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Posted On: Monday - March 30th 2020 7:16PM MST
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It's been fewer than 10 times that Peak Stupidity has pasted-in external comments in their entirety as stand-alone posts. Here, from a man named E. H. Hail, who blogs at the site "Hail to You", we present a long comment, an essay really, on the tension between the Kung Flu doomers and the Kung Flu-induced economic crash doomers.

This is a long one, but it sure kept my interest and explains better than I have the problems with this sky-is-falling lockdowning/sheltering-in-placing business that has shut down a big part of the American economy. From Mr. Hail's blog, one can see that he is an essayist rather than a blogger in the Peak Stupidity sense. He has infrequent, but very long, well-researched, and detailed posts when he publishes them.

Everything between the asterisks is from this great comment under this Steve Sailer post. (It's a reply, so hopefully that won't confuse anything):
A few more thoughts on this Big Mistake:

(How the panic started, identifying the chain reaction and parties involved [almost all of them innocent of malice as such]; why the media loves the ‘Coronavirus Crisis;’ the inevitable Deaths of Despair, which the media will not cover; the inevitable lowered birth rate, which the media will not cover; imagining what the Definitive History of the Coronavirus Panic of 2020 will look like, when written in [say] the 2030s; political realignments, with many anti-Trump people saying Trump Is Right; a notable case of technology being weaponized against us.)
A reply to Ron Unz deep in the comments of a previous thread on why the proposed 1.0% death rate is too high.
How it started; identifying the sources of the chain reaction. For those who, like me, have come around to the idea that the Coronavirus Panic was/(is) unnecessary, a media mass-hysteria, the important question to ask is how it happened.

My thinking is this: The germ (so to speak) of this hysteria was the disaster-movie-like scary pictures of hazmat suits out of the Chinese interior (which, in retrospect, was the original, severe overreaction after what was arguably an ‘underreaction’ initially, involving government thugs threatening/intimidating a doctor; classic CCP).

A slow-moving chain reaction followed, which was international in character and which was pushed aggressively by the media. It triggered well-documented mass-hysteria-like behaviors that will seem embarrassing in retrospect. People started clamoring to “Do Something,” and it got out of hand, quick. An eclectic mix of people, some induced to panic by the media and many simply pushing their own interests, began demanding total shutdowns and indefinite closures, eventually succeeding to that end, all to all of our long-term detriment. Considering how minor this virus is (though it looks scary if covered with scary pictures and saturation-coverage shoved at you every day), this was even to the detriment of actual disease control going forward. Say there is a serious virus crisis in the future, something like Ebola on the loose all over America; after this fiasco, people will be less likely to take anything like that seriously (“remember Coronavirus?”).

Who were the groups that hijacked the ship, tied up the captain and his crew (some crew joining in the mutiny), and steered us over the edge? The groups, if we can call them that (often the better word may be “personality type”) that have aligned behind Shut Everything Down Indefinitely, are truly diverse — in the classic sense of that word. I am sure others can think of more categories, or express them better, but here are a few that come to my mind:

— People who do not need to work (at all). It costs nothing for a stay-at-home mom to agitate for shutting everything down (her husband is paying the bills)

— Those with personality-based social grievances (“I like staying inside, so just shut everything down! Finally others, too, can see what it’s like. It’s great! Win-win!”), who stand to gain by all of society reinforcing what they would want to do anyway;

— That section of people who do office work which can be “done from home” and who want closures so that they can get what they assumed would be a soft-vacation for a while, i.e., opportunists;

— miscellaneous Virtue Signallers, though they will tend to overlap with the above categories. There are apparently celebrities lecturing people to stay home and showing what their Stay Home lifestyle is like in their multi-million-dollar mansions with all the luxuries and no need to work (if one can call what most celebrities do, ‘work’), unless they want to;

— miscellaneous other grievances and hobby-horses, including the “Doomer” element, some of whom literally cheer on “The Virus;”

— and of course a bloodthirsty Enemy of the People media milking creating a crisis and giving all the above their marching orders. The media is the guy with the bullhorn at the back of the boat yelling at the rowers to keep them at moving at a steady pace, ever onwards (in this case, towards panic and dismay).

