Kung Flu Panic-Fest vs. 9-11 - The Response

Posted On: Thursday - April 16th 2020 6:57PM MST
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We've gotta DO SOMETHING!

Peak Stupidity drew this comparison over 3 weeks ago in a post titled Is COVID-19 the Socialists' 9/11?. I'd like to make some more comparisons in this and upcoming posts about this infotainment panic-fest we are undergoing versus the 9/11 attack. One thing that stands in contrast is that 9/11 was one day, while this Kung Flu deal is a slow, ongoing attack on America.

I will give my usual disclaimer here. Skip this paragraph if you've read it before. No, I will not categorically say that basics of the attacks on the buildings that day were really as reported or as most Americans see them. However, I don't comment because I don't want to turn this blog into that type of blog (there are plenty), and I am not expert enough to know about some very important aspects of a determination of what the heck really went on. As I've written before, I do believe the Deep State and parts of the US Feral Gov't are up for some really dirty deeds. That's all.

This fairly short post will be about the massive and fairly quick (for governments, right?) response to this purported COVID-one-niner crisis, as compared to what happened shortly after 9/11.

President, at-the-time, George W. Bush came on TV shortly after 9/11 to reassure very pissed-off Americans that we would get whoever performed the dastardly deeds back, and start right away at it. A majority (15) of these 19 terrorists hailed from Saudi Arabia, and the group was backed by the Al-Qaeda group and reported to the infamous Osama bin Laden from Afghanistan. OK, we would send our overwhelming military forces to Afghanistan and punish that group and its leader. (Interestingly enough, the long-term response to this attack did not involve paring down immigrants or students from Saudi Arabia. In fact, more have come to America yearly than ever before. Yeah, that's another one of those brain-farts, I guess, by our crack operatives in the US Government.)

What the Bush Administration did do was go ahead and launch a massive invasion of the country of Iraq. Well, it's near there, but ... This is something that almost nobody but the hard-core neocons like Max Boot* thinks was a good idea today. There were plenty wondering what the idea was at the time, too. I'll admit, as someone that had been following politics somewhat but not as savvy as today, I just figured there was some connection that I didn't know. They had to know some stuff we are not privy to at the State Department, the CIA, the NSA, whoever, right?

No, it turns out, the 9/11 attack was just used to, among lots of other things, implement some plans of the neocons that had nothing to do with 9/11. I see a parallel with what's been going on for the last month and a half, based on the excuse of this planned-demic. No, that's nice wordplay I got from someone, but I don't maintain the spread of this particular version of the Corona flu virus was planned out. I do think that it was used to implement Police State strategies and huge Socialist and Crony-Capitalist spending sprees that may have already been planned. That is very much like how the attack on Iraq, the "Patriot" act, and the formation of the perfectly-named-for-a-Police State Department of Homeland (spit!) Security seemed to have been already planned.

A difference between the 9/11 excuse for DOING SOMETHING! and this Corona panic-fest excuse is that this newer event is not a 1-day event but a few month long event that we are witnessing today still. The huge amount of information flow going on now, even though that is part of the way the Infotainment inducing this panic-fest has been carried out, will let us communicate better, right here for example, and analyze calmly whether we have been, or are still being, set up.

This is what you're gonna do ...

This Dr. Fauci character has played the leading role in the Kung Flu response in America. Does he have someone whispering in his ear too, telling him certain plans have been made and he'd better keep with the program, or else? Are they giving him medical advise he no canna' refuse?

* Look the guy's name in the title names or articles in the Steve Sailer archive on unz.com, if you really want to know about this piece of work. I don't want to bother.

Friday - April 17th 2020 9:19PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I left you this same excerpt (Mr. Unz's comment) on your site too, a few hours back. As to the methods of his madness, and he is mad, you know, it may take a while to figure them out. You or I could be marked as "nutty flu hoaxers", but just not understand the limitations yet.

I think I wrote you this, but what Ron Unz thinks of as "offhand" is having skimmed a couple out of the thousands of your comments. We'll see, I guess.
Friday - April 17th 2020 9:15PM MST
PS: Ganderson - I agree with all (both comments). As far as your 2nd one goes, the Chinese are let in to study for money and cheap labor as researchers. The Moslems are let in for the money and to help ruin the country. I've got a feeling that's what you would have said too.
Friday - April 17th 2020 8:10PM MST
PS And why we would allow any Muslims here for any reason escapes me. Or for that matter why we choose to educate Chinese- I know the reason, but it shouldn’t be alllowed.
Friday - April 17th 2020 8:07PM MST
PS --

Ron Unz' latest move on the Corona Chess Board:


"I’ve now gone ahead and sharply restricted the comments from a bunch of these nutty Flu Hoaxers. Maybe they’ll get the hint that they’re not wanted here, and take their crack-pottery elsewhere. Offhand, my impression is that almost none of them have ever left substantive, worthwhile comments on any other topic, so their departure would be no great loss.

