I've been everywhere in this here land.

Posted On: Saturday - January 21st 2017 5:59PM MST
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* Watched a nice sunset with a cop outta Globe, Arizona, as his buddy searched the trunk and found a sack of white stuff - turned out to be white sand from White Sands.

* Woke up in a small Honda on a beach of Lake Superior - made it 1100 miles to Roundup, Montana by next night.

* Slept in the truck in SE Oregon - too tired to make it 200 more miles south to nearest town of Winnemucca, NV.

* Locked myself out of the car on a small 2-lane road E. of Joshua Tree, California.

* Tried to sleep in the rent-a-car as long as I could in the Green Mountains of Vermont in November - too cold to sleep - made it to an interstate highway - took exit the wrong way down in emergency gas situation - cop pulled me, and we had a great chat.

* Took a bath in the Brazos river near Waco on the way across Texas.

* Slept in the car on the 850 mile stretch across Texas (from Sabine River to El Paso) - about 2/3 way when jackrabbits would not let me pass them at 20 mph.

* Pulled into the badlands of S. Dakota for an early end to the day - dropped off hitchhiker who wanted to tell me which way to go - next morning, almost couldn't climb my way out of the badlands park by myself.

* Started off westbound on a 2-lane windy road through E. Kentucky instead of eastbound - girl rider was sleeping on top of the map - didn't want to wake her and had eventually made a 200 mile wrong turn.

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