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Posted On: Wednesday - April 15th 2020 6:29PM MST
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Part of the backlash against MADD mission creep:

The arising of the underground group Drunks Against Mad Mothers, OK, not even underground but at least in the minds and discussions of curmudgeons in the dive bars, was due to an effect called "mission creep"*. It's an effect seen in large, usually do-gooder organizations, when the are successful enough in their primary aim to need more work to justify their existences.

M.A.D.D., the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, was formed to work to prevent deaths due to the serious amount of drunk driving that was a bigger part of American life though the early 1980s than it is now. Fair enough, and good job Mothers (and Fathers). However, I distinctly remember a time in the mid-1990s when the same group was involved in trying to prevent drinking at the beach near where I lived then. These people were hanging out and not on the roads. This had nothing to do with driving drunk, but just drinking period. That's where you get your backlash, but there's a little more to it too.

First it was 0.10% alcohol in the bloodstream that was BAD (it really depends a lot on the driver), then 0.08%, and these mothas are always trying to push for lower. That keeps them in business. Funny thing is, and I guess it's simple an oversight, but Mexican and Central American drivers in the US drive with numbers like 0.30%, but M.A.D.D. hasn't noticed. I mean, 0.30%, this is when you not just see double** and spend time later worshiping the porcelain goddess, but you don't even remember your own name, Jose, the night in jail, and even 2-day trip back down to Mexico to wait for next building season to head norte to install porcelain goddesses again as Jos-B. Aye, Ca-rumba! But, again, this is just, an oversight ... I'm sure of that.

The most egregious thing out of M.A.D.D, and this finally relates to the Kung Flu, cause that's all you want to hear about, right(?), is their involvement in the stats. See, to keep M.A.D.D. relevant, there must be still lots of drunk-driving accidents and fatalities. Well, believe me there still are, with open-borders immigration policy being a nice boost. What is done now, though, is to juice the stats by including car accidents in which the primary cause has NOTHING to do with alcohol, so long as SOMEBODY was drinking. Maybe it was the guy who'd had 2 beers but got blindsided in the intersection by a guy running the light, maybe a drunk panhandler got ran down by someone reading the internet while exiting up the off-ramp, or maybe it was a passenger in the back of the van. This is not really so much mission creep as "goosing the numbers" to keep people scared enough to stay relevant.

What got me thinking of this again was this comment under a Steve Sailer post on unz, by a good commenter named "The Alarmist":
If a gang-banger is shot or stabbed while COVID-19 positive, is it logged as a COVID-19 death?
VERY GOOD QUESTION, Alarmist! I have been wondering for the last few weeks of this Infotainment Panic Fest how the co-morbidities, as the constant phone-watchers now know to call it, are separated out when determining official cause of death. How many deaths of people marked as due to COVID-19, would have happened anyway? Is it very clear that someone died of the Kung Flu instead of with the Kung Flu?

The efforts of the Lyin' Press and governments officially involved in worrying about the Kung Flu for us, have been tremendous. It is really more than mission creep - it seems to simply be a supposed crisis not being wasted and goosing the numbers is part of it.

How about if that gang-banger from The Alarmist's hypothetical anecdote had drank 3 large cans of malt liquor on the way to the hospital and hit the curb by the emergency room? Does that count as a drunk-driving death AND a Kung Flutality – a two-fer?

PS: I'd really meant this post to be more about the goosing of the numbers, a different process than general mission creep, but I got going, and that's that ...

* Early on in it's blogging life, Peak Stupidity discussed the mission creep of the Sierra Club. This organization, which, going by the name, would seem to be in favor of saving beautiful places in America such as the Sierra Mountains, has branched out into areas of politics that are in no way related to their original mission. We also have mentioned the Bureau of Labor Statisics, with their green eye-shade boys' getting into all manner of US Government economics numbers, not too big a problem, relatively speaking. Lastly, there was the mission creep of CNN, discussed here.

