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Posted On: Saturday - April 11th 2020 6:25PM MST
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It was another situation in which the radio in the vehicle was not under my control. Oh, it wasn't too bad this time - no rap crap, no real ululation (we weren't facing east so ...), just some gospel soul stuff that wasn't bad relatively... then came an electric Dah, dah-da, Dah, da-dah ... Hey, this ain't right. Are all the Stones out of jail and sober enough to start a law suit, between the end of their hangovers and the Early Bird Special? Cause that's the intro to Honky-Tonk Woman.

It was somehow not EXACTLY the same, I think due to a softer drum beat, if any. Nope, it was a woman singing it. After 15 minutes , OK, 3 minutes of searching, I cannot find any information on it, even on the wiki page, with its listing of covers. Perhaps this gin-soaked bar-room queen is not so computer savvy.

She had to go change the lyrics though, and I anticipated that coming. It was simply "bar-room man", not so great, creativity wise. Then, on the chorus it was "gimme, gimme, gimme a honky-tonk man". Well that changes the meaning of the song entirely! That's just cough cough bullshit! cough.

I had an idea: As the music producer, if you want a woman's voice, why not hire a lesbian ... or two, say The Indigo Girls. Get it? They could sing the lyrics per the original Richards/Jagger lyrics, and everyone would understand. BTW, if this song's title was simply Honky-Tonk Man, then that introduces a conflict with the same title by the great Dwight Yoakam:

Written by Johnny Horton way back in 1956, Honky Tonk Man was recorded by Dwight Yoakam 30 years later, as his first single off of Guitars, Cadillacs...

What other songs have been sung by the opposite gender, ones that need to be changed? Well there was Linda Ronstadt with Warren Zevon (thanks, Mr. Ganderson!) Poor Pitiful Me (and what a great version). How about the Joan Baez version of The Band's song The Night they Drove old Dixie Down (I'd heard Miss Baez's smoother version first, but got to like the original more, much later on.) Really, "Virgil Cain" is your name? OK ...

Please chime in with comments with an answer - it's kind of a cool trivia question. Don't bring up this Joni Mitchell song, though. At first listen to Free Man in Paris, you may think it's a little weird, but if you just listen to her lyrics, as they try to fit in with the tune (that was always a problem for her - see the first song in California Mourning ... on such a winter's day), you'll note that she's quoting the words of her music promoter/agent friend. Per wiki, that would be David Geffen - his name is on all manner of older music albums.

This is from a really good album by Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark from 1974.

OK, now there's a week of blogging for ya'. We will continue our part-time Kung Flu anti-tainment next week. See ya!

Wednesday - April 15th 2020 9:48AM MST
PS: Thank you for the 3 answers, ThatGirl. Speaking of "That Girl" that show theme song, that I always liked, could be turned around for a theme song for a show on the gay channel, "Diamonds, daisies, spring time, that boy ..." No? I dunno, I just blog here...
Tuesday - April 14th 2020 8:06PM MST
PS Linda Ronstadt again. Her version of Michael Nesmith’s song that he wrote for the Monkees - “Different Drum.”

Also, of course, the great “Me and Bobby McGee” written by Kris Kristofferson but made famous by Janis Joplin. The name Bobby could be male or female but other lyrics referring to he/she had to be changed.