— The chain of authority-figures, many/most/all of whom fit into one or more of the above categories, but all of whom are beholden to hysterical constituents, all vowing to “Do Something” in response to the media-induced hysteria. Every time one of them “Do Something,” the next one feels the need to one up. “If that ‘Do Something’ that other guy did is a good idea, I will ‘Do Something x 1.25!’ I am a hero!” This is a traceable chain reaction of overreactions and closures that are more and more comprehensive and extend longer and longer. A fiasco worthy of the name.

But back the origin. It did/does all seem like a disaster movie, complete with cuts to people scurrying around in hazmat suits, scenes of people dying, and rolling “infection counts” and “deaths counts.” It is all as if a script were playing out. It was certainly exacerbated by being ‘international’ in scope. One country was ‘hit’ after another, as you’d see in such pandemic or zombie movies. A movie-like timeline.

In fact, this very ‘movie’ aspect to the Corona Crisis has brought out another class of people at the head of the pitchfork mob: Those who want High Drama and who can role-play that they are living in an exciting movie, indeed that they are protagonists in the(ir) movie. The media is definitely guilty of this (see next) but this psychology can also affect non-media people. There are cases of this aplenty on this very website, the Unz Review.


On why the media loves the Coronavirus Crisis and wants it to go on.

The media loves this. They are living a dream. For local news, it’s snowstorm-or-earthquake-or-hurricane-24/7 now (select disaster depending on your locale), at which time people finally tune in, at which time local media gets the attention they so crave. For big-time media, like cable news, it’s comparable. They are news-addicts who imagine themselves to be protagonists in a disaster-movie anyway (call it a personality-type) and so this is really a kind of drug to them. The media, IOW, are now Important Heroes and will gladly play the role, indefinitely.

To the news-addict people in cable-news-type media, this is not necessarily totally novel. Usually, though, they can’t get enough people riled up enough (e.g., the at-times-histrionic promotion of the Russia Controls Trump conspiracy theory by some in the media), and in the past, there were also significant technological constraints (through the proverbial Walter Cronkite era and beyond, the “news” was a morning newspaper and a brief, serious evening news broadcast, vs. today’s all-day saturation ‘news’). Their stars have aligned on this one, though, and the media gets to live out their dream.

The media, therefore, soaks up the attention, and cares not how many people’s lives they ruin through unemployment and despair, wasted time, disrupted lives, and eventually and inevitably Deaths of Despair, which will almost certainly be greater in magnitude than the marginal “virus deaths.” They really, really want their narrative.


Who the media has hurt, is hurting, will hurt. One thing I have not seen mentioned is the inevitable decline in the birth rate during the extended crisis, which I am 100% confident will be ignored by the same media that has pushed a nuclear-war-style panic over a minor “New Virus!” that has a victim profile exactly the same as the seasonal flu, possibly somewhat worse (but that’s life; there are always people on the margins at risk).

Think how irrational it is: The Enemy of the People has induced a mass panic to save x thousand 85-year-old terminal cancer patients at the expenses of x thousands of babies who will never be born, because birth rates always drop during recessions and social disruptions/panics. These are infants would have been conceived, given normal circumstances, had there been no mass-hysteria, shutdowns, and recession, but specifically because of the panic, recession, and uncertainty, the would-be parents choose to delay; eventually, things change, the couple splits apart (would have stayed together had there been a child), or eventually the biological-clock comes in and it’s too late, whatever. There will be many fewer births than there would have been. It is for this reason that I confidently label the media The Enemy of the People, in this case the enemy of people who ought to have been born, the voiceless. Imagine if the months 9 months before you were born had a media hysteria that shut down society? What are the chances you would have been born? What are the chances your parents would have waited?

But as for the more tangible Death of Despair, more-or-less healthy people now living who will die, some of which will be by their own hand: Just as the media didn’t/doesn’t care at all about the White Death phenomenon (the rising white deaths to drugs, depression, and suicide that lowered white US life expectancy in the 2010s), they will not care at all when the entirely predictable suicides begin. The people who were not doing well to begin with but were employed may now face long-term unemployment. Needless to say, there will be no saturation media coverage for those deaths. They’re just a bunch of Can’t-Work-From-Home Losers anyway, just like those Middle America losers in the White Death phenomenon.


The definitive history of the Coronavirus Panic of 2020 remains to be written years into the future, but it looks like this, in outline:

A series of countries all went over the edge of severe overreaction because of an unnecessary, media-induced hysteria about a minor “new” virus (actually a variant of a long-existing virus strain called coronavirus known to regularly cause seasonal flu). One after another, governments were unable to resist the scare-stories.

