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Posted On: Saturday - March 28th 2020 3:37PM MST
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(That's how they write it now, as with the Final Four of the saltwater creatures Saltwater Croc v. Dogfish Shark.)

The Kung Flu Infotainment Panic-Fest has not only caused severe economic trouble within America (though maybe quite a bit in China too, still), it's causing a lot of World Political Stupidity also. American-Chinese relations were not the best just prior to 2020, but they've gotten a lot worse lately.

Peak Stupidity has already commented, on Thursday in Cats, bats, and spoiled brats on the naming and blaming kerfuffles related to this, uhhh, too bad, Kung Flu. For the big-shot political leaders both here and in China, the blame game deflects from the public's demand for tough decision making. America says the disease came from China. That's pretty obvious, as the Chinese got sick in China a couple of months before Americans got sick in America. Americans aren't specifically blaming the Chinese people for getting sick! These things have come from over there before.

Then, the Chinese have honed in on the internet conspiracy theories that say the virus was a plant by Americans, who kinda screwed up, as we are getting sick here too. I gotta say that the Chinese government is worse than ours in this respect. They'll grasp whatever straws they can to try to prove that the Chinese people and their government can do no wrong. (Quite to the contrary, most American big-shot politicians hate the average traditional American.)

The economic effects of our country's freak-out about this flu virus are also forcing more animosity. We all see that Globalism, which China has benefited the most from, has really screwed us in spreading the Kung Flu like none before. (It is more contagious too, they say.) Politicians in both nations know that the situation may change as the economy is attempted to be brought back on track. This change coming in the status quo of America giving away everything to China is worrying the big shots.

Why do I say "giving away everything"? The trade situation has been an unfair deal since American government and Big-Biz, with the Most Favored Nation program, started out-sourcing our manufacturing might. It's been 25 years! America could still afford to be the patsy back in 1995, maybe up to 2000. We cannot keep letting ourselves be taken advantage of, with the current state of our economy. President Trump's tariffs have been one of his more solid and best ideas. As a supposed deal-maker, he does know who's getting screwed and doesn't like getting screwed. (His art of the deal bit is something we don't believe in too much anymore - see The Brain-Fart of a Heel - not one of our best post titles!)

The other way America lets itself get taken advantage of, and has for years, is in the mass-immigration of Chinese people who aren't assimilating and the invitation of so many who have basically taken over science and engineering grad. schools. It's not just in the loss of education and knowledge work for Americans, defeating the idea of State-government supported universities. That idea was to use taxpayer money to support the generation of a more educated population in the State. The amount of intellectual property stolen, some of it even military secrets, must have been staggering over the last 25 years. Our universities just want the full-tuition money (even high schools are doing this now), and they want the cheap Post-Doc labor too. We are losing the intellectual/technical capital by doing this, but we cannot afford to be patsies anymore.

America has every right to stop getting taken advantage of by China. I imagine the Chinese politicians know this, but they are loath to admit that they are taking advantage of us.

On the other hand, our Neocons and MIC, now long after the Cold War has been over, still want to maintain an empire covering the world. It gets pretty close to China, and it's damn time we backed off. We have absolutely no reason to back Taiwan with protection treaties. No, we DO NOT need to cause a fuss over the sea lanes on the other side of the world. Besides just the general unfairness of it, we are beyond broke!

This is what's got to happen to get relations on an even keel: As far as our side goes, we've got to make the trade fair, or better. One can't be any kind of power for long without being an economic power. We need to quit letting the money-grubbing universities and Big-Biz give away the fort for short-term gains that hurt Americans. The Chinese won't like it, but they know how unfair the deals have been. To make up for that, how about we back off on the flexing of military muscle anywhere near their territory (including South Korea - GTFO of there, after 67 years!)?

As far as the Chinese go, it'd behoove them to not do so much posturing and face-saving, and just go on with the business of China, which is business.

Both sides in America v. China need to back the hell off for a while. We aren't of the same people, have widely-differing cultures, and are from opposite sides of the globe. Still, Communism, in reality, is long over, over there anyway, and we could do business in a fair manner. There does not have to be a full-out America v. China. We have no reason to be enemies.

Monday - March 30th 2020 4:19AM MST
PS: That IS optimistic compared to my take, Machine. ;-}
Sunday - March 29th 2020 5:38AM MST
PS You are absolutely correct. However, logic, common sense, math, patriotism, etc, mean less than zero anymore. The ones that could easily make us whole again, are not addled by naïveté; they are willfully corrupt, and stand in open opposition to anything that would return us to greatness. They are not actually “woke”, but act as though they are in order to sell their shit to the retarded masses. This former country is nothing more than a land mass, occupied by any damn one, legal or otherwise, who wishes to be here. Our culture was not ruined by well meaning simpletons. It was purposely destroyed. Any suggestions as to how to “fix” it are summarily laughed’s that for optimism?
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