If they wish to eventually regain their regular commenting privileges, they need to behave themselves and then also leave some substantive and worthwhile comments, demonstrating that they add some value. If they’re just going to rant, they can rant elsewhere."



It's unclear what any of that means. "Restricted"? "A bunch"? "'These' Nutty Flu Hoaxers"? Who are they? What does the 'restriction' mean? What is the bar they need to hop over to "regain their commenting privileges"?

There is no list of Banned Flu Hoaxers ("almost none of [whom] have ever left substantive, worthwhile comments on any other topic").

I honestly can't think of who he might mean. Certainly I fit among his broad definition, but as far as I can tell I am not banned, and none of my comments have disappeared that I know of. I don't believe the Corona Crisis ever warranted the shutdowns.

Is it a CYA maneuver in case the pro-CoronaPanic power-brokers come a-knockin'? A hole in this theory is that he has also published articles with such incendiary contents as "The US military created the Corona Apocalypse Virus to kill Chinese people" by some clown named MetallicMan, who claims to be a UFO abduction survivor. (Not one the Unz Review's finest moments...)
Friday - April 17th 2020 8:06PM MST
PS i thought taking out the terrorist camps in Afghanistan was a good idea. staying there for almost 20 years? Not so much. As for Iraq- sad to say I bought the Bushies’ line- wish I could say I didn’t but there you are. As for this current mess- put me in the “It’s the flu, man” , category. I also thing many members of the media should be taken out and shot.
Friday - April 17th 2020 1:50PM MST
PS: PS: We (OK, that means me, really) ENJOY comments and discussion, Mr. Hail. You can hijack this one all the way to Havana, Cuba if you want! I'll try not to butt into a conversation - been used to writing back as I appreciate comments.

(I'd rather not put a post up just on Ron Unz right now, as it'd seem like just too much (in my opinion) rubbing it in. I wrote an updated review of his site a year and a half ago, but without any discussion of Ron's personal opinions (other than whom he picks as writers)


Paging, James M Dakin, is there a James M Dakin reading: I just realized you left an un-replied to comment in October of 2018! I'm so sorry. As I wrote today, this software is nothing special - I'd like to work on it (could make myself a "tool" - more geek parlance - to check comments quicker.

That digression aside, Mr. Hail, I'd like to think what you wrote is correct on a possible reason for Mr. Unz not to clamp down on commenters. However, since I imagine he knows the ratio of just readers to reader/commenters, maybe he wouldn't care that much, depending on his data. Though page views go WAY UP when you have big back-and-forth discussions (basically fooling oneself on the site's use stats), possibly he will feel the site's so visible, he'll have others chime in. (One tends to get discouraged when there are already 1287 comments and you haven't started reading them yet!)
Oh, BTW, we don't have any of these decisions to make yet, here at Peak Stupidity.
Friday - April 17th 2020 1:39PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I agree that something had to be done in both cases, but it's a question of scale and also going even in the right direction.

In my opinion whatever was done after 9/11 was wrong, both the massive increase in the Police State and the invasion of Iraq. What wasn't done, which you'd think would be obvious, was to clamp down on immigration, both legal and illegal, along with getting rigorous regarding doling out non-immigration visa of all sorts (tourists, student pilot training ones .. you know ;-} ) I was being facetious, BTW, when I chalked the failure this effort as an oversight.

On this Kung Flu, various methods of support - relaxation of FDA regs, extra effort to provide info. by the FCC, and that kind of thing - sure. The massive emergency ordering of the population is way beyond the pale.

You are right - for various reasons life better get back to normal, at least for the working man, soon. I think an economic depression may still be the result anyway. Disclaimer: Don't take stock advice from a blogger, haha!

Friday - April 17th 2020 11:32AM MST
PS -- Sorry to 'hijack' this post to be about Ron Unz, but one more thing to say (and a parenthetical):

I don't believe Ron Unz will pull the trigger on banning these nefarious Hoaxers he keeps railing against.That would be pretty foolish, given not just his mission statement (see my previous comment) but given that his own, long-term loyal readership leans decidedly anti-Corona. For every Corona-pusher, there are at least two anti-Corona regulars. At least that's my impression, which is heavily but not entirely colored by the Steve Sailer threads.

(Btw, in all my years of reading Steve Sailer, never do I recall this level of strong and sustained pushback against him from his own commentariat. Nothing comes close.)
Friday - April 17th 2020 11:27AM MST
PS -- Federalist is right that Ron Unz himself has published, under his own name, plenty of material that MSMers would dismiss HIM as a "nutty Hoaxer," needless to say.

In his normal form, I'd have guessed R.Unz would be more liable to write an "American Pravda" article which is some version of this very post ("Kung Flu Panic-Fest vs. 9-11 - The Response"), i.e., on the 'possibility' at least that the Corona Crisis is actually a kind of elaborate Coup D'Etat. "Keep an eye on the hand that the magician is not showing you," so to speak. This is not even a particularly hard argument to make, and it's the kind he claims his website is set up to give voice to, because anti-CoronaPanic voices are almost entirely absent from the MSM discourse.

