Show me a nation that can enforce a social distance of 6 ft. ...

Posted On: Wednesday - April 1st 2020 5:46PM MST
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... and I'll show you a man who can hawk a loogie 7 feet.

(I sure hope it's just the translation on that 2nd thing ...)

Readers the world over, please do not infer that this post was written to impugn the citizens of any particular nation. The picture above just happens to be somewhere in the vicinity of China.

Since Peak Stupidity is nothing if not multiculturalist, we will translate for our readers. Let's just pick, I don't know, Mandarin, for the translation today:


Friday - April 3rd 2020 6:56PM MST
PS: Yes, you are correct, Rex. However, you can use the term "Mandarin", which just means "official" language, in reference to reading and writing too, per my source. (I could have just written Chinese, I know, but the idea was to try to hide whom I was picking on, sort of?)

Yeah, the dialects vary widely, but also I'm told that getting rid of the nutty written language for letters instead (the way the PinYin form does) would wipe out meanings of lots of wording, so is impossible. That's too bad, as I'm not gonna learn 4,000 characters, no siree.
Rex Little
Friday - April 3rd 2020 5:19PM MST
PS From what little I understand about the Chinese language, the written language is the same regardless of dialect. It's the spoken translation of the characters that differs radically between Mandarin, Cantonese and all the others.
Thursday - April 2nd 2020 2:12PM MST
PS: You mean water, like from the toilet?
Not Sure
Thursday - April 2nd 2020 12:24PM MST
PS Plants crave electrolytes. We are all in this together.
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