Joe Biden supporters urge candidate to gain weight.

Posted On: Saturday - April 4th 2020 6:30PM MST
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See, Mr. Biden has been looking kind of frail lately. They say, unlike, for example, Bill Clinton, to look more Presidential, he'd be better off to gain a few pounds. He may then give off a more healthy glow on the campaign trail and seem even more frisky for his age, though his general flat-out stupidity is unfortunately not expected to change.

His supporters have come up with a rallying cry for the upcoming few months:


Yes, the first paragraph is mere hearsay, or, to be more completely honest, just the setup to this impossible-to-pass-up joke.

Lots more stupidity is coming next week folks! Don't touch that URL.

PS: I really should add an attribution for an assist here, to unz commenter "Priss Factor" for his "Let's Fatten the Derb" comment here under a John Derbyshire post. That got me thinking, and I took it from there.

Monday - April 6th 2020 2:07PM MST
PS: For Dtbb and Robert, I'm glad to get some LOLs. I changed the text per your instructions, Robert.
Monday - April 6th 2020 2:07PM MST
PS: Yes, MBlanc, there are going to be those of us who understand that Kung Flu and subsequent Re or De pression would have happened no matter who was Pres. (though Trump did try to push the travel ban through the wall of PC than a D would have).

Others just look at the here and now: "Oh, we need somebody new." Yeah, that works all the time, I promise.
Monday - April 6th 2020 12:12PM MST
PS: Rex, for Sanders too, and Trump to a lesser degree, the VP candidate choice will be MUCH MORE important than that "bucket of warm spit" in the past.
Rex Little
Sunday - April 5th 2020 5:09PM MST
PS The important question is, who will be Biden's VP? Because I expect the 25th Amendment to be invoked before Joe has a chance to unpack his suitcase.

(Yes, I expect Biden to win. There's enough TDS that the Dems could dig up Ronald Reagan, run him and win.)
Sunday - April 5th 2020 7:56AM MST
PS My view throughout the (interminable) campaign has been that if Uncle Joe’s handlers could keep him from drooling on himself until the first week of November, he had a better than even chance of defeating President Trump. But he’s starting to look like death warmed over. And his behavior in those recent videos has been shocking. I find it hard to imagine how the Dems can run him. On the other hand, the RCP average of polls show him 6–10% ahead of the President. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.
Saturday - April 4th 2020 7:03PM MST
PS: Thank you, that was a good one --- Fatten the Perv!
A very good one.

That helps makes a nice end to this week. That, and my pal Jack and his partner Jimmy.

But I think it should be "Don't touch that URL."
Same Bat time, same Bat channel.
Saturday - April 4th 2020 6:48PM MST
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