Then there is Stan Getz’s “Girl from Impanema” that has sometimes been sung as “Boy from Impanema” when covered by a woman singer (although sometimes kept as the original).
Monday - April 13th 2020 8:01AM MST
PS Thanks, AE. Sure didn’t seem like a Johnny Horton piece.
Sunday - April 12th 2020 8:12PM MST
PS: I like it when the singer doesn't fool with gender in the lyrics. For example when Tracey Thorn sings the covers for "Tougher than the Rest" & "Alison" on ETBTG's Acoustic album.
Sunday - April 12th 2020 6:33PM MST
PS:If y'all are bored, give the link a look. My hometown before my first birthday.
Sunday - April 12th 2020 1:25PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, per Wiki, Johnny Horton wrote the Dwight Yoakam song "Honky Tonk Man", not the Stone's one, "Honky Tonk Woman".
Sunday - April 12th 2020 8:16AM MST
PS Sorry, je ne sais pas. But, without actually hearing the piece (which I didn’t know was written by Johnny Horton*), it seems just wrong. Definitely one of the Stones’ best, but definitely a guy song. Commenters have been mentioning Bonnie Raitt. The song you’re discussing put me in mind of her cover of Robert Johnson’s (and Son House’s and whoever else’s) “Walking Blues”. “He’s got Elgin movements from his head down to his toes, breaks in on a dollar most anywhere he goes” doesn’t work. Substitute “She” and “her” for “He” and “his” and you’ve got a classic. Nevertheless, Raitt’s version works, because she sings and plays the blues d*mned well for a white girl, and she’s got Junior Wells backing her on the harmonica.

*The Johnny Horton? “Battle of New Orleans”. “North to Alaska”. One of my favorites when I was a youth.
Sunday - April 12th 2020 6:47AM MST
PS Happy Shut in Easter. I guess “Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones” don’t have much to watch for!

Despite being on the extreme left end of the entertainment commie spectrum, Raitt had (has still?) a wonderful voice- saw her a lot back when I was a nipper, as she had many connections in the Twin Cities (including her brother Steve, who lived there). Her first album was recorded on an island in Lake Minnetonka; the back-up band was Willie Murphy and the Bumblebees, one of the all time great bar bands, at least in my experience. I always felt that recordings ,while very good, never really captured the beauty of her voice. One week in May of 1977 I got to see Bonnie on Saturday and The Dead on Wednesday- two fabulous shows.
Fun fact: Raitt’s father John was a major Broadway musical star.
Sunday - April 12th 2020 4:26AM MST
PS: I forgot, Mr. Ganderson - I have that Bonnie Raitt album (the one with "Thing called love") and maybe another too.
Sunday - April 12th 2020 4:24AM MST
PS: Thanks, Robert. That's a very good point on "House of the Rising Sun". I always did wonder that - hey, what's the big deal, you had to pay for sex... get over it, man.

I checked out your Geechie Wiley cut. It may have to grow on me.
Sunday - April 12th 2020 4:18AM MST
PS: oops! Thanks, Mr. Ganderson - fixed now. Dang, I think we've been over this before, and I know we are both fans of Warren Zevon.

Dtbb - that was a true LOL.
Saturday - April 11th 2020 10:33PM MST
PS: OK, I really shouldn't be posting now. But, Lent has ended; Christ has risen; two hours ago my mother and I broke into the local Church and rang the bells; the spirit (C2H5OH) is upon/in me.

House of the Rising Sun.
The incomparable Joan Baez (at least before Dylan got to her) had 'the ruin of many a poor girl' vs. the more common 'poor boy'. This seems much more fitting. Since when did a whore house ruin a young man?

(Did you know that Kentucky Gentleman uses only the finest grains?)

Alabama song, also know as 'whiskey bar'. The version here has them looking for a 'little boy' vs. the Doors looking for a 'little girl'. I don't know enough German, but I think Bertold Brecht had 'boy' in the original. This version is certainly degenerate to be approved of by that Commie Brecht.

(Quality House Vodka says that alcohol impairs your ability to drive a car! Imagine!)

Finally, not really relevant here, but one of the finest pieces of music ever recorded:
Last Kind Words, by Geetchie Wiley.
Saturday - April 11th 2020 9:16PM MST
PS:Off the top of my head I can only think of a joke. Did you hear Michael Jackson and Elton John are doing a duet? No, which song? Don't let your son go down on me.
Saturday - April 11th 2020 8:38PM MST
PS Mr Achmed- I believe Warren Z wrote “Poor Poor Pitiful Me.”
Bonnie Raitt’s version of John Hiatt’s “Thing Called Love” , especially the live version with Bruce Hornsby is wonderful.
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