Come to think of it, it was a kind of policy-AIDS. The normal “immune reaction” in government affairs and policy is to brush away hysterical stories or those based in paranoia, e.g. about alien abductions, werewolves (etc.), or Killer Viruses around the corner. The normal immune reaction was weakened and appeared in mid-March to have caved-in. Data-based thinking, by those who normally should be doing it, by those in power and those advising them, was suspended. Only a few voices left holding the flag.

(I credit the Wall Street Journal for holding the flag of rational thinking during this crisis; I have never necessarily had a high opinion of them, but I must say they have forever earned my respect, at least in principle. The other voices of opposition to the Mass Hysteria are relatively scattered. I see some consistent non-‘Doomer’ voices but few-to-none who hold a media megaphone still willing to stick their necks out during the height of the hysteria. Tucker Carlson has, sadly, let his people down and joined the mob, as far as I can tell; Laura Ingraham has done better.)


Political realignments. I have already seen this begin, as I am sure you have too, if you’ve noticed it. Even for those normally in consensus in the comment section here, I see it; a new fissure of opinion. This fiasco is the kind of thing that triggers political realignments.

The alignment was one unseen before. It is: (1) The Close Down Society-for-12-Months crowd, if they can sustain their energy and get enough people to cower before their charts of exponential-growth curves and plain-old-bad-math “death rates,” and the Never Before Seen Virus narrative, vs. (2) the people who come around to admitting this Panic was all a big mistake, which for many is going to be somewhat emotionally hard to do but is inevitably necessary, unless you really are the worst kind of Doomer who wants society to hurt, or even to end.

I don’t think the two groups had a clear, pre-existing split, and so it cuts across the previous splits. Anecdotally, I’ve heard quite a few anti-Trump people say “Trump is right on this one,” often prefacing with something like “I have never agreed with Trump on anything, but he’s right here.”


When too much information is a very bad thing. Finally, I’d also say this was a case of our technology being weaponized against us; a tragedy worthy of future study.

If this “New Virus!” hadn’t been publicized, I am thinking no one would even have noticed that there was any such thing. (The Italian health system has been overwhelmed with flu victims in past years and no one cared or noticed, except perhaps locally in Italy; Italy for whatever reason has well over 3x the seasonal flu deaths as the US in the 2010s.)

The Chinese virus experts in Wuhan discovered it because they have their best virologists assembled there, in Wuhan, anyway. It’s their livelihood, their career, to look for these things. In past eras, it may have been noted and quietly made the rounds of medical journals. Other new virus mutations that cause flu-like symptoms are never found at all, make the rounds, and life goes on.

Had it not been ‘discovered,’ it looks likely that no one would notice it much, amid the baseline flu-like deaths, deaths that take away a portion of our weakest and most elderly every year. Always have, and always will — so long as humans are mortal beings.

Thank you, Mr. Hail for that great writing and for letting Peak Stupidity publish this. It was very much along the lines of what I've been TRYING to say but could not have said this well.

Saturday - April 11th 2020 3:01PM MST
PS: Agreed wrt Ron Unz. I suppose I should chill and not interfere with his persistent stubborn stupidity on this Kung Flu in the comments of his own website.

I think that people respect him so much as the host, that they will take his word against the truth on this important topic, when he just thinks he knows a lot from his old-day math skills. I'll try to ignore the guy in the comments.

On Godfree Roberts, Mr. Unz admitted (directly to me, though saying the same for J.Derbyshire) that he didn't believe in the guy's writing. It'd be a pretty reasonable way to do things, if he were simply publishing writers on his site, and just keeping those with enough hits and/or comments. The site leans more heavily Commie than anything I've seen, or shy of the "Daily Worker".
Saturday - April 11th 2020 11:04AM MST
PS --

"Ron Unz [...] seems a truly honest guy, one who doesn't care what people think of the material on his site - I say that in admiration, of course."

Agreed with this sentiment. As far as I'm concerned, the world owes this man a debt of gratitude it cannot ever repay because it is worth more than any money or other compensation. Come what may, I say Long Live Ron Unz.

