Apocalypse Meow!

Posted On: Wednesday - April 8th 2020 6:59PM MST
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There are not a lot of video clips that can have me LOLing after the 10th time in a couple of days. I've watched perhaps 1/2 to 1/3 of all The Simpsons episodes over the many years it's been on, and this one escaped me till now.

Regarding the Kung Flu, I'm not a hoaxer, and I doubt there are many true hoaxers, per the actual definition. It's a nasty disease, but this whole thing has been so purposefully hyped-up that everything but the hoax part in this clip rings true ... and funny as hell!

We've got Part 2 of the Morning Constitutional tomorrow, there's plenty more short thoughts to write out regarding this Kung Flu, and then other ideas have been waiting their turn. Thank you for reading.

(H/T to commenter Talha on unz.com for this one.)

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