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Better late than never, I guess. Peak Stupidity has been pushing for the shutting down of the discotheques for 42 years now, and they're now just getting around to it?! The aldermen of Brooklyn, NY City have ordered that all of the discos in the borough be shut down immediately due to the Saturday Night Fever, along with the bars and restaurants and all that:

You can tell by the way I use my cough, I'm a Corona man, no time to talk .. ♫ .

Yeah, now we thought that disco era was a terrible period, it being stuck in the middle of many years of great rock. It came out of nowhere. These people didn't know how to play guitar. They used them as percussion instruments and it would have been just as well if they'd smashed their perfectly good guitars like Pete Townsend, except BEFORE the show.

However, compared to the rap/hip-hop genre, disco was an absolute pleasure. I'd say 1/3 of the songs were not half bad at all. Not only that, but, though it seemed like a long time back then, the disco era was only for 3 years, a blink of an eye to me now! After that, your Tom Petties and Pat Beaneaters came back in with your rock again, and it was all better.

Here's an example of some disco that sucked when compared to Zeppelin, Linda Ronstadt, or that Southern Rock, but was really pretty decent music just the same. This is from the darkest depths of disco, by the Bee Gees, or course, featured here before with their great pre-disco song Massachusetts and then with my favorite of their disco songs Jive Talkin'.

Nights on Broadway is from 1975, they're saying, before the disco era itself, but it must have been played a lot later, after these guys had gone completely to the dark side.

OK, break it up! This is an illegal disco. Smash up the mirrored balls, men and a few of the guitars they're barely using, grab 'em by the bell-bottoms and round 'em up. You! You! Outta' here, people. There's a big flu a-comin'. Everyone go home, stay inside, get down, and boogie in place!

Speaking of staying inside, I came upon this one while searching through Bee Gees videos:

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