Paranoia Will Destroy Ya'

Posted On: Thursday - April 9th 2020 7:30PM MST
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(No, that's not quite the name of the 1980 Kinks' song, but that's what I thought Ray Davies was singing for 40 years, and it damn well ought to have been. Their song, apparently just called Destroyer, with the actual lyric line "Paranoia, big destroyer", is pretty much a rehash of their much earlier All Day, and All of the Night anyway, the hook of which was probably taken from that by The Doors for Hello, I Love You.)

One Congresswoman Haley Stevens, blue-squad outta Michigan, illustrates very well the hysteria whipped up by government and their media arm about the Kung Flu. I could see the Kink's song being played lightly in the background during this idiotic rant.*

Wow, she is full of herself! "We are working to keep Americans alive during the spread ..." What working? You're in the US House of Representin', lecturing about a dozen people (note the "crowd" after 01:10 or so), waving that pink index finger around in the air. "That ain't workin', that's the way you do it ... maybe get a virus on your little finger, maybe get a blister on your thumb..." Maybe not even that, as she's got those nice pink latex gloves that she's only used once before, during that long-ago interview for intern for that senior Senator...

The hysterical rant starts at 01:05, if you want to just skip to there, after her time to talk has expired. No, but this is really important - if we don't spend Trillions of dollars NOW, we're all gonna die! "The gentlelady from Michigan is out of order, the gentlelady from Michigan is no longer recognized ... the gentlelady from Michigan is in a straight jacket and has left the premises... Sargeant-at-Arms, you may lower your weapons..." If that's gentle, I don't want to ever be her proctology patient!

I ask anyone who's watched these 2 minutes of video to dare tell me that women should be allowed in the House of Representin'! We sure don't need this hysteria now. We already have heard more than enough out of the Kung Flutalitarians.

* The question comes up now, how do you play a Kinks song lightly? Could it be some kind of mix, as the young people say? (I see lots of youtube videos for songs I like that say "mix". I don't get it. What do I want mixed up? I just want THE SONG, so I avoid all those.)

Friday - April 10th 2020 7:42PM MST
PS: Yes, Dtbb, the gentlelady in this post does speak English, at least.
Friday - April 10th 2020 7:12PM MST
PS:Reminds me of this somewhat. Just not as stupid.
Friday - April 10th 2020 4:48PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail: That's one recent Sailer post that I had to punt on, so far. He hasn't been coming out with a ridiculous number of posts either lately. From just the title, I have a smart-ass remark ready to go, just in case I were into that sort of thing:

Whaddya expect from the Germans. I've heard that some Mexican researchers have found some contradictory data. The report will be out ...
ahhh, manana.
Friday - April 10th 2020 4:40PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, thanks. It's a matter of time in the day., and I'd probably get hooked.

Michael Scott of "The Office" to the reality-show-like cameraman: "When I discovered youtube, I didn't get any work done for a week."
Friday - April 10th 2020 12:10PM MST
PS ---

"Fire! Brimstone! Corona!"
Friday - April 10th 2020 11:51AM MST
PS It is "Hotsy Totsy" or "Hotsy Notsy". Howie's worth a listen- online at a computer near you.
Friday - April 10th 2020 9:00AM MST
PS: LOL on that one, Mr. Blanc. How about we compromise and allow women to work in Congress at any one of the sandwich shops.
Friday - April 10th 2020 8:59AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, I thought that Howie Carr bit was really about if she's hot or not. I'm not going by him, as I'm not a listener, but just by your comments a long ways back.

She's guilty of something, but this outburst could help bolster an insanity defense nicely.
Friday - April 10th 2020 7:09AM MST
PS Of course women should be allowed in the House of Representatives, And the Senate. They should be allowed to take the tour of the Capitol just as men are. When they’re not in the kitchen making me a sandwich.
Friday - April 10th 2020 6:45AM MST
PS. I’m going with “guilty”
Friday - April 10th 2020 6:44AM MST
PS I dunno if you guys are familiar with the Great Howie Carr; Boston radio host and Herald columnist extraordinaire, but he has a bit- when a prominent woman is accused of sort of misconduct he asks, is she “guilty” or “not guilty” ? For example Hilary Clinton, “Guilty”, Tulsi Gabbard, “Not Guilty” I’m having trouble deciding if this psycho is guilty or not.
Friday - April 10th 2020 4:37AM MST
PS: Hey, Ganderson, I had that Elvis song on here last summer.

I never had a problem with that title, but yours is hilarious.

Re: the gloves, I don't think enough people read this site to care, but I gotta be careful - that was just written in an attempt to add to the humor. I have no idea how this nutcase got into her high position.
Friday - April 10th 2020 4:22AM MST
PS. Elvis Costello’s song with the great line, “What’s so funny about me smokin’ herb with Stanley”. Or Springsteen: ...mystery rider boy, no I’m a man...”, not that many of his lyrics aren’t stupid enough to begin with!
And, while we’re at it... I always thought that lyric meant Jimi WASN’T gay, as it was only the purple haze that made him wanna kiss this guy.

And your reference to a previous use of the pink gloves.... do tell!
Friday - April 10th 2020 2:57AM MST
PS: Robert, it's funny how the Kung Flu has made lots of Americans flat-out hysterical, yet Chronic Lyricosis affects 5 in 3 Americans! I have had many bouts with this disease, causing me to have spent countless hours on Tinder trying to hook up with a partner with electric boobs.

Then there were the 40-odd years in which I informed anyone who was ready to listen that the late Jimmy Hendrix was gay. Who knew that he DIDN'T sing "Excuse me, while I kiss this guy"?

Oooh, now you've got me thinking about a Karen Carpenter post. What a great voice she had!
Thursday - April 9th 2020 9:11PM MST
PS: I too thought it was 'Paranoia Will Destroy Ya', but then again I also thought it was 'Rainy and Mayonnaise always get me down' so what do I know? It was a real mistake asking my girlfriend of the time why mayonnaise would be depressing. Women!
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