(Now if Godfree Roberts would just retire from writing and enjoy the beach in his tropical abode. I don't understand the Unz Review policy of giving voice to CCP state-media-like articles.)
Friday - April 10th 2020 6:01PM MST
PS: I may have p.o'd Mr. Lolberg, Hail, as he kinda got off on a bad start. I read your newest post. That's more great discussion, and thank you for the link.

I would write back there, but there's a comment that got lost (regarding Ron Unz), so I'm not sure if everything else will. I may do a test tomorrow.

About Ron Unz, but a shorter version than my would-be comment on your site: As much as I think he's a "piece of work", he seems a truly honest guy, one who doesn't care what people think of the material on his site - I say that in admiration, of course.

He seems not like a troll in the sense you wrote. I dubbed him one on his comment this week(?), as he just chimed in, called the people he disagrees with on this issue names, when he obviously had done nothing but skim a few of their comments in the past.

I don't agree with all I read in Ron Unz's "American Pravda" and other articles, but he writes well, and they are very interesting. I think he's gotten worse lately about chiming in as a know-it-all. He's the site owner, though, and an amazing job it is - very functional with widely varying opinions that you can't read many other places.
Friday - April 10th 2020 2:20AM MST
PS --

Re: Ron Unz, I wonder if it's possible he chose to take on the persona of someone fed-up with (insert chosen insult of the day), and so at least some of that is an 'act,' maybe partly as a way to try to hedge bets against being accused of Agreeing Too Much with the Bad People.

The art of trolling?
Friday - April 10th 2020 2:00AM MST
PS --

Lolberg, if you're out there somewhere, your comments here and the link to Hunter Wallace inspired a post from me, the case for the "anti-CoronaPanic" side, on the things I see as wrong with the proposition to dive in and push the Panic to try to destabilize the system and somehow win:
Thursday - April 9th 2020 6:05PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, yeah, stuff's getting lost in your comment system, if only temporarily. Is it because I made up the email address? (I made it look like a real one.) I'm glad I save it, so I'll put it here - let me know if you see 2 of these ... wherever they went.

In reply to your quick note:
I genuinely don’t understand Ron Unz’ angle on Corona.

I wrote:
I really don't think he's got an angle, Mr. Hail, such as a salesman would. I think he believes everything he writes, but is just so adamant about it. He is one smart guy quantitatively, but I'm sorry, all that modeling stuff doesn't work with, not just uncertain and missing data, but worse yet, unknown processes.

What I really don't like is how Mr. Unz rails on any detractors in this, admittedly, haven for free speech. I read a comment by him on the 1,100-long thread regarding that CA public official and the Kung Flu, in which he made mention of being so sick of the people clogging up or derailing the thread that he'd have to do something about it. The think is, they aren't viagra salesmen, or just insult-throwing people in little spats.

Many of these comments "clogging up" the threads are perfectly civil and reasonable arguments, but they don't fit Mr. Unz's view, so the commenters are all "nutcases", "deranged so-and-so's" or "random right-wing ranters" (I am the latter, apparently.)

Ron Unz has become a real piece of work, and I don't say that in the "very important software" sense!
Thursday - April 9th 2020 9:08AM MST
PS -- Polemics per se are not bad (and make for good blogging) (on the downside, a dumbed-down version of unconstrained polemical writing = Twitter), but I believe it should be the tip of an iceberg. It's what we see, but it rests on what we don't, which ought to be evidence. That's certainly how I see it.

Effective, convincing polemics that is consciously anti-evidence (not just misguided, but ignoring evidence for personal gain, some kind of rent-seeking, or out of some kind of malice, or 'trolling,' or whatever) can be very bad news. (This is IMO what rubs so many the wrong way about AOC, but that's another topic.)


Re the lost comment: I believe the comment was auto-sent to the To Approve folder. This shouldn't have happened, but I guess some keyword triggered it. Can't guess what it was. It's up now:
Thursday - April 9th 2020 7:38AM MST
PS: Hail, with the exception of things I've got a really good handle on (example: my sub-fixation on the stupidity of exercise machines), this blog is, I suppose, polemic too.

On this virus there are numbers, such as the normal amount of deaths by all causes, that give me a scale of where this thing is out. I have not looked at all kinds of numbers, as I don't want to be sucked in by the infotainment for one thing.