The only thing I have been able to come up with on why Ron Unz is so publicly denouncing "Corona Hoaxers," publicly insulting them in what seems to be bad faith, and threatening to ban them from the Unz Review, is because he doesn't want negative media attention or a possible crackdown. He can use his pro-Corona (i.e., "anti-Hoaxer") stance as a method be able to plausibly deny that he runs a "Corona Denial website."
Friday - April 17th 2020 11:00AM MST
PS Something had to be done in response to the Sept 11, 2001 attacks. Unfortunately, out midwit president of the time did just the wrong thing. It does seem to me that something had to be done in response to the WuFlu. It’s not clear to me that we’ve done the right thing, but time will tell. Maybe. One thing seems pretty clear to me: People in low-risk categories—i.e., the majority of the population—had better be getting back to normal life pretty darned quick.
Friday - April 17th 2020 7:11AM MST
PS: Wow! Now this is getting to be a REAL blog! I wrote one comment, got ready to write another, and there's Mr. Federalist with a comment one minute before one of mine.

Thank you for writing in, Mr. Federalist. The 2nd silver lining of this Kung Flu bullshit (#1 has been Homeschooling awareness, IMO) is that Peak Stupidity comments are WAY UP, kind of in an inverse relationship with the Dow Jones. I'm LUVIN IT! (Yes, I've got it all modeled out, I tells ya')

OK, I'll quit being silly for a second. I will always admit that the usability of the unz commenting system is the best I've ever seen. I also think Mr. Sailer gets WAY WAY more exposure on unz than on his old blogspot site.

Mr. Unz's site is a great thing for free speech in a lot of ways, and he will stand up for it, I am sure. This speech, comments-wise, must not criticize his thinking, I guess. I am in full agreement that Mr. Unz is a total hypocrite when it comes to actual content of the comments, but for some reason he doesn't mind articles that are beyond nuts, as Godfree Roberts' stuff proves. Maybe Mr. Unz is just plain a Communist infiltrator - see, there's a conspiracy theory for ya'.

Mr. Sailer's posts and comment section are indeed an island of sanity and educated clear-thinking. I hope Mr. Unz leaves him the hell alone. It probably helps that Steve was most of the way on-board with the Corona panic, but Steve is a very reasonable guy and has changed his stance a good bit based on, Glory Be!, listening to people!
Friday - April 17th 2020 6:58AM MST
PS: The guy has just plain got a screw loose, Mr. Hail. He seems to have a real lack of contact with the real world and any common sense.

At this point, Ron Unz is in for a pound on this Kung Flu panic-fest. He will not be happy until those millions of Americans are dead of SOMETHING - then "I told you nutters so!"
Friday - April 17th 2020 6:57AM MST

Thanks, Hail. I wasn't aware of Unz's latest B.S. He's going to crackdown on hoaxers. That's rich coming from the guy who promotes every conspiracy theory known to man.

I hated it when Steve Sailer gave up his independent blog to be a part of unz.com.
Friday - April 17th 2020 6:51AM MST
PS: That is not the first time either, Mr. Hail. I have to get going in a few minutes, and am really considering chilling out with respect to that latest intolerant stupidity out of Mr. Unz. It's intolerant if he actually does something about it with his commenting software/settings.

That that would really put the kibosh on my enjoyment of the unz site is the ONLY REASON I just now didn't write back Ron Unz. He's suppressing dissent just by threatening this stuff. The other occasion, BTW, was under the HUGE (>1,200 comment, I think) thread under some article about the "heroic" lady bureaucrat from California who supposedly saved a million people - sure, yeah, Ron.

Take a look there, Hail, and you'll see it (with a ctrl-f for "Ron Unz", of course). That was his articles so maybe that's when he started taking non-agreeing comments very personally, like a Fred Reed or Paul Craig Roberts, who is, BTW, DEAD TO ME.
Friday - April 17th 2020 5:20AM MST
PS --

Ron Unz just posted this:

"Since the nutty Hoaxers are still promoting their crazy beliefs despite absolutely all evidence to the contrary, I think they probably belong in lunatic asylums rather than cluttering up the comments here on this website with their nonsense. Therefore, I’m half-inclined to just get rid of them all, or at least drastically reduce their commenting. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

What do other people think about this idea?"

(This concluded a comment he wrote promoting the Corona Panic, in a nominally CoronaSkeptic essay by Dr. James Thompson; Ron Unz also tossed in the line: "China has one of the world’s most competent governments.")

Friday - April 17th 2020 5:19AM MST
PS --

Agreed on 9/11 and Corona as both soft coups d'etat, comparable in broad terms. This post is a good presentation of a rationally argued form of the "Corona Coup d'Etat" thesis.

It's hard to judge the long-run impact of the Corona Crisis, since it is ongoing. Heck, my thinking even inclines to say it's still too early to judge the 9/11 impact fully, to the extent (e.g.) that US foreign policy remains on a trajectory that was greatly boosted by that event.
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