Million Skank Waddle in Washington, FS

Posted On: Saturday - January 21st 2017 10:10AM MST
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Per Zerohedge 500,000 Women Swamp Washington For Anti-Trump Protest March - Live Feed.

Per usual, in situations with no men in charge, I'm really worried that nobody has thought through the details, such as, have these women synched-up their, you know, periods of the month? No, wait, it's not like that, we were JUST SAYIN'. I can see some real trouble if there weren't plans for staggering things out a bit. Again, not trying to micro- or even tera-aggress on anyone in particular, JUST SAYIN', this could be a bloody nightmare.

From the Zerohedge article:
. Jesse Carlock, 68, a psychologist from Dayton, Ohio was attending her first protest in decades. "Once Mr. Trump was elected, I decided I needed to get active again, and I hadn't been since the 60s and 70s," Carlock said. "I've got to stand up and be counted as against a lot of what President Trump is saying...about healthcare, immigration, reproductive rights, you name it."

Since the 60's and 70's huh? Hahahaaa - I will say this a 2nd time - will you drag out your old worn-out chants from the '60's too, like "hey, hey, ho, ho .... blah blah blah .. has got to go"? If you can't think of any original chants, Mrs. Carlock, than go back to Dayton in time for the early bird special to gum down your creamed corn!

If any wife of mine went to the FS for this, she would find the locks changed on the house when she came back.

UPDATE - 30 min later: Unbolded my main point. It just sounds like a low blow, so rather than apologize (and I don't delete posts), I just un-bolded it. I've got a chip on my shoulder about feminism - for a good reason.

UPDATE - 01/24/17: Updated article title

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