** See a funny anecdote in Docs on Bikes, Addendum

Friday - April 17th 2020 1:59PM MST
PS: I could sell you a life membership, Mr. Blanc, but I will tell you our Board of Directors and all literature is now in Spanish. I hope that's, hiccup ... OK. We have a very diverse Hispanic clientele now. This keeps us from getting listed as a hate group by the $PLC, which would preclude our getting our normal access to Federal funding .. you know, block grants, Pell Grants, the Jim Beam program, all of it.
Friday - April 17th 2020 11:04AM MST
PS Damn! There’s a DAMM. Where do I sign up? Not that I’m admitting anything about my drinking habits, you understand.
Thursday - April 16th 2020 6:43AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I pasted in the link from your 2nd comment here and realized that, somewhat coincidentally, I'd read part of this guy's stuff a few weeks back. I will read through all of it later on.

Yep, the numerators could be off from reality to the high side by a factor of not more than 1 for a hospital that does honest assessments but maybe 2 or 3 from places that have reasons (ex., per my subsequent post to this) to make them higher.

As for the denominator, the numbers we read could be off to the low side by a factor of 10, but maybe even 100! How can you make mathematical models, when you are starting off with total crap like this?!
Thursday - April 16th 2020 6:29AM MST
PS: Thank you for the good comments, Mr. Hail, along with the links. The "Off-Guardian" stuff is scary. Massive disobedience is the answer to all of this. It doesn't have to involve riots this time, as per the connotations of that term from the civil rites era.

Just going about one's business now may be considered civil disobedience. I've said it many times before, and I'll say it again. They can't arrest all of us.
Wednesday - April 15th 2020 8:47PM MST
PS --

BTW, it doesn't much make the news, but there have been a few courageous local medical authorities pushing back against the insane policy of marking all coronavirus-positive deaths as "coronavirus deaths" (imagine if all deaths were classified this way; a lot of flu viruses might rack up huge body counts, if found present in a deceased's system...)

In Sweden's case, reports were that re-classifying "deaths with" from "deaths from" found the true coronavirus death toll plunged by up to two-thirds. Hamburg had an immediate drop in half when they changed over. Their local health authority turned against the Panic by early April and has been slamming the shutdowns. There is ambiguity, but the effect is real. The overcount that conveniently serves the interests of the pro-CoronaPanic side (and the Holy Media, as I've taken to calling it at Unz) is real.

The name of the Corona game is about like this: Inflate the numerator(deaths), hugely-deflate the denominator (total past- and present-positives), flash scary numbers as much as possibly, keep the proles scared and in line, suppress dissent, and keep the people reliant on the government and TV. "The revolution will be televised"!


I'd recommend all interested in the Corona Smoke-and-Mirrors Media Fest, and who don't know whereto find comprehensive opposing views not seen much on the airwaves of the Holy Media, to check the semi-daily updates from Swiss Propaganda Research, their series called "A Swiss Doctor on COVID19":


Call it a CoronaPanic Detox. That site distinguishes itself and has forever won my respect.
Wednesday - April 15th 2020 8:39PM MST
PS --

"How many deaths of people marked as due to COVID-19, would have happened anyway? Is it very clear that someone died of the Kung Flu instead of with the Kung Flu?"

Right! You've hit one of the keys to the whole CoronaScam, a kind of medical-political fraud. As best we can tell, in most places this is actually a majority of "coronavirus deaths.". And almost all the remainder were seriously ill, if not necessarily terminal.

The extreme and ad-absurdum examples like a car accident death getting classified a coronavirus death, or The Alarmist's example are fun thought experiments, but the much bigger and more significant category is deathbed patients. If positive at time of death, most countries reporting systems 'magic-wand' such people into corona victims.

Remembering that up to 8,000 die in the US daily at this time of year, and if the virus is as widespread as studies now say it is, a portion of them will be positive regardless...

Hence the CoronaHumor line:

“The good news is, we’ve cured cancer.”
— Corona Apocalypse survivor.

See photographic evidence here:

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