Lockdown affecting even the rich

Posted On: Tuesday - April 7th 2020 7:38PM MST
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A close friend has a distant relative a ways from us who had been in the oil shale business before retiring. This guy, from my friend's words (I talked to him only once), made some millions in the business through a great idea and hard work and seems a down-to-earth guy.

This rich guy related that, with his millions in savings, because things are locked down so much, he can't even go out for a very nice meal now, in the middle of his retirement years. (It's the "can't take it with you" factor. Fair enough.)

Country-wide, it's take-out only, if any service at all. This goes for Chick fil A, as well as the restaurants that give only integer dollar prices on the menu, if any prices are shown at all. (See Scenes from a Fancy French Restaurant ...)

Can you imagine the scene then, as Mr. retired oilman drives up to the window at Clair de Lune in his late-model BMW sedan?:

"I'll have the Filet Mignon, medium-rare ..."

"Want Aligot Scalloped Potatoes with that?"

"Uhh, yeah, and instead of a Coke, can I substitute a 1998 Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dam, no ice?"

"That'll be an upcharge of 165. You want ho^$@ m*&#tard, ranch, or Grey P##!* ..."

"You got garbled, what was the last thing?"


"But, of course. Ohh, throw in 2 packs of them Godiva Chocalatier truffles."

"That'll be 335. Move to the next window."

"Wait, I forgot, Supersize me!"

Saturday - April 11th 2020 2:49PM MST
PS: "After that, he didn’t want to drink anything else." Anything? That makes for one hell of a hangover! Haha, pretty lame one. Yes, HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! After you shelter in place, that is.
Saturday - April 11th 2020 10:14AM MST
PS And the world (at least our little dissident corner of it) is better for your efforts. My stepfather made a comment similar to yours about the cheap CA port he was drinking until I bought him a bottle of the real Portuguese thing. After that, he didn’t want to drink anything else.
Thursday - April 9th 2020 12:06PM MST
PS: Nah, I hope you didn't take offense, Mr. Blanc, as I didn't really mean "rich" by "high brow" (or maybe you are referring just to the post itself). I just grew up in a family without expensive tastes and didn't learn very much about it all.

I honestly couldn't tell a $100 bottle of red wine from a cheap Lambrusco, so lots of that is wasted on me. I thank you for the info., as always. I do like a good thick steak. Alas, I'm not supposed to have it much.

That paypal bit was COMPLETELY in jest. I wouldn't know how to work it out, don't need the money*, and I do this site purely to get my thoughts out only. My wife can't understand this mindset one bit.

* It really doesn't cost but $20/month to have the URL and the hosting on the server. I pay this in bigger installments, though, as to not have to think about it, or miss a bill.
Thursday - April 9th 2020 11:26AM MST
PS PS I would on occasion, as Robert Stacy McCain has it, “Hit the Freaking Tip Jar”, if you had one.
Thursday - April 9th 2020 11:21AM MST
PS You don’t have to be rich (and Mme and I are definitely not that) to like wine with meals (except those, such as Mexican or Indian, that cry out for beer). Our everyday table wine costs about $2.00 a glass, which won’t break the budget’s of most working-class folks. You can get drinkable clarets and even actual burgundies for that, although we’ve been drinking more Rhone wines and garnachas from Spain. We drink a lot of whites, too, as MMe prefers them. Champagnes are another story. It’s hard to find a decent bottle for under $40, which is why they’re celebration wines for us, New Years’ Eve, Valentines Day, birthdays. We prefer to buy grower wines, which have to be bottled mostly from grapes grown by the bottler*, which tend to express the terroir (the location where the grapes are grown) better, and to be a bit less expensive. A nice champagne will be one of the most delectable things you’ll ever drink.

*As contrasted with the big champagne houses—Mumm, Taittinger, Moet, Veuve Cliquot—who buy grapes from a lot of producers.
Wednesday - April 8th 2020 10:01AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I'm starting to think that you may be too high brow for Peak Stupidity I had to look up every one of those items using "fancy expensive xxx" on duckduckgo, haha!

i.e. I do know a tad about the red wine w/ red meat business, but I had no idea what color this Veuve Clicquot La Grande is - to get in a position to know this sort of thing, I may have to start collecting donations with PayPal, pal. ;-}

I hope it was a great Valentines for you both.
Wednesday - April 8th 2020 9:29AM MST
PS I’d have thought that you’d want a nice red wine with a steak. A claret or a Burgundy. But what would I know, I’m a vegetarian. Not there’s anything wrong with a nice bottle of champers. Mme B and I shared a bottle of Veuve Cliquot at our last champagne event (which would have been Valentine’s Day). Very nice. (The stuff is too pricey to use as a table wine.)
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