What we seem to differ on, is that I don't care if this disease WERE 100 X the scale of the average flu season, wrong is wrong, and this country wasn't supposed to be a Police State. People will voluntarily do a whole lot to help themselves and society, without any government involvement (besides some data collecting and reporting, and even that ...) I don't want to live in a country in which the stupid have to be coddled by the government - you can't have freedom that way.

Now, that was pretty polemic, right? ;-}

I'll write more later, but I want to ask you if you realize that my 2nd comment on your blog disappeared. (It was a longer one with some comments on your excellent essay.)
Thursday - April 9th 2020 6:13AM MST
PS --- I like Hunter Wallace and think he has done good work over many years. There is very little that he could say or do to really make me change my overall opinion of him. He has my sympathy and respect.

I think he is wrong about the Coronavirus. By that I mean he is wrong if he indeed fears it orders of magnitude more than he fears normal flu, and believes the shutdowns are a necessary good, a net good. I am confident the consensus will soon turn against the shutdowns. Even now by the second week of April, all the data continues to pile up against the pro-Panic position.


It's worth trying to understand the other side's motivations. Another insight occurred to me on the Corona Split:

Hunter Wallace is more a polemical writer. Unravelling the Corona-Fiasco and its disastrous consequences is, I have come to conclude, more suited to the non-polemical, the analytical. In other words, we need facts and not feelings.

Polemical writing is fun to read, and politically-minded people read polemical blogs, etc., for fun. But sometimes in "perfect storm" scenarios, the polemical skill set can also get sucked into a whirlwind of hysteria and contribute to very negative outcomes.
Wednesday - April 8th 2020 6:44PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I just read Mr. Lolberg's link on Occidental Dissent. I respect the mission of that organization, but man, the article did not give me any more respect for the writer, Mr. Lolberg, or the original twitterer in question, Mr. Woods;

How many people have family members who have gotten the virus? How many people have friends and family members who work in the hospitals and who are dealing with this crisis right now? There are people who support this website who have actually gotten coronavirus and are recovering from it.

Ha, yeah, good thing they've recovered. I dropped a brake rotor while working on my car barefoot in the yard one time. I recovered too!

These guys are saying, rightly I'd add, that this virus ought be a crisis the alt-right (conservatives too) can use to help end Globalism, the immigration-invasion, etc. Fine. However, if the whole country turns Socialist, what's the damn point? Socialism, by definition, requires big government to do the redistributing. Do these OD guys and Mr. Lolberg realistically think YT will get his share? Do they think we still have the votes?

OK, if they want to bring the whole USA down, in all respects, they'd better have a plan set up for their own country. Will it be Socialist? Haha, good luck with all that. I wonder if they know that the USSR was chock full of WHITE PEOPLE? ... in the tenements with no heat, in the bread lines, in the Gulags ...
Wednesday - April 8th 2020 5:13PM MST
PS --

RE: Lolberg's comments and the idea that the Dissident Right should have been frontline CoronaHysteria-pushers to help destabilize the system.

I have several real problems with that, moral and otherwise.

I do think there are some people who have chosen to do this. Some consciously, but most probably not consciously. And that is a (small) part of the answer to the remarkable phenomenon by which Corona cross-cuts pre-existing political splits. There is a lot left to the puzzle, though.
Wednesday - April 8th 2020 4:20PM MST
PS --

RE: Rex Little on the effect on fertility we can expect from the evil-beast that is Corona Panic:

Judging by experience over the past century in Western countries, periods of instability and uncertainty, and recession cause fertility drops, which are usually not compensated for by a fertility bounce-back after the crisis is over. An anonymous commenter replied by pointing out that there was a fertility drop associated with the 2008 recession that appears to still have not recovered. Likewise, the 1930s is associated with the by-then-lowest-ever-recorded fertility in the US, even though many more men, unemployed, were hanging around home more often.

A one-time (not drawn-out) shock being associated with higher fertility is something I've heard claimed for various blackouts, which, in the First World at least, affect people for around a single day at most; supposedly, more babies were born around nine months after certain studied blackouts than are born in other years (I think the big one was for a certain 1960s blackout). But such shocks are one-offs; both the man and woman involved are in stable lives, a stable relationship (generally), probably want to have children anyway, and, most importantly, do expect the lights to come back on the next day, etc.; with this evil-beast I like to call The Corona Panic, which has already given birth to the Corona Recession, plenty of people are truly scared and willing to put their lives on hold, and demand others put their lives on hold (a major tenet of the Corona Religion is to #StopTheSpread, By Any Means Necessary, including putting your life on hold, or going bankrupt, whatever it takes). The ingredients for a distinct fertility drop-off are definitely there, IMO.

