More calls to "Seal the Borders"

Posted On: Tuesday - March 31st 2020 6:05PM MST
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See, in addition to being 42 years ahead of the rest of the political class in calling for shuttering of the discotheques, Peak Stupidity has been way ahead of them regarding border control. This is especially the case in regard to two locations.

We know the big one has been the 1,900 mile-long US southern border with Mexico. We've been following VDare since almost its inception 2 decades back and have been well aware of the huge illegal immigration problem (along with the legal one). Yes, we all were very hopeful and rallied around, and voted for, Candidate Trump. Unfortunately, we didn't get Candidate Trump in office, only the current wishy-washy, blabber-mouthed President.

Still there is no good secure barrier on most of the US southern border! We do now have Mexicans clamoring for it - see MEMO FROM MEXICO: Mexico Worries About Catching WuFlu From US! Borders A Good Idea After All? on VDare or articles elsewhere.

What a deal that would be! Was Trump right that Mexico would pay for the wall after all? This Kung Flu fever will probably be realized to be not this crisis of the century that it's being cracked up to be, within a few months or by the end of '20 though. In order to keep the border closed, you know, for the safety of the Mexicans and all, for a lot longer than that, we will have to work harder on being very sick and contagious.

Is it possible we could transport a few thousand sick people (no, any kind of flu will do) down to Brownsville, Laredo, El Paso, Nogales, and Calexico who are prone to coughing fits, the hawking of Dixie cups full of yellow phlegm, and random bouts of projectile diarrhea. Get the local news media involved, including Univision and El Telo Novo, hopefully with the hot, large-breasted anchorwomen. That would likely keep a good solid border in place, paid for by the Mexicans, AS PROMISED, while we let the 30,000,000 illegal aliens trickle out through that door in the wall, or down the trickle of the Colorado River outside Yuma at night. NO, Fred Reed, you dumbass, we would not need a ONE MILLION BOATS, as this would happen over a few years! Geeze!

OK, I kid, hence the humor tag. I mean, my plan might have just worked, but the Mexican politicians can't have this. They need the billions in remittance money for the illegal aliens along with an outlet for, well, "not their best". The man who wrote the above VDare article Mr. Allan Wall, a former decade-long resident of Mexico, fluent and up to date on Mexican political happenings, has more on the reality of it. See his latest article, which has the opinion of AMLO (no relation to JLo), which is not encouraging for us.

The second border that people are concerned with now is any US State border that New Yorkers have been crossing lately. NY City has gotten a bad case of the Kung Flu, obviously due to large scale travel to/from China at the worst of times, and overcrowded living conditions that are fairly close to that in China itself. Yes, you're gonna hear or read a bunch of Escape from New York* jokes.

Welcome to Florida. Now, GO HOME!:

Well, the people of the State of Florida are pretty concerned. Most of that state, living spread apart like most of Americans, and with no huge Chinese population, seems not to been unduly affected by the Kung Flu. They would rather the contagious New Yorkers not cross into the Sunshine State. Of course, there's no easy way to know which people have this virus, but then, it's easy to tell which people are from New York.

Stay out of Del Boca Vista!

(Yeah, that's what you want! He's probably got Panda jerky in the trunk.)

Yes, checkpoints at the State border are not something I'm adverse to. I'm completely against the US Police State DUI and other random checkpoints, but this is some States' rights for you. I'm all for it. Only thing is, this is another thing I could have told you 4 or 5 decades ago. Florida, keep out the New Yorkers!

* Here, from the Internet Movie Data Base, a site which has been around since the early times of the web.

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