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(Steve Sailer discussed a problem with these photos, the Telephoto Trickery.)

Per Zerohedge, the Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida has ALLOWED people to be on the beaches, after being banned since the Kung Flu hysteria kicked into high gear. What a stupid policy that was, preventing people from at least spending some of their time off in a nice place where one COULD get away from people, old file photos not withstanding.

One thing I should say about this LOCKDOWN and SHELTER-IN-PlACE police state bit, is that it was conducted at the local and State level. That doesn't make it constitutional by the State Constitutions, but there's at least a little bit of Federalism (States' rights) thought left. The top-down advice from the leaders of this Panic-Fest was unfortunately heeded by too many State and local officials. Perhaps it was a game of one-up-smanship, as in "hey, North Carolina's closed the boat ramps, we'll close the beaches AND the boat ramps. That'll show everyone my leadership!"

Per the ZH article, Crowds Swarm Florida Beaches Amid Phased Reopening As Critics Slam "#FloridaMorons" - WARNING BELOW* , there's some pushback from the usual morons, calling others morons for not wanting to live under police state lockdowns. It seems very political, though ...

I appreciate this magnanimous gesture by the Mayor though.
Mayor Lenny Curry (R) of Jacksonville,
did you ever know you were my hero?
I can fly higher than an eagle.
Governor Ron DeSantis (R), you are the wind beneath my wings!


Where were we?

Oh, yeah, it seems kind of political.
As is always the case in this polarized time, not everyone was supportive of the re-opening. Lake Worth Beach City Commissioner Omari Hardy tweeted angrily (and clearly politically):
"When a person doesn’t believe in science, they do dumb things."

"When a person in power doesn't believe in science, they do dumb things that hurt the public. This move is so dumb that I had to make sure it wasn’t fake news. You guys, it isn’t fake news.”
And Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who contracted coronavirus himself, called the reopening in Jacksonville “very concerning,” adding that Florida was “not out of the woods yet” and the consequences of reopening too soon were “very, very scary.”
Hey, Omari, whaddya' using my "fake news" bit, now? Get some new material. Mr. Suarez, you ought to be in the ICU, or at least not up and about exerting yourself with this bloviating. How about y'all worry about Lake Worth and Miami, respectively - you're not part of real Florida anyway.

Though the ZeroHedge comment section is not what it used to be when the site was my favorite almost a decade ago, there are still some gems. One, which I don't want to pull up now due to the hassle (see *WARNING below), had an excellent point about the picture you see up top. I took this off ZH to demonstrate the commenter's point. Though ZH had small print saying "file photo", the photo was put there to distort the news in the article itself. The guy's point was just that - this photo on the top of the ZH post was the fake news. Here's a photo of one of the Jacksonville Beaches** from a tweet later down in the article:

Peak Stupidity uses what one used to call "file photos" all the time. Now, one can simply go to bing search (seems to work the best) and type in key words and "images". It's pretty amazing, I gotta say. Type in "Bikini Girls eating Tacos" and you'll get ... well, hold on ... OK, plenty of girls eating tacos in loose halter tops, so really not exactly ... and pictures of girls in bikinis eating watermelons and corn dogs, but .. you get what I mean, right?

Yes, I've picked out images of politicians, for example, that kind of illustrated my point more than different images of them would have. However, the point here is to say the the beaches are open, and people are supposed to stay apart or with their own families. The ZeroHedge picture showed this beach at a different time from this Kung Flu panic time, and well, not just yesterday, when the beaches re-opened. That's fake news. Shame on you, Tyler Durden!

If you're gonna put any old file photo up, and it's a story about the beach, why don't you just do this?:

Tried to hit on the 2nd one from the right... got social distanced again .. sigh ...

For this, you want to keep your Social Disease distance:

Elton John (really his lyricist Bernie Taupin) sings about being a genuine example of a Social Disease. This is from the best of all his albums, IMO, the 2-LP*** album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road from 1973.

Elton John – vocals, piano and all manner of other keyboards
Dee Murray – bass guitar
Davey Johnstone – guitars of all sorts and banjo
Nigel Olsson – drums, congas, tambourine

[UPDATE 04/23:]
Struck out story of file phone (Getty Image) being old, as I've got new information that this may be fake news. My sincerest apologies are due, as I don't want to be the spreader of it myself. I'll fix this up better later on.

* Holy crap, Zerohedge is a pain in the ass. Please don't tell me to get another browser, as it locks up hotel lobby computers too. I had to restart the machine due to having this ZH article up, and will just paraphrase the comment I liked due to this bullshit. Beware of clicking it - save your work first. C'mon Tyler Durden, take out some of your scripts! (It used to be a great site, I swear!)

** Hey, there are SO MANY beaches in the area and up (to Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach) and down that east shore. I've been to Atlantic Beach in Jax, as I recall - pretty nice.

*** That meant Long Playing record.

Adam Smith
Sunday - April 26th 2020 8:37AM MST
PS:You're welcome Mr. Moderator. Windowless is definitely the way to go. You won't regret it.

While I am happy to help, I also understand keeping a low profile. I'm a private person myself.

It seems to me that you are more than qualified to figure out a linux install.
You could watch a few on youtube if you like. That will give you the feel for it. It's really pretty easy.
Friday - April 24th 2020 5:44AM MST
PS: Thank you for the info. and definitions, Adam Smith. This computer here really is a classic at this point, so I hate to ditch it. When I do, it's time to go windowless for sure.

I really could use some help at times from guys like you, but I'm trying to keep a low profile, so that makes it difficult. I can make my way around a program (used to crunch numbers in FORTRAN-77, used C, but not at all expertly, and even learned a little assembly) It took a long time to get OOP into my head solidly. I worked in the Unix world for a while too, but as the REAL WHO says, "people forget".
Adam Smith
Thursday - April 23rd 2020 10:04PM MST
PS:Hey there Achmed...

you asked...
" why do you like Debian over other versions (packages?) of unix/linux?

Packages are like programs. mozilla is a package. openoffice is a package. opera is a package... geany... kpat... gimp... all packages...

Debian is a distro. a linux distribution...

a distro is an operating system... (made up of packages)

fedora is a distro...

ubuntu is a distro...

arch is a distro...

apt is a package... and a package manager...

sometimes life is so confusing anymore...

smile on your brother...

peace sign... smiley face...
Adam Smith
Thursday - April 23rd 2020 11:59AM MST
PS: Nothing wrong with being a Luddite. Luddites are some of the finest people.

Yes. DOS is that little thing you push with the paper clip.

I like Debian best mostly because it is just what I am used to and it is very stable. I've tried many different operating systems, mostly out of curiosity.

Debian is one of the granddaddy linuxes from which others are made. Ubuntu is Debian based for example.

I'm running Debian 8.11 Jessie with the Mate desktop environment on this machine. I bought this computer for 23 dollars on ebay. It's a Fujitsu T732. It's pretty nice. By the time I bought a new hard drive and 16gb of ram it cost about $90.

puppy linux is nice, especially for troubleshooting windows machines or writing zeros to a hard drive before partitioning and installation.

Linux mint is nice and very user friendly.

I setup a computer for my neighbor a few years back with elementaryOS after windows tried to upgrade to windows 10 for him and bricked his machine. It's worked out very well for him. It was a little bit more difficult to install than debian. Took about as long as a fedora install.

I like the apt package manager that comes with debian. It's command line but works very well. There are also gui based package managers for those non-luddites out there.

For convenience, there is an unofficial netinst CD build which includes non-free firmware for extra support for some awkward hardware. It's the best to use because it has drivers for things like wifi and ethernet cards and will get you going a bit easier.

netinst means network install. Pop the disc in and it will download the whole operating system from an online repository with all the latest files, suited to your machine.

Linux is a lot easier to install than it used to be. It's important to get your partitions setup properly before you install, especially if you're going to run multiple operating systems on one machine. If you're not running multiple os's you can let the installer do the partitioning for you.

If debian isn't your flavor, just try out a few until you find one you like.

Thursday - April 23rd 2020 10:44AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, do you take me for some sort of Luddite? Granted, I just turned off DOS a couple of years ago (I THINK that was the thing you push with the paperclip, right?) I'll have you know that I've recycled my 15" monitor down at the range, and have this great little Compaqued computer that FITS IN THE TRUNK OF MY VEHICLE*. I can take it anywhere!

Yeah, the little bit of code strips out anything looking like html tags, explaining the no-can-do on the down-slashes. Thank you for the path.

Speaking of "2 paths you can go on, but it the long run..." why do you like Debian over other versions (packages?) of unix/linux?

* OK, not my Compaqued car, but at least into the Bronco.

Adam Smith
Thursday - April 23rd 2020 9:09AM MST
PS: Hey there...

Well that's mildly confusing.
Looks like the comment took out the back slashes.

C: Windows System32 Drivers etc hosts

With back slashes instead of spaces.
That's the slash above the enter key.

Adam Smith
Thursday - April 23rd 2020 9:03AM MST
PS: Good Morning Moderator,

Social distancing since before it was cool. Maybe the ladies were just ahead of the curve.

Yeah, those are the ad servers for ZH. While it is kinda retarded that you're still using windows, and should probably switch to Debian, it's damn impressive that you're still using that old 386 with the 15” CRT monitor. Kudos for that...

I think you'll find your hosts file here...


Thank you and the rest of the staff for all your hard work.
It's good to know I have a safe space where I can be myself.

Wednesday - April 22nd 2020 1:59PM MST
PS: Oh, and Adam, I'm not all broken up about that 2nd girl. Women have been social distancing from me way way before the Kung Flu hit us.
Wednesday - April 22nd 2020 1:03PM MST
PS: Hey, Adam, if you are a computer type, right here is as safe a space to come out about that as any, I reckon. OK, I think I can find that hosts file (this is Mozilla and, retardedly, I'm still using windows.)

I was planning on never loading a ZH page on this particular machine again, Are those 2 sites ones that ZH uses for ads?
Adam Smith
Wednesday - April 22nd 2020 8:41AM MST
PS:Hey Mr. Moderator...

At risk of sounding like a computer type just add and to your hosts file if you really care to read ZeroHedge. Like this... any other website you never want to see again

You get the idea.

Too bad about that girl 2nd from the right...
Tuesday - April 21st 2020 11:00AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, that is a very good point about science and the scientific method, that I didn't catch or think to mention. You are right that "believing" has nothing to do with it. If you are in the same field, or the science involved is simple, well, feel free to do work, meaning observation, experimentation, or math theory to demonstrate any errors in someone else's work. That's how it works. This jack-leg in S. Florida probably knows nothing but politics, the art of running one's mouth.

Thank you very much for the supporting data on ZeroHedge. Computer types will always tell me "it's your browser!", "get ad-block!", and so on. Yeah, well the hotel computers are locked down like a nun in a New Orleans convent, yet the site will lock them up too.
Tuesday - April 21st 2020 10:39AM MST
PS Apparently much harder to contract the infection outdoors than indoors. Outdoors is where folks ought to be as much as possible. Unfortunately, here in the lower Great Lakes region, the weather is not cooperating. Regarding the quote from Omari (that name tells you something) Somebody-or-Other: What on Earth does “believe in science” mean? I’m not at all sure that “believing in” anything means much of anything. One believes that such-and-such (2+2=4 or the sofa cover is brown) or one doesn’t believe it (in which case you’d be wrong in both cases), but you don’t believe “in” it. I believe that the hypothetico-deductive method combined with empirical observation yields considerable information about the natural world. That’s not a matter of believing “in” anything. Whenever I hear that expression, I prepare for some sort of idiocy to be spouted. Omari did not disappoint. Regarding Zerohedge, I gave up on it long ago, I got tired of it crashing my browser.
Tuesday - April 21st 2020 7:37AM MST
PS: Hehe, and look, as much as I never liked "musicals", as we film (not movie!) critics call 'em, I grant that Miss Midler had a good voice. It's not my type of music at all, though. I can't expect a singer of movie musical music to know much about aerodynamics, but damn, lady, it's the higher-speed, low-pressure air ABOVE the wings (relatively to the closer-to-static-pressure air below) that creates the lift.

You'd think that someone could have looked that shit up on the internet or something before penning those words... I'm just sayin'...

Oh, but thanks, Mr. Ganderson!
Tuesday - April 21st 2020 5:11AM MST
PS Achmed- you are the wind beneath my wings...
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