I also wrote about this recently in a reply to the commenter Kratoklastes at the Steve Sailer blog. Kratoklastes had mentioned the prospect of Corona Suicides, a common argument by the anti-CoronaPanic side (on tradeoffs). Find that comment here:

You'll see a graph of WWI births, and the distinct birth-dearth caused by the shock of the war. A demographic shock almost comparable to direct war losses.

I wrote there, in part:
"People’s decisions and opportunities to conceive and have children are fragile, and sometimes not a matter of simply ability to delay. Things change, people change (as they say), circumstances, health, job-security, you can go on. And in a major shock in which half of people’s lives are majorly disrupted and in which many are subject to unemployment WILL cause a fertility drop. [...]

Those still indulging in Corona Panic ought to consider that the lives of those of our people yet unborn are at stake, and the figure of Babies Statistically Expected to be Born but Not Born to due CoronaPanic could in and of itself [may well] easily outnumber the number of valid coronavirus victims [...]"
Tuesday - April 7th 2020 6:25PM MST
PS: I don't like tweets, Mr. Lolberg, so I'd just like to have seen the statement. You are quite right that this site, including the commenting, is very simplistic. For now, I like it this way.

Anyway, I'll read your OD article, as I generally like that crowd. However, I don't at all agree with you about the downplaying of the virus. What the Lyin' Press wants is viewers and readers, whatever the facts really are.

I don't see the viewing of the reaction to the Kung Flu as a big overblown panio-fest, but more importantly, a great time to implement higher-powered Socialism as "cannibalization". I would not have agreed with any alt-right writers pushing for Socialism BEFORE this virus came about either. What's stupid remains stupid.

Perhaps, some on the alt-right, such as this Kieth Wood, ought to one day try their best to understand how dysgenic Socialism has been. Yet, you want more of the same, but want white people to have any kind of chance in the future? How?

You want a mobile version? How about kiss my mobile ass?
Tuesday - April 7th 2020 9:31AM MST

So clicking on a link was so difficult that you had to make a point of mentioning it? This primitive website does not even have a mobile version, so how about not embarrassing yourself by trying to make a point it seems about my ability to work with technology which is completely irrelevant? Aside from that irrelevancy, you also focus on statism which although present is not the focus of the tweet. That is to say you have completely missed the point, and focused on everything that is irrelevant. Here is another link that spells it out for you;

And actually from the start the media was downplaying the virus. If anything, you have taken the media's original position and worn it like a badge. But whatever. The right cannibalizes itself every time. That is the takeaway here. And just likes to complain and pretend it is smarter than anyone. It lacks leadership. Which is why, even if this virus had a mortality rate of 100%, all we would be doing is typing in a box arguing over who has the right narrative. Pathetic.
Tuesday - April 7th 2020 2:07AM MST
PS: Lolberg, you can cut and paste, right?
Nationalists: "If only a big event would come along that would give us a chance to discredit neoliberalism and globalism and get people to support nationalism and **statism**"

Coronavirus: Happens.

Nationalists: Pretend it's not real, alienate normal people, become libertarians.

I urge you to read some of our other posts on this Infotainment Panic-Fest. Nationalism is a good thing. Statism is most certainly not. If you go by the name Whitey, why would you be happy to have more Statism, which has been enforcing all manner of oppression of the white man for over 50 years? That'd be kinda dumb.

Take that out of the tweet. practice a morning Constitutional so you know what Libertarianism is about, and understand just how the BIG STATE (using, you know, STATISM) is using this overblown crisis as an opportunity to dole out $2,000,000,000,000 to $6,000,000,000,000 of your (likely not-to-be-existent grandchildren due to lack of affordable family formation) to whomever they like. YT will get screwed over there too.

Then, come back to me with a corrected tweet, and I'll be glad to copy and paste it in for you, Sir.
Monday - April 6th 2020 10:10PM MST
Wednesday - April 1st 2020 9:18AM MST
PS: I'd like for Hail to chime in on this. Paging Mr. Hail...
Rex Little
Wednesday - April 1st 2020 8:44AM MST
PS I don't know about the "drop in birth rates" thing. If couples are home together all day. . . you do the math.
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