PS: Too funny! Give 'em hell, Achmed!
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