Bring out your dead.

Posted On: Thursday - April 2nd 2020 6:28PM MST
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It's that time of night again. Hey, maybe it's not a time for levity, or maybe it is, so, as usual, Peak Stupidity is gonna err on the side of caution here. That means Monty Python from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, circa 1975. Man, these guys were a blast. Though their extreme satire seemed to be aimed mostly at Western history and Christianity, I think you could still get away with anything back then, PC-wise.

The following will occur in America before the Spring is out, according to Ron Unz and about 200 million other Americans, or at least the infotainment they pay too much attention to:

Cast, in order of appearance:

The Surgeon General - played by Eric Idle
Dr. Anthony Fauci - played by John Cleese
A younger Bernie Sanders ("I'm not dead") - played by John Young
Donald Trump - played by Graham Chapman

(Note: This is the same footage used by the Sanders campaign in their push for single-payer health care.)

Saturday - April 4th 2020 6:12PM MST
PS: Thanks for the anecdote, MBlanc46. I guess that E. Euro guy remembers the bad old days in the old East Bloc world. This is all being done purportedly for a completely different reason, but then, I say "purportedly" for a reason too.

Yes, I'm trying to give anybody space who seems to want it. I say a group of 3-4 young people today hanging out as in normal times, 2 feet from each other at most. I don't blame them - they are immortal, so they think. Kung Flu-wise, they'll be alright.

Have a good Sunday, Mr. Blanc. Thanks for writing in.
Saturday - April 4th 2020 11:32AM MST
PS It’s getting a bit old. Another month and it will be really annoying. At the Trader Joe’s this morning, an older guy (but not older than I) came to the end of the queue waiting to be allowed into the store (yep, it’s come to that) and started complaining aloud. He had what appeared to be an Eastern European accent. Later, he was in a check-out queue and the woman at the till asked him to step back to the mark on the floor where he was supposed to stand. He started grousing about being a free man, etc. I don’t know whether all this is necessary (and I doubt that anyone else does, either), but the merchants are trying to abide by what might be real public health measures. The last thing that anyone needs is people raising a fuss. Maybe the guy just had a bad morning. And maybe I’ll be him in another three weeks. But for now, let’s all try to endure and go easy on each other.
Friday - April 3rd 2020 9:27AM MST
PS: Thank you, Mr. Blanc. I didn't really want to piss off completely EVERYBODY.

I hope you are doing well. How are you handling the precautions that you feel you need?
Friday - April 3rd 2020 7:46AM MST
PS It’s always time for levity.
Thursday - April 2nd 2020 8:04PM MST
PS: Ring up your dead!
Thursday - April 2nd 2020 7:45PM MST
PS: I was at the local WalMart today to get some groceries. When I got in line, the cashier was talking to the lady in line in front of me, about how in the county she grew up in thirty (!) people (!) had died (!) of the Corona Virus (!). People were dying (!) everywhere (!). She didn't know what she was going to do (!).

When I got up to the front of the line, I mentioned that in a normal flu year, up to (great weasel words) 500 people died of the flu every day.

Her response: No. They would have told us about that.

P.S. In this county confirmed cases have just doubled --- doubled I tell you!

